43rd Anniversary of Israeli Attack on USS Liberty

On June 8, 1967, Israeli forces knowingly attacked an American intelligence ship off the coast of Egypt. Thirty-four Americans were killed.

Here is a new YouTube video that captures the spirit of the attack.

The Johnson administration responded by rushing to coverup the facts.

James Bamford, author of Body of Secrets, has unearthed massive evidence proving that the Israelis had definitely identified the ship as American before they sought to destroy it.

The fact that many of the files and tapes relating to the attack on the USS Liberty are still kept under wraps illustrates how truth has scant chance in DC – if some major interest group is profiting from official lies.

Some additional links on this subject are available at the blog I did on the last anniversary of the attack. .

It is naive to think that the Obama team would give a damn about getting the truth out about last week’s Israeli attack on the humanitarian relief ship, considering how the U.S. government has vigilantly covered up the IDF killing of 34 American sailors.

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  1. January 23, 1968 the American spy ship USS Pueblo attacked by North Korea.

    Four score of the crew held for eleven months.

    Seems like yesterday. Round and round it goes while the elites on opposite sides make themselves indispensable to one another in exploiting their own people for power, wealth, and privilege while pretending to protect fearful sheep from wolves under every bed out to steal your underwear.

    There has been progress in the world, to be sure, but not in the US, which has been going backwards for forty years at least.

    Enjoy your Cajun Shrimp Petroleum.

  2. RE: "Israeli forces knowingly attacked an American intelligence ship off the coast of Egypt. Thirty-four Americans were killed." – Bovard
    MY CONTRIBUTION: "What's the big deal?" – Joe "Big Deal" Biden

    1. Excellent! Hell, an Israel-Firster like Biden probably would say something like that.

      U.S.S. LIBERTY–steaming in international waters, in flawless weather, wearing American colors, easily recognizable because of her distinctive superstructure–was "accidentally" attacked by the boys in Tel Aviv.

      Yeah, sure. And pigs might fly someday, too, but I doubt it!

      From the "Lavon Affair" of 1954 to the present, Israel commits outrages against America with impunity.

  3. I wonder if there will be a Russian spy ship nearby that will stop the Israelis the next time?

    1. I'm surprised that one of Faux News's in-house Israel-Firsters (you meant there are staffers at that outlet that aren't?) wasn't on hand to belittle and denigrate John Scott.

      Essential further reading: Assault on the Liberty, by James M. Ennes, Jr., the Liberty's Cryptologic Operations officer and an attack survivor.

  4. Yup, another example of how the rulers of Amerika, a country run by criminals, is complicit in the murder of its own citizens.

  5. A top Republican US Senator on Wednesday unveiled a resolution fully supporting Israel's actions in its deadly raid on a Gaza-bound ship, while condemning the pro-Palestinian activists aboard.

    Republican Senator John Cornyn's non-binding measure, if approved, would affirm the US Senate's belief "that Israel has an inherent and undeniable right to defend itself against any threat to the safety of its citizens." http://news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20100609/pl_afp/israe

  6. I honor those who remember Israel's murder of 34 highly intelligent, highly trained American men serving on the USS Liberty June 8,1967. I was a member of the Naval Security Group, the group to which the men on the Liberty belonged with a top-secret clearance. However, I was stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany on that very day, not on the USS Liberty. The most important thing about Zionism still has not been said by any pundit. It is the following: Zionism is a desecration of the memory of the six million Jews brutally murdered by the Nazis. Zionism is a desecration of the memory of the millions of Jews who suffered brutally century after century at the hands mostly of Christians. Perhaps more important than anything in Jewish history, Zionism is a desecration of Judaism itself. I submit that the evil which flows from Zionism results from the above. May God bless anyone who remembers the Liberty. Does anyone give thought to the fact that it is the Jews who believe they underestand justice better than any other group?

  7. Israel is like the Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoons – it has ventured out into thin air with nothing solid below it – they should be starting to realize that real soon like. And I agree R. Burgess, that Zionism is an evil that tarnishes Judaism. Israel will destroy itself as no Arab army ever could.
    And the same asslicking Congressmen that serve them now will turn like snakes on them as soon as the wind changes.

  8. I too was a member of the Naval Security Group, at Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico, where a number of survivors were subsequently stationed. I knew several personally and heard their stories. It was this disgraceful event that dissuaded me from a career in the military. I became deeply horrified by the corruption and disloyalty demonstrated in this and the saga of the USS Pueblo. I will always remember my rate-mates who were abandoned, as well as those MIA's forgotten in Southeast Asia as recently revealed in these pages.

  9. The citizens of the US have been fed constant diet of outright lies and half baked truths for so long.About 80% of the American public take Israel's side in regards to the attack on the ships bound for Gaza.High percentage cheers and celebrates it.

  10. Read this and see how they spin things around ,and also remember how many times before that NATO denied responsbility for attacks on weding parties,funerals,bus convies ..etc.Then after many weeks they admit to their being reponsible.

    "NATO and the Afghan government on Thursday blamed a Taliban suicide bomber for the grisly scene at a wedding party where at least 40 people were killed by an intense explosion. But the Taliban claimed they played no role in the blast in the Arghandab district, an insurgent stronghold near the southern city of Kandahar.
    Stunned survivors said they suspected a NATO airstrike was responsible, a view that reflects either their deep suspicion of the U.S.-led coalition[ or fear of Taliban retribution}.[spinning the news around] http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20100610/ap_on_re_as/a

  11. Yes , I remember the USS Liberty . I remember being on a Merchantman , in a mid-Atlantic crossing,and the radio operator , [the bringer of daily news ] in those days , a wide-band radio with connection to our ships antenna was the only link to the world and on my ship , no one had one , or the Captain would not allow connections to the ships wire . I was angered at the news , but puzzled . WHY would Israel attack a naval ship of an ally . Being a sailor , I knew it could not have been a mis-identification, I knew that was B.S. ……but WHY ?
    People use the Liberty as a cunard for arguments against US support for Israel ……but how many have truly inverstigated this incident in earnest ?

  12. At the Time the US 6th Fleet was about 400 miles to the West in the Med . The Liberty was ordered into the area prior to the outbreak of the War , but upon it's onset , the Liberty was ordered by the Sixth Fleet Commander to steam west to atleast 100 miles off the coasts of Egypt's Sinai Penisula and Israel .Oddly the Liberty steamed closer East . It was buzzed several ntimes by israeli reconn aircraft . The Captain {McGonagle } ordered a fresh ensign to be hauled on the mast for identification as a US naval vessel . The Liberty was a converted 'victory ship " next generation after the Liberty -type cargo vessels used in WW2 but faster. Her profile was unmistakable , but for her massive antennae . This was a spyship , the most sophisticated technology of her time on board . Therefore the expalnation that the message to steam West was "garbled and misunderstood " is not credible , also the satements made at the Naval inquiry that the Liberty's outbound communications were "jammed " [by what sounded like a buzzsaw ] was simply not possible technologically at that time .

  13. It is apparent that McNamara was not aware of the Liberty"s proximity to the fighting which at the time of the attack was about 14 miles of El Arish , where a battle was in progress between Egyptian and Israeli tank forces , as his order to "get that ship the f*** out of there " made obvious …Why ? Because it would be seen as a US naval Ship entering the hostilities on the side of Israel by the Soviets . But was that what the Liberty was doing there ? It's been said that the Israelis feared she would pick up signals indicating Israel's intentions to go into Syria .This is not a credible explanation because not only was the Liberty at a distance too far south from Tel Aviv , and the US Embassy in Tel Aviv would be in a far better position to intercept such transmissions , but the US Administration had already been informed by the Israeli Ambassador that Israel was planning to go into Syria .

  14. At the time of the attack on he USS Liberty she was now 14 miles off the coast , a flight of US fighters was launched fron a carrier of the 6th Fleet , to come to the assistance of the Liberty , but strangley the flight was recalled .Some say that the attack was preplanned by the Israelis , if so , they would have been armed with iron bombs not napalm . And the Naval Inquiry statements regarding the torpedo boats is conflicting as are reports that the Israeli jets were unmarked and others of the crew said the markings were unmistakably that of Israel's blue star .Seaman Ennes statements conflict with Capt.McGonagles. The Liberty's life rafts caught afire and were thrown over the side ,as some reported , and others reported that there were sailors in them and they were attacked, yet there were no bodies in the water found , all casualties were on board and accounted for.All in all there were many contradictions by the crew , but these can be attributed by the natural confusion occuring on the ship by the attack .

  15. The Liberty's crew were seperated from the NSA and CIA personnel on board , and some of the lower decks were restricted and off limits to her crew . Everyone knew it vwas a "spook ship " , so WHAT AS the Liberty doing and why did the Israelis knowingly attack her , especially at a time when US support would be critical , why do such a thing to alienate an ally ? This had been my question for almost two decades .Did the US sacrifice a ship and her crew to prove to the Soviets we were not militarily involved ? Were the Israelis trying to prevent the Liberty from discovering something ?Those were my questions . What was the Liberty doing where it was positioned ? And WHY ?

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