On Expanding and Extending the Libyan War

NATO commanders are demanding that the intervention in Libya, initially limited to the aim of protecting civilians, be expanded to destroy the civilian infrastructure of the country and remove Qaddafi from power. Civil institutions – not military – are now being targeted in the bombing campaign and even hospitals have been damaged.

As it happens, top Libyan officials have agreed to an immediate ceasefire provided NATO stop bombing the country. The terrorist rebels that we’re supporting have publicly rejected the offer, but it remains to be seen whether the U.S. will agree. They both may prefer he be arrested and face trial at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity.

If the U.S. ultimately chooses a continuation of the war over these other options, it should be understood that the responsibility of prolonging the war – which may have ended promptly – is on America. This is no longer an “intervention” between two belligerent parties; we are a primary actor now. Further targeting of civilians by Qaddafi, further crimes committed by our rebel allies, and further civilian casualties from NATO bombs all rest on the shoulders of U.S. leadership. We can be reasonably sure, though, they won’t be held to account.

Furthermore, now that it has become an open policy to change the regime in Libya, it’s clearer and clearer that the U.S. government has renewed, post-Bush zeal for their long held motto: We Own the World. We choose the leaders of men. Our jurisdiction extends across the globe.

Of course, we know what that looked like in Iraq.

5 thoughts on “On Expanding and Extending the Libyan War”

  1. I am totally convinced that what is going on now in Libya was set long time ago by western mind and hands.. not as what their media is trying to show to the whole world as a natural movement against Al Gaddafi regime which conducted by his people..
    I the NATO and UN and US are right.. why do not allow peace conversation between the tow parties. why do the refused any investigation to take place before any military actions. why they were very fast.. why they did not seek the truth first and then take action.
    the answer for most honor people is very clear.. they want to remove the man by any mean. despite of the truth that the most majority of his people like him or not.. what kind of democracy is this..
    Omar Fadel

  2. The reason that we are involved in war in Libya is because Kadafi wanted to stop receiving dollars for his oil and proposed a new currency backed by gold. The western banking system is collapsing and the criminals that control NATO and US foreign policy (The Bilderberg Group) want to control the oil and install a puppet regime to keep them in the petro-dollar system.

    Also, Al Queda and the Taliban are fighting with the rebels or are a large part of the rebels. We are fighting the terrorists in Iraq and Afganistan but are now working with them in Libya? That doesn't make sense until you recognize the real reason for the wars. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/apr/17/world/la-

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