Bradley Manning Chat Logs Revealed

Glenn Greenwald yet again dismantles the lies and smears that were used against Bradley Manning by Adrian Lamo and Wired magazine. This must read piece really questions the journalistic integrity of Wired as well as the honesty of Lamo, both of which are being used to phonily solidify a case against Manning:

Yesterday — more than a full year after it first released selected portions of purported chat logsbetween Bradley Manning and government informant Adrian Lamo (representing roughly 25% of the logs) —Wired finally publishedthe full logs (with a few redactions).  From the start, Wired had the full chat logs and was under no constraints from its source (Lamo) about what it could publish; it was free to publish all of it but chose on its own to withhold most of what it received.

Last June — roughly a week after Wired‘s publication of the handpicked portions — I reviewed the long and complex history between Lamo and WiredEditor Kevin Poulsen, documented the multiple, serious inconsistencies in Lamo’s public claims (including ones in a lengthyinterview with me), and argued that Wired should “either publish all of the chat logs, or be far more diligent about withholding only those parts which truly pertain only to Manning’s private and personal matters and/or which would reveal national security secrets.”  Six months later, in December, I documented that numerous media reports about Manning and WikiLeaks were based on Lamo’s claims about what Manning told him in these chats — claims that could not be verified or disputed because Wired continued to conceal the relevant parts of the chat logs — and again called for “as much pressure as possible be applied to Wired to release those chat logs or, at the very least, to release the portions about which Lamo is making public claims or, in the alternative, confirm that they do not exist.”

Read the full piece here.

While you’re at it, do your part to free Bradley Manning.