Egyptians Have the Audacity to Harbor a Grudge


The Obama administration is expressing concern about what it says is a tide of anti-Americanism in Egypt.

The State Department says criticism of U.S. aid and motives as the country transitions to democracy are inaccurate and unfair.

Oh, really? So it’d be inaccurate to say that the U.S. propped up the Mubarak dictatorship for decades, receiving the most economic and military aid of any other state besides Israel? Is it “inaccurate” or “unfair” to resent U.S. leadership for condoning the Mubarak regime’s torture, which was systematic? Is it out of line for Egyptians to be soured at the fact that the crimes for which Mubarak is now facing criminal trial were committed with U.S. diplomatic support, U.S. money, and U.S. weapons? And I guess Egyptians are just being overly sensitive about the ongoing U.S. support for the transitional military council which has been continuing many Mubarak-style crimes and hindering the path to democracy?

If any of the above had been done to Americans from an outside power, you can bet we’d be more than peeved. In Obama’s 2009 speech in Cairo, he said “No system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by another.” I suppose he meant that only to apply to The Chosen People of America.

5 thoughts on “Egyptians Have the Audacity to Harbor a Grudge”

  1. What the Egyptian people fall to realize is that thier fundamental rights as humans are secondary to the geopolitical positions of the United States and Israel. Sure, Hosni Muburak was an SOB, but he was an SOB that furthered the geopolitical positions of both the US and Israel. For the Egyptian people to rebel against such a government is like sinning against god. It is blasphemy!

    1. Yes; I'd like to attach a corollary to your point.

      What the American people fail to realize is that nations do not have "friends", they have "interests", and when Uncle Sam provides assistance of any sort it is not for altruistic reasons, nor does Sam's self-interested largesse reflect "good-heartedness" on the part of the American people.

      I believe if the middle-man – Sam – were cut out of the action that the American people would be more efficient and wiser in the choices of where to help and how.

  2. bob35983…. I fundamentally disagree with you… I believe that nations have "friends", adversaries and interests.. I believe it is how these positions are balanced that constitutes statecraft.. How else to explain our relationship with our former colonial masters and their little Royalist Kleptocracy. How many Americans have been lost and how many trillions squandered saving their corrupt chestnuts. Perhaps it is more family than friends like a dysfunctional family which enables every insane excess, but the relationship and our generosity far outdistances mere "interests". The same situation with our No.1 Welfare Queen!

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