State Dept. to ‘Fund’ Gay Rights Overseas

Let’s leave aside whether State Dept. cash can actually buy gay rights in places like our close allies Uganda, which may soon punish homosexuality with death. I’d like to focus on the sheer hypocrisy of the United States government, responsible for the deaths and maiming and displacement and impoverishment of millions the world over, proclaiming its devotion to the rights of foreign gay people.

As homosexuality and alternative gender identity has become more accepted in the mainstream culture, our otherwise rights-violating, death-delivering government has sought to coopt this acceptance, to roll it into its plan to garrison and subjugate the earth’s peoples. We saw this with the recent revolting to-do about the repeal of DADT, which openly inducted gays into the murder empire. Professional gay activists cheered that now some theoretical American homosexuals can participate in the next irradiation of Fallujah or — hopefully! — napalming of Vietnam? We can only dream. America’s hideous crimes are “pinkwashed” because it doesn’t do to gays for being themselves what it does to Muslims.

The subject of pinkwashing was recently broached in, of all places, the New York Times, in which queer activist Sarah Schulman called out Israel’s own cynical exploitation of homosexuals — look, we allow them to film pornography on Palestinian ruins! — to paper over its other far more numerous and horrifying and sustained crimes against the Palestinians, straight and gay.

Back home, President Obama “ordered U.S. agencies to protect vulnerable gay and lesbian refugees and asylum seekers,” reports AP. We do have a military to staff! Already the Gay, Inc. types are gushing praise upon the Peace Laureate for this empty promise which he will never have to back up with signs of progress of any kind. That’s what it means to be a Democrat.

Rejoice, benighted foreign homos. Hillary Clinton wants to spend cash money on your rights to same-sex screw! Of course gay Pakistani civilians will still be in danger of being summarily evaporated by drones for the crime of being in our fucking way. So have that hot gay sex now before some nerd in Nevada makes you his own happy ending.

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  1. Mr. Sapienza,

    You are a misguided human being who is speaking out in favor of continued taxpayer subsidies to nations that jail and execute persons simply because they are gay or support gay rights. And you are carrying water for those who think that nations that deny freedom of speech, petition, protest, assembly, due process, religion, expression, and association should continue to be reward those nations that abuse Gay persons.

    It appears that you are blinded by your hatred of Gay people to the point that you are unable to see the massive abuse that Hamas treats Gay Gazans with. Israel isn't perfect (and I'd argue that the PA isn't much different than Shas) whatever Israel does or doesn't do does not give the violent homophobes in Uganda, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, Jamaica, or Nigeria the right to continue to receive our tax dollars while persuing goals in stark difference to human rights norms.

    And Buju is still in Jail. Where he belongs.

    1. Dear Tom,

      I have absolutely no idea what your comment has to do with my piece.


  2. Tom, if you think this new policy has one single thing to do with protecting Gay rights, you are grievously mistaken. It's just the new version of "protecting women's rights" by bombing and invading their countries. Notice that every one of these attacks has led to a much more patriarchal system being put in place. They're not interested in the rights of women, Gay people, or anybody else. It's just another excuse they can use for war.
    This policy is a disaster for Gay people. It identifies their cause with that of of the most hated force on Earth, the US government.

    1. Oh, it will matter. We can now lobby the State Department to revoke visas for Nigerian, Russian, and Ugandan elites that advocate jailing, killing, or beating us simply for existing. Its huge and extremely important. We can now review USAID and PEPFAR funding so that we don't end up paying for people to abuse our people. Nations can multitask. They can fight human rights abuses while doing other things that others might not like. Obama's declaration places the USA with the popular opposition in Russia, against the kleptocrats in Nigeria, and the elections stealers in Uganda. I understand how and why people sometimes express frustration with the United States. It has nothing to do with anything in a radical politics textbook. The US screws things up sometimes. This isn't one of them.
      Besides, the radical left has been completely USELESS to the Gay community since day one. They appear to be too busy defending pot-smoking advocates to killing Gays (Jamaica), arguing that murdering Gay people is a 'cultural persepective that can only be understood in the context of the colonialist past' that Westerners cannot think of criticizing, and demanding that we support their causes to our detriment.

      1. You're delusional. This is nothing but an election stunt meant to keep domestic mainstream gays in the Obama court. God.

  3. The government should not fund any special interest groups. Funny though how the Obamanation Administration (to the best of my knowledge) don't fund any Christian rights groups but instead stand by and allow them to be murdered in Egypt and other places and label it "sectarian" violence instead of what it actually is: Anti-Christian pogroms conducted by Islamic terrorists and extremists* which are in many cases backed by the West. (*By admitting in the existence of Islamic Terrorism it does not make me a Neocon)

  4. @Tom, I believe the issue is, whether or not they are gay is irrelevant. How can you destroy people, economies, nations and yet say something like "Those gays are being persecuted" PEOPLE are being persecuted. It's like Hitler starting an "impoverished youth" program.


    "Nations can multitask. They can fight human rights abuses while doing other things that others might not like"

    wow. you really accept that as true? It's okay people, we shouldn't be worried about our government they're just learning how to multi-task!

    Radical left? Radical… you sir… really like that catch-phrase. and since when did gay's become a "people" is it like being jewish? I assume since the "radical left" hasn't bombed anyone for gay rights it's only natural to turn to the people who can.

    I'm scared gentleman…very scared indeed.

    @Danny: I agree that we shouldn't fund special interest groups. However, you go on to describe a funding of "Islamic Terrorism". Are you saying that the US is being hypocritical? Is it pained Sarcasm (I'm assuming your christian, not that it would be wrong to feel that way or anything) So are you saying we…secretly should? I mean, I really don't see where your going with this.

    @Jeremy: I lol'd

  5. Uhm, how is giving "foreign aid" to other governments even considered legal to begin with? Where in the Constitution is congress given the authority to give American tax money to other countries? All foreign aid (bribe money) should be ended post-haste!

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