The NeoCon Expat Game

MJ Rosenberg writes about Iranian-American Sohrab Ahmari, who seems to be vying for a spot as the new neo-con favorite à la Ahmed Chalabi.

Ahmari, the neocons’ favorite Iranian, is very much in the mold of the neocons’ favorite Iraqi. During the run-up to the 2003 invasion Ahmed Chalabi was their darling because, as an Iraqi émigré, he was thought to have unique credibility. Neocons loved hearing an Iraqi say that invading Iraq would not only prove successful but would be welcomed by his fellow Iraqis. Unfortunately, he turned out to be a fake, whose agenda was almost entirely personal. The war he and his friends promoted was an infamous catastrophe. And, to put it mildly, the invasion he told us that Iraqis would welcome was not welcomed.

The role Chalabi played in precipitating the Bush administration’s invasion of Iraq is still under-appreciated, I think. He lied through his teeth to high-level neo-conservatives bent on regime change in Iraq like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Douglas Feith. Since his nefarious involvement with Bush administration officials, he has gone on to continue his superlative corruption in Iraqi politics.

Ahmari seems hungry to fill the role Chalabi did, publicly advocating an all-out war on Iran with an air of entitlement given his Iranian derivation.

26 thoughts on “The NeoCon Expat Game”

  1. Everytime you hear an ex-pat or even an over Zealous dissident in the Middle East beware!
    Even in the new uprising in Syria, there's evidence of a mossad and cia meddling and
    incitement. These Trojan Horses are everpresent and the Chalabis of the world are so
    eager to comply. Just show me the money!
    The worse part of it all are the stupid american citizens!

  2. The Neocons don't care whether Chalabi redux is telling the truth or lying – as long as it leads to the destruction of country x (where x is Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran). Anything (and I mean anything) that is good for Israel is OK with them.

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