Warships in the Gulf ‘Routine’ Response to No Specific Threat

Washington has just sent a second aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf, joining the rest of the fleet of American warships just south of Iranian shores. Cmdr. Amy Derrick-Frost of the Bahrain-based 5th Fleet said the deployment is “routine and not specific to any threat.”

Ain’t that the truth. Flooding the Gulf with warships is certainly routine and targets no actual threat. They’re there to police the world and threaten Iran.

Why menace Iran when it presents no threat to us? When Obama accelerated the deployment of warships to the Gulf in 2010, the New York Times described it as “part of a coordinated administration strategy to increase pressure on Iran” and also “intended to counter the impression that Iran is fast becoming the most powerful military force in the Middle East.” Onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Gulf’s Strait of Hormuz last February, BBC reporter Jonathan Beale explained, “This carrier and these [fighter] jets are more than just a show of force, they’re here to send a clear message to Iran as to who really controls these waters.”

2 thoughts on “Warships in the Gulf ‘Routine’ Response to No Specific Threat”

  1. I worry far more about U.S. – Israel False Flags than about anything pertaining to Iran. Iran doesn't want war. They just don't want to be bullied in front of all their "neighbors." There are many global dignitaries who have come out very recently and said "NO" to the U.S. war fever. I retired from the military; but let me assure you that had I known of U.S. false flags before I joined, I would never have chosen to enlist. Many years later, I would think about the sailors on the U.S.S. Indianapolis; the U.S.S. Maine; and especially the U.S.S. Liberty, to name a few. omg; most all of these victims were so young……omg…..another false flag looming……this must be a nightmare….it must not, simply cannot, be true……

    1. It does make one wonder about the 51-year old "Enterprise" being sent to the Persian Gulf–easier to sacrifice her in a false-flag attack than a costly decommissioning next year, having to dispose of the nuclear reactors, and so on.

      1. there are two rotten eggs in this global market: Israel and U.S. Both plot the unthinkable, and quickly blame it on the one they are wanting to make war upon. the u.s.s. enterprise is full of so many brilliant minds, who have dedicated a large portion of their lives to the u.s. navy, who, by the way, would be NOTHING without these volunteers. But no one volunteers for extinction. Let anyone dare to touch this one with evil intent…….and the Lord said, "eye for an eye…etc." The only thing Dept of Defense knows how to do is to deny veterans the proper avenues for filing war claims. Other than that, they are useless. They have that phony system in place called VA so that veterans think they are actually going to get compensated for service-connected medical issues. Only evil minds would have even been involved in implementing such sick and deceiving programs. to hell with the whole lot of them….

  2. BRICS should establish "routine" patrols along the US coast in the Mexican gulf and in the pacific and yes, although Iran has the most sophisticated Russian missiles like Sunburn to take out any air craft carrier, "Enterprise" will most probably be sunk by the aggressors themselves…

  3. America is not just deploying – it is mobilizing. And mobilizing is the first step to allout war. Remember when Bush deployed troops to the Iraq region. It was supposedly to "keep all options on the table". Bullcrap – mobilizing is the first step of a decision already made. Plus, once mobilization is started, it can be impossible to reverse. WWI broke out after all of the potential combatants mobilized and then, there they were – all lined up facing each other and they had no choice but to engage each other regardless of what the original intent was.

  4. Folks, what surprises me again and again. Every time, The US and Israel, or if it is not Israel it is some other, start making warlike noises, threatening someone or the other, why does the American public remain silent?

    I mean, for God's sake are they even blissfully unaware of their country's history?

    I mean in the current race to war, the whole world has seen how Israel is pushing a reluctant US into a war with Iran?

    1. Americans, about 99% of them, are a bunch of blissfully unaware idiots dumbed-down and brainwashed by the Zionist-controlled media/entertainment complex, the government "education"/indoctrination system, professional sports, and other bread-and-circuses/weapons of mass distraction. I think they are getting the government they deserve for their stupidity, apathy and cowardice.

  5. Like to see how America would like it if Iranian (or Chinese, or {insert your 'rogue' state of the week here}) warships were just "routinely" sailing around the Gulf Of Mexico..

    1. Oh. That would be like Armageddon. How dare anyone even THINK about rattling their sabres on the Empires front doorstep.

  6. Gun Boat diplomacy is all that America understands, sail their ships threateningly up and down the coast of the so called beligerent nation till it gets the idea, unfortunately I ran isnt taking the bait and may in fact if attacked by these ships sink one or two, carriers Probably. Now if the Enterprise is sunk its 50 years old due to be retired but if it is the Lincoln well that is different, regardlessof the out come of the ensuing WAR the sinking of a Modern Aircraft Carrier would in fact mean that the US would in future have the Problem of We lost a Carrier the first one since WWII and to Muslims. It would mean that other countries could possibly sink a carrier as well!

    Picking this fight might in fact get the US a Bloody nose.

    1. And a deservedly bloody nose at that. Hubris bubbling at the bottom of the deep may be the only tonic to our leaders madness.

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