‘Lasting Pride’ For the Hell We Left in Iraq

“We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government that was elected by its people.” – President Barack Obama, Fort Bragg, N.C., December 2011

“You will leave with great pride – lasting pride.” – Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to U.S. troops, December 2011

I’ve written repeatedly about the terrible dictatorship and lasting sectarian violence Washington left in Iraq after the troop withdrawal of December 2011. Contrary to the lies of these indecent politicians, the enduring effects of the illegal U.S. war in Iraq are still causing havoc and bloodshed throughout the country. Iraq is neither secure, nor is it a democracy as was promised by warmongers in Washington.

A new Congressional Research Service report takes a look at post-withdrawal Iraq and at one point lists the most high-profile incidents of sectarian violence:

On February 7, 2012, the AQ-I affiliate Islamic State of Iraq claimed responsibility for two of the deadliest attacks on Shiites since the U.S. withdrawal—on January 5 and January 14, 2012, which killed 78 and 53 Shiite pilgrims, respectively. In one of the most complex attacks in recent months, on February 23, 2012, bombings in 12 Iraqi cities killed over 50 persons; based on the method and scope of the attacks, Iraqi observers attributed the attacks to AQ-I. AQ-I claimed responsibility for a broad series of attacks—encompassing six cities—on March 20, 2012; over 40 persons were killed. Another spate of attacks took place in Baghdad and Kirkuk on April 19, 2012, killing about 36 persons.

As for the record of the government (other than what’s included in the above hyperlinks), the report had this to say:

The State Department’s report on human rights for 2010 released April 8, 2011, largely repeated the previous year’s characterizations of Iraq’s human rights record as follows: “Extremist violence, coupled with weak government performance in upholding the rule of law, resulted in widespread and severe human rights abuses.” The State Department report cited a wide range of human rights problems committed by Iraqi government security and law enforcement personnel, including some unlawful killings; torture and other cruel punishments; poor conditions in prison facilities; denial of fair public trials; arbitrary arrest; arbitrary interference with privacy and home; limits on freedoms of speech, assembly, and association due to sectarianism and extremist threats; lack of protection of stateless persons; wide scale governmental corruption; human trafficking; and limited exercise of labor rights.

All this, as America continues to give money and weapons to the Maliki government. What exactly do U.S. troops have to be proud about?

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  • Bobbi

    What the combination of the Bush neo-conservative pre-emptive war policy the Obama neo-liberal Clintonista false flag war policy most likely will leave is an arc of desolation resembling the West Bank or Gaza Strip. Human misery and suffering extending out in all directions, Over a thousand miles out at points.

    Desolation extending as far east as Pakistan encompassing Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. As far north as Turkey encompassing Lebanon and Syria. As far northwest as Greece and Serbia possibly even Italy and Spain. As far west as Tunisa encompassing Egypt and Libya, As far south as Sudan.

    Measuring from what epicenter?

    • samrobert

      We do well to avoid war because war is not going to make you become someone in authority. You really should use a lot of peace and good solutions.San Antonio Mover

  • skulz fontaine

    Yeah and that Libyan 'humanitarian intervention' isn't working out to great either.
    War crimes tribunals?

  • a poet in India

    What Must Be Heard

    Baghdad, Baghdad,
    Whatever happened?
    Leave me alone.
    Could see you bigger
    Than Standard Oil
    And America’s stovepipe.
    You are looking
    Do battle
    For your freedom.
    Let me talk to yah.
    Good morning,
    How’d you get here?
    Stole brother.
    Is that your annex?
    What have you done to history?
    Today bombs,
    That’s all I hear from you.
    Where’s my case?
    I’m not wearing that.
    Can we recall some people
    Blaming defense?
    What scapegoat nation?
    What unwarranted invasion?
    Then textbook came:
    Let’s travel all damn day.

    He gives us hope.
    I give –
    The volleyball
    Of change’s position.
    I gotta go.
    That’s the front line.
    Here for a second.
    Where’s Chandru?
    He just isn’t splitting up.
    He’s off to race some other battlefield.
    Getting hit in the face,
    How did it hurt?
    It destroyed my ability to spring.
    That’s too sad.
    Like I said,
    Said no we’re goin’
    To get rid of your dictator
    In advance of the early warning system.
    This was not our doin’.
    Now we start now
    Get someone else to replace ‘im
    Or somethin’.
    It’ll knock the fire outta yah
    A foreigner,
    You do
    That get rid of.

    Isn’t there right around here?
    That’s for the trash.
    It’s close to here
    The idea I have to police my neighbor.
    What are you tryin’ to do?
    Here’s the horses
    That step in and bother us.
    Knock it off.
    Is it always a lonely game?
    I don’t know check Hitler.
    We didn’t perfume
    His army hop.
    We’re open
    To receive an apology.
    We’re open
    To receive war reparations.
    Take your hardware
    Give us your shoulder
    Health minister said.
    You’re still alive?
    Let’s hope so.

    Boy you go into some heavy stuff.
    I’m gonna get you fired.
    A poet in India
    Make for you
    Somethin’ more than snub your nose.
    I made a donkey;
    I made an issue
    Of your going after me:
    Someone not in your pretty scheme of things.
    What are people going to think?
    Good night.
    Your mother woke me up.
    It’s ten thirty.
    Lens we got here.
    Isn’t that beautiful:
    Mountain ranges,
    You’re up.
    That’s what I’m sayin’.
    I’ll be seeing you.

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  • They should be ending the war already. It has been done for a long time, and citizen's activities are limited by that war.
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  • Maybe we will finally learn a lesson from all these wars…

  • Well it was obvious this was going to happen after the withdrawal of troops. I mean isn't that why they cut and run?! They couldn't handle it with the power, numbers and war experience they have got so how on earth are the Iraqi soldiers and police ever going to cope. It's rediculous! Heating Cover

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  • habib

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  • JustinAsh

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  • AmerGlida

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  • MeganDois

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  • SitoSagis

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  • I dont think Iraq is the only worry, what of all the countries where our bases are?

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