Quarterly Fund Drive

Help Us Make This Final Hurdle

We're up against some pretty heavy-hitters. The War Party, you can be sure, never lacks for funding – they have almost unlimited resources to pursue their goal of perpetual war, and we – well, we have you….

Look, you don't have to break the bank: one loyal reader gives one dollar every fund drive. And we are grateful for whatever you can afford to contribute – because it adds up. If each one of our daily readers gave one buck each quarter, we'd be waaaay over our goal every time. Unfortunately, only a select few choose to pony up for the services we provide.

Since 1995, we've been giving you the best reporting and analysis of international affairs on the Internet. And it's all free – except, of course, it isn't. It takes money to run this site, as well as a lot of energy and dedication. We've got plenty of the latter, just as long as you provide the former – and provide you must, if we are to go on.

This fund drive has been a long two weeks, and now we just need you to push us over the top with your help.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution today.

Sorry for the interruption.
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