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Giuliani's Culture of Corruption: Justin Raimondo
The Myth of the Oil Weapon: David R. Henderson
Hiroshima Amnesia: Leo Maley III and Uday Mohan
Was It the Oil, All Along?: Patrick Foy
The Business of War Booms: Kelley Vlahos

 Robert Parry

Neocons Think They’ve Won Iraq

 Daniel Levy

Peace is Possible

 Eric Margolis

Pakistan: Chickens Come Home

 Gareth Porter

War Party Lies About Syria, DPRK, Iran

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Updated November 26, 2007 - 1:10 AM EST
US Lowers Political Goals in Iraq
  American-Backed Killer Militias Strut Across Iraq
  US to Increase Troops in Diyala Province
  US Iraq Drawdown to Reduce Troop Levels by 5,000
  Australia Vote Winner to Pull Iraq Combat Troops
Iraqi Government Nullifies Kurdish Oil Deals
  Jeering Shi'ites Reject Iraq Ba'athist Bill
  Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 35 Iraqis Killed; 58 Iraqis Wounded
Syria to Attend Mideast Summit
  US Inviting Syria to Summit Due to Air Strike
  US Will Not Force Israel's Hand in Annapolis
  Mideast Conference Holds Risks for Bush
US Judge No Longer Trusts Govt in Terror Cases
  Al-Qaeda Kingpin: I Trained 9/11 Hijackers
White House Says Goals Unmet in Afghan War
Darkness Falls on the Middle East
by Robert Fisk
Bin Laden Talks of Victory, Not Defeat  by Michael Scheuer
Guantánamo Whistleblower Launches a New Attack on Rigged Tribunals  by Andy Worthington
Hands Off Iran  by Chris Hedges
It's Still Pakistan, Stupid  by Gordon Prather
Good News From Gaza  by Gideon Levy

More Viewpoints

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Bombings Kill at Least 35 in Pakistan
Top Scottish Police Officer Warns That Nuclear Attack Is Inevitable
US Blames Iran-Backed Group for Baghdad Bombing
Probe Into Iraq Contract Fraud Centers on Camp Arifjan
Ricks of Washington Post: Don't Celebrate Turnaround in Iraq Just Yet
Where Boys Grow Up to Be Jihadis
Lebanon's President Orders Army
to Take Over Security
Today in Iraq
Report: Most Detainees in Baghdad's Shooting Enter Iraq Illegally
Fifty al-Qaeda Suspects Arrested in Kirkuk
8 Gunmen Killed, 14 Arrested in Baghdad
Curfew Imposed in Samarra for Security Crackdown
126 Wanted Men Arrested Under Lion's Leap in Diwaniya
Attacks Continue
Iraq al-Qaeda Group Claims to Kill Nine Abducted Officers
Mass Grave Found in Basra
Municipal Official in Kirkuk Assassinated
British Base in Iraq Attacked With Missile Shells
Saturday: 32 Iraqis Killed, 40 Wounded
The New Iraq
Iraqi Sisters Kill Uncle for Wearing Western Trousers
Famous Baghdad Street Gets a Facelift
Reopening of Looted Museum Signals a Calmer Baghdad
Global Iraq Fallout
Helicopter Tragedy in Iraq Raises Fresh Concern Over RAF Training
Pope Voices 'Closeness' to Iraqis
Pope Makes New Cardinals, Calls for End to Iraq War
The War at Home
As Democrats See Iraq 'Gains,' a Shift in Tone
Retired US Iraq Commander Speaks Out for Democrats
Clinton Defends Vote to Deem Iranian Revolutionary Guard Terrorists
AP President and CEO Says US Plan to Seek Criminal Case Against Iraqi Photographer Is Unjust
US Military
For Decorated GI, Grief, Recovery and Redeployment
Injured in Iraq, a Soldier Hobbles Toward Recovery
Local Paper Uncovers Another Apparent Soldier Suicide in Iraq
'War on Terror'
Foes of Electronic Spying May Have a New Way to Challenge It
US Senators, Panel Seek Closure of Saudi Islamic School
UK: Brown Facing Revolt as More Personal Data Disappears in Internal Mail
Arms Dealer Gets 4 Years for Kuwait Sale
Two Suicide Attacks Heighten Tension in Pakistan
Pakistan's Sharif to End Exile, Confront Musharraf
Pakistani Media Challenges Emergency Rule
Political Talk Defies Ban in Pakistan
Islamabad Threatens to Pull Out of Commonwealth
Pakistani Middle Class, Beneficiary of Musharraf, Begins to Question Rule

50 Dead in Fresh Pakistan Clashes

Shaukat Withdraws From Pakistan Election Race
US Envoy to Musharraf: Lifting Emergency Vital for Fair Polls
Top Pakistan Attorney in Serious Condition After Drinking Juice in Jail
Suicide Bomb Kills Italian Soldier and 9 Afghan Civilians, Including Schoolchildren
Corruption, Bribes and Trafficking: a Cancer That Is Engulfing Afghanistan
Suicide Attack Targets US-Led Forces in East Afghanistan
All State Governments Beef Up Security
Indian Governor Escapes Assassination Attempt
Indian Police Release Sketches of Bomb Suspects: Official
Tribal Rights Clash Kills Six in India
Americans Keep Dying
Miami (FL) Soldier Handing Out Toys to Children Is Killed in Iraq Attack
Elmhurst (IL) Soldier Killed on Third Tour in Iraq
Niagara Falls (NY) Soldier Killed in Fall From Helicopter in Iraq
Texas Family Loses Son to Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Arlington (TX) GI Was Kind Person Who Loved to Tell Jokes
Operation Tango Mike Care Package Receipient Dies in Combat (CA)
Guardswoman (IL) Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom Killed in Accident in Kuwait
Rochester (WA) Soldier Killed in Iraq Gravitated to Children
Michigan Soldier Killed in Iraq Laid to Rest
Gloucester (VA) Soldier Loses Life Serving in Iraq
Soldier From Indiana Dies in Iraq Bombing
Dodge City (KS) Native Killed in Iraq
Iran Rejects UN Nuclear Snap Inspections
Iran: We Have Nuclear Fuel Pellets
Navy Chief: Iran Will Not Block Oil Passage
Tough Iran Sanctions to Hit Germany Hard
Iran's Navy to Carry Out Military Maneuvers
Iran Not Ruling Out Oil Output Hike: Minister
Iran Says Global Oil Market Has Sufficient Supplies
Administration Statements on Iran in 2007
Mideast Peace Summit
Syria Welcome at Peace Talks: Olmert
US Suggests Moscow Follow-Up to Middle East Peace Conference
US Push on Palestinians Has Iran Motive
Hamas, Hezbollah Blast Mideast Peace Meet
Hamas Questions Arab Support for Summit
Lebanon Says Yes to Annapolis
In Annapolis, Much Hope for Leaders’ Cooperation, but Little for Results
Key Players at Annapolis Mideast Summit
Mideast Summit Questions and Answers
Bahraini Parliament Calls to Boycott Israel and Annapolis
Old Annapolis Enters Modern Diplomacy
IDF Steps Up 'Counter-Tunnel' Activity in Preparation for Peace Summit
Israeli Peace Demo Wishes Olmert Well
Mideast Meet Should Help Create Palestinian State: Jordan King
Israeli Officer on Spying Charges

Palestinian Fisherman Wounded by Israeli Fire in Northern Gaza

Two Palestinians Killed by IDF Fire Near Gaza Security Fence
Palestinian Fighters Attack Israeli Troops on Outskirts of Gaza Strip
Hamas Threatens to Make Deadlier Qassams
Israeli Pediatrician Flies Attack Helicopter at Night
BBC Correspondent Held in Gaza: Picking Up the Pieces
Former Israeli Supreme Court President: State of Human Rights in US 'Appalling'
Vote Is Postponed as Lebanese President Leaves
'Not All-Out Mudslinging:' Signs of a Thaw in Beirut
Middle East
Syria Blocks Facebook in Internet Crackdown
Yemen's Tenuous Grip on Stability
Saudi Crown Prince Meets Putin, Foresees Arms Deal
35 Maoists Arrested for Nepal Terror
Jimmy Carter in Bid to Save Nepal's Peace Process
US Officials Decry Hong Kong Port Denial
Sea Battle Off Sri Lanka Coast Kills 17 Rebels
Malaysian Police Fire Tear Gas to Halt Protest
Japan to Test Pac-3 Missile Defense in Tokyo: Report
Reports: Exiled Bangladesh Author Hiding in New Delhi
Russian Police Break Up Kasparov-Led Rally
In a Russian City, Clues to Putin's Abiding Appeal
Reports: Russia Upset by US Shield Proposals
Ukrainian PM Puts in Resignation Papers

Ukraine Seeks Recognition of 1932 Genocide

Rebels: UN Taking Sides in Congo Fighting
Darfur Rebels Spurn Chinese Force
Interim Prime Minister Takes Office in Somalia
Go See the Lions – but Don't Mess With Politics, Kenya Tells Bill Clinton Aide
Rwanda Genocide Trials Won't Meet Deadline
Australia’s Labor Party Sweeps to Power
Australians Wake Up to New Era After Rudd Victory
Chavez Says Mediation Breakoff Hurts Colombia Ties
Poll: Venezuelans Inclined to Oppose Chavez Reforms

Police, Protesters Clash Over Bolivia's Capital

Weekend Reviews
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A Colder War
The Nijinsky of Ambivalence

Justin Raimondo
Giuliani's Culture of Corruption

Doug Bandow
Interest Group Foreign Policy

Philip Giraldi
A Conservative View of Iran

David R. Henderson
Why Attack Iran?

Alan Bock
Lebanon: The Next Civil War?

Charles Peña
Fred Thompson and the Kitchen Sink

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Nebojsa Malic
From Beneath You It Devours

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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