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We're Holding Their Feet to the Fire

Without fear or favor

In this presidential election year, with so much at stake, Antiwar.com is covering the candidates without partisan blinders.

Global democracy, "peace through strength," victory in the "War on Terror": these are just a few of the goodies we're being offered on a silver platter in this campaign. We're also hearing a lot of promises of change, but we know that the policies that brought us to ruin won't be reversed overnight.

Our job at Antiwar.com is to examine the candidates' positions through the lens of anti-interventionism, subjecting them without partisanship to the most thorough scrutiny. Yes, we have our opinions, but our institutional role is primarily informative. We don't endorse candidates; we just seek to help our readers answer the most important question of the day: Will we be a global empire, or a free people again?

Alas, no candidate will be our salvation. There is no messiah on the ballot who will lead us directly to the promised land of peace and nonintervention. But this particular election is nonetheless important, and it's essential for an independent, principled organization to hold the candidates' feet to the fire. That organization is Antiwar.com.

Put not your faith in politicians and party hacks. The antiwar movement can have an impact this election year, but not without the site you're reading now.

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