Essays Against Intervention:
Historical Perspectives

There are many web resources on the history of the Bosnian conflict. We will not try to compete with these resources. Some of these resource lists are listed on our links page. Instead, we will offer some alternative historical perspectives. Your suggestions are welcome.

 from Revolution: Ammo for Freedom Fighters

  Genocide in Yugoslavia During the Holocaust
 by Christopher R. Browning, United States Holocaust Museum

  The Yugoslav Civil War: 1991-93
 by the Serbian-American Affairs Office

  Historical Maps of the Balkans
 from Geopolitics

  Ustashi Murders in World War II Croatia
 from Simon Wiesenthal Center

  Atlas of the Ustasha Genocide of the Serbs 1941-1945
 by Dr. Strahinja Kurdulija

  The Trilateral Commission and the New World Order
 by Gene Berkman, Libertarian Party

  The Bricker Amendment
 by Justin Raimondo, America First Committee

  Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935
 Edited by Jim Zwick, Syracuse University

  History (extensive site with many links on Balkans history from a Serbian perspective
 from Geopolitics

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