Airstrip One
by Emmanuel Goldstein

December 22, 1999

What is Blair Really Like?
A Corrupt, Bloodthirsty, Third World Tyrant


Tony Blair is portrayed by many as the paragon of all that is virtuous in the New World Order. Despite the strong moral purpose that seems tattooed on his forehead, Mr. Blairís real character is somewhat different. The perception of virtue is another element of the frantic bloodthirstiness that seems the raison díêtre of this deracinated Socialist regime.


The lack of concern for Iraqi victims of genocide and the election oriented blood lust is all of a piece to a man for whom murder is just another vote winner. He tells Catholic audiences that he regards abortion as an abhorrent act of murder, yet he has always voted to extend the availability of abortion. Now it is possible to believe that abortion is sadly necessary or that it is not murder. Nevertheless, to claim that it is unnecessary and murderous and still vote for it repeatedly shows certain hypocrisy surprising in so publicly religious a man. The reason for this strange behaviour is the knowledge that advancement is harder in the feminist dominated Labour Party. Advancement is still possible, as Mr. Blairís predecessor as Labour leader, John Smith, showed by consistently voting Pro-Life. Another sign of this manís murderous tendencies us the unfolding scandal of involuntary euthanasia in our state run National Health Service. While we (rightly) deplore the Chinese one child policy, our disposal of "useless mouths" is swept under the carpet. Our senior citizens are obviously more like Iraqis than Albanians in Mr. Blairís Manichean worldview. The man responsible for this genocidal policy, Frank Dobson, is not taken to the dank gaol cell where he belongs, but is instead promoted energetically and illegally as Tony Blairís candidate for London mayor. Just remember this fact when you next hear him talking of another countryís atrocities.


For a man who leans on America so much, Mr. Blair had a strange hatred of it. Three of his main lieutenants, Peter Mandelson, Charlie Whelan and Jack Straw where either members of the communist party, or very closely allied to it. Tony Blair himself was a member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, which was run by and for the British Communist Party. The leap to Europhilia is not so hard to understand when bearing in mind that with Moscow gone Brussels is the new foreign power to betray your country to.


Mr. Blair is fond of power, and contemptuous of opposition. The use of FBI files and the Waco massacre would find approval with Mr. Blair. He has his own pending Watergate in his treatment of Michael Ashcroft, the man keeping the dissident Conservatives afloat, now that Mr. Blair has been successful in scaring off many of its other backers. It is now becoming clear that the Government has selectively leaked a mass of documents to the friendly Murdoch-owned press to smear this man. If they have not hacked the opposition partyís bank accounts, they definitely provided the bank transactions through the Times (which they got through money laundering regulations). The Government has made sustained attempts to deny this man his vote and his right to donate money. It is also clear that the Labour Party had offered him the opportunity to switch sides, in return for which he would be ennobled. To Michael Ashcroftís credit, he stuck with his convictions.


Other rich men are more easily bought than Mr. Ashcroft is. Take David Sainsbury, the former patron of the small centre-right Social Democratic Party. In return for a ministerial post (minister for science), an about turn on Genetically Modified Foods (in which he is the largest single investor) and a Peerage, he gave two million pounds ($3 million) a year to Labour Party funds. Surely, the media will protest? Well no, because the state owned broadcaster, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Ė Broadcasting By Coercion), has just appointed Greg Dyke. Mr. Dyke is not only Mr. Blairís former next door neighbour, but has also admitted to giving Mr. Blair personally $8,000 just before he became leader of the Labour Party, and giving the Labour Party ten times as much. It seems that Slobodan Milosovic has a lot to learn.


What about Mr. Blairís pathological propensity to lie? Well this is also true to form. I can not do any better than the leader of the dissident Conservative Party, William Hague in Parliament:

"The Prime Minister finds it difficult to tell the truth about many matters, however trivial. Three years ago, he confided to Des O'Connor that when he was 14, he stowed away on a plane from Newcastle to the Bahamas. In Newcastle airport's 61-year history, there has never been a flight to the Bahamas. In 1969, the only exotic destinations served by Newcastle were Jersey and the Isle of Man.

"In an interview with a local radio station in 1997, the Prime Minister spoke of his passion for football and reminisced about watching his favourite Newcastle player, centre forward Jackie Milburn, from a seat behind one of the goals at St. James' Park. There are two problems with that statement: seats were not installed behind the goals until the 1990s and Jackie Milburn left the club when the Prime Minister was four years old. [Thereís a third problem – Mr. Blair was in Australia between the ages of 18 months to six years.]

"The Prime Minister was at it again last week when he told listeners of the rock station Heart FM that his favourite tune was "Where the Streets Have No Name" by U2; when he appeared on [the high-brow radio programme] "Desert Island Discs", it was Samuel Barber's 'Adagio for Strings' and Francisco Tarrega's 'Recuerdos de la Alhambra.'

"When the Prime Minister stands at the Dispatch Box and says that pensioners will not be hit by a new tax, or that waiting listsare coming down, or that there will be 5,000 extra police, we have to bear in mind that nothing that he says about anything can be relied on. That might be funny when he is talking about tunes, food and childhood memories, but when he is talking about taxes,waiting lists, class sizes and police numbers he is seeking to debase and destroy the currency of political discourse in this country. Given the Prime Minister's example, it is no wonder that the Government's whole existence is based on selective leaks, twisted statistics, distorted facts, half truths and a total determination to prevent people from finding out what is really going on."

One thing that even Iíve noticed is the gradual awakening of many on the soft left of the Labour Party to Mr. Blairís blatant lying. It seems that as soon as he is in trouble he lies, and persecutes those who find him out. So whenever you hear Mr. Blair talking of Serb atrocities, just ignore him. There is an easy test to tell whether he is lying – his lips move.


Tony Blair is the driving force behind much of this destructive drive for a New World Order. But if we applied the standards of genocide, corruption or tolerance of dissent that are applied to Slobodan Milosovic, we would soon see London Bridge and Westminster Abbey destroyed by high level bombing. Under any other recent Prime Minister, criticism under a pseudonym would be unthinkable, but not under this one. I live under a monster – donít let him expand his realm.

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