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Updated April 1, 2023 - 7:21 PM EDT
Milley Says US Should Attack Iran's Quds Force
  World Court Rules US Illegally Froze Some Iranian Assets
Turkey Parliament OKs Finland NATO Membership
  NATO Holds War Games Miles From Ukraine's Border
Zelensky: I May Have to 'Compromise' With Russia
  Russia Says It Will Keep Notifying US of Missile Tests
Israeli Strikes Damascus 2nd Night, Kills IRGC Officer
  Lawmakers Demand Biden Probe Israel's Use of US Arms
Taiwan, China Must Avoid War: Former President
Congress Effort to End Assange Prosecution Underway
item For Women's History Month, Celebrate the Resolve of Jeannette Rankin  by Derek Wheeler
item The Outbreak of World War I:
A Libertarian Realist Rebuttal
 by Joseph Solis-Mullen
item Former Soldiers Without a Future  by Andrea Mazzarino
item 60 Minutes Hypes China Threat, Asks if the US Navy 'Is Ready'  by Ben Armbruster

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Trump Indicted for Hush Money, First Ex-President Charged With a Crime
Russia Arrests Wall Street Journal Reporter on Spying Charge
Israel's 'Fired' Defense Minister May Yet Keep His Job
Israel's Netanyahu Govt

Israelis Backing Netanyahu Block Highway in Counter-Protest

Israel's Judicial Overhaul Is Crippling Everyday Governance, Experts Say
Netanyahu's Corruption Trial May Be Moved to Mediation
Ben-Gvir's New Militia 'Legalize Crime', Say Palestinians
Israel Is on 'Rampage' Against Human Rights, New HRW Chief Says
Israel, Jordan 'Agreed to Ban Al-Aqsa Sit-Ins' at Summit
Palestinians in Gaza Gather to Mark 47th Land Day
Three Palestinians Wounded in Israeli Raid on Qabatiya
Israel Charges Settlers With 'Terror' for Palestinian Attack
Israeli F-35 Jets Join Red Flag Exercise for First Time
Five Years On, Gaza's Great March of Return Changed People's Lives
Florida Governor Ron Desantis Expected to Travel to Israel Next Month Despite Protests
Iraq Daily Roundup: Four Killed
Iraqi Oil-Pipeline Closure Supports Global Crude Prices
Netherlands to Probe 2016 Anti-ISIS Air Strike in Iraq
Middle East
Lebanon Has 'No Other Way Out' Than IMF Deal, US Official Says
Saudi-Iran Deal Shows How US Sanctions Strategy Backfired, Experts Say

Egyptian Army Has Turned Sinai Schools Into Military Bases, Says Rights Group

Senegal's Opposition Leader Given Two-Month Suspended Term for Libel
South Sudan President Appoints Defense Minister, Breaching Peace Deal

Kenya Police, Crowds Clash in Third Wave of Price Rise Protests

Morocco, a Key Market for Russian Diesel After Sanctions
The War at Home
Nine Service Members Dead After Army Black Hawk Helicopters Crash in Kentucky
US Air Force Drops Lockheed Hypersonic Missile After Failed Tests
US Navy Deploys More Chaplains for Suicide Prevention
'Stone Ghost' Secret Intel Network May Expand to More Nations: US Defense Intel Agency
Soldier Found Dead in Pentagon Parking Lot Was Joint Staff NCO
F-35 Upgrades Slip to 2024, Drawing Lawmaker's Ire
Brazil and China Sign Pact to Abandon Dollar
Bolsonaro Back in Brazil After Three Months in the US

US Has Trained More Than 7,000 Ukrainian Troops Since War With Russia Began

Takeaways From AP's Interview With Ukraine's Zelensky
Kyiv Says Big Oil Should Pay to Rebuild Ukraine's Shattered Infrastructure
Russia: Fugitive Russian Father Convicted of Insulting Army Has Been Detained
Russia's Putin Signs Decree on Routine Spring Conscription: TASS
Blinken Compares Bosnia Serb Leader to Putin
Denmark Acknowledges Military Shortcomings as It Hosts Large NATO Drill
Austrian Lawmakers Stage Mass Walkout During Zelensky Speech
Finland Says Russia Spy Operations Weakened in Nordic Nation
Afghan Girls Seek to Study Abroad as Universities Remain Closed to Females
Taliban Official Accuses US of Violating Afghan Airspace
Pakistani Taliban Target Police, Kill Four in Roadside Bombing
Pakistan Boosts Security After 11 People Killed in Stampedes at Wheat Distribution Centers
Pakistan Awaits China's Decision on Rollover of $2 Billion Loan
Pakistani Court Strikes Down Sedition Law in Win for Free Speech
China Says It's Open to More Military Cooperation With Russia
China Says Australia-Britain-US Nuclear Submarine Cooperation May Spark Arms Race
Scientists Shrink China's Starlink-Killing Microwave Weapon With New Power Source
EU's von der Leyen Calls for Tougher Policy on China Ahead of Beijing Visit
In New York, Taiwan Leader Says Ties With US 'Closer Than Ever'
Ukraine War Delays Taiwan's GLSDB Precision Bomb Purchase by Three Years
US, South Korea Resume Amphibious Training in Message to North Korea
After Gandhi's Conviction, Signs of India's Opposition Uniting Against Modi
Latin America
Elian Gonzalez, Once Center of US-Cuba Custody Battle, Now Elected Official
Peru Recalls Ambassador to Colombia Amid Diplomatic Tensions
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