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Updated March 3, 2021 - 4:35 PM EST
US Civilian Contractor Dies in Iraq Rocket Attack
  Sen. Kaine's Push on War Powers After Syria Strike
  US-Backed SDF Militia Forcibly Conscripting Teachers in Syria
  Caliphate Gone; Iraq and Syria Still Fear ISIS Remnants
US, EU Hit Russia With Sanctions Over Navalny
  US Air Force Jets Train to Launch Missiles Over Baltic Sea
US Command Seeks $27 Billion To Face China
  China-Russia Ties: 'No Plans for Military Alliance' to Take on US
US Defends Not Sanctioning MbS Over Khashoggi
  US Falsely Claims It Doesn't Sanction World Leaders
  Biden Response to Khashoggi Report Angers Both Saudis and Critics
Israel, US Agree to Consult on Iran Decisions
US Sanctions Two Yemeni Houthi Commanders
Blinken Speaks With Venezuela's Guaido
Ex-Defense Secretaries Urge US to Stay in Afghanistan
item The Best Evidence That America Has a Foreign Policy Problem: The World Is Fixated on US Politics  by Doug Bandow
item A Russian Class in Geopolitics 101  by Robert W. Merry
item Joe Biden's China Strategy Risks Going Too 'Extreme'  by Bonnie Kristian
item How's the War on Terrorism Going?  by Scott Horton
item Afghanistan's Victory Over the United States  by James Bovard
item Why the Afghan War Is and Always Will Be a Lost Cause  by Ronald Enzweiler

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Biden Suffers First Cabinet Defeat as Neera Tanden Withdraws Nomination
New Zealand State Pension Fund Divests From Israeli Banks
Is China Behind Mystery Kashmir Ceasefire Between India and Pakistan?
The War at Home
Ilhan Omar Unveils Bill to Sanction MbS for Khashoggi's Murder
Rep. Khanna: US Airstrikes in Syria 'Clearly' Violate American and International Law
US Senate Intelligence Committee Approves Burns to Lead CIA
Service Members Sexually Harassed More Likely to Be Sexually Assaulted: Pentagon Study
Biden Administration 'Enthusiastically Embraces' IHRA Antisemitism Definition: Report
Trump's $3 Billion Abraham Fund May Be Tapped Out Before Staking a Dime
Senators Want Biden Administration to Denounce ICC's Israel Decision
China Urges US to Improve Its Own Human Rights Situation
China Says Door to Xinjiang 'Always Open', but UN Rights Boss Should Not Prejudge
China Overtakes US to Host Most Dollar Billionaires as 2020 Stock Market Rally Defied Covid-19 and Minted Wealth at a Record Pace
China Warns 'Side Effects' of US Economic Stimulus Risk Causing Sharp Market Correction
Taiwan Opposition Chief in No Rush for China Meeting
Myanmar UN Envoy, Junta Make Rival Claims to UN Representation
Myanmar Police Fire Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets at Protesters
Myanmar's Ousted President Faces Two New Charges: Lawyer
Shots Fired as Myanmar Journalist Live-Streams Police Raid to Detain Him
Medics Risk Lives to Treat Injured in Myanmar Anti-Coup Protests
Report: Israeli Drones, Spyware Sold to Myanmar Despite Ban
Myanmar's Neighbors Press Junta for Suu Kyi's Release, Restoration of Democracy
Three Female Media Workers Killed on Way Home From Work in Eastern Afghanistan
Khalilzad Pitched 'Participatory Govt' to Afghan Leaders: Sources
Watchdog: Political Pressure Caused Afghan Attorney General to Resign
Govt Wants Peace, but Committed to Defense: Afghan Interior Minister
All 279 Kidnapped Nigerian Students Released: Governor
'Repentant Bandits' Helped Free Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls, Governor Says
ISWAP Jihadists Attack UN Base in Nigeria, Trapping 25 Aid Workers
Insurgents Seize, Then Leave Government Stronghold in Northeast Nigeria
Egypt Women's Rights Group Protest 'Regressive' Draft Personal Status Law
'Homesick' Journalist Detained After Return From Exile in Turkey
Morocco/Western Sahara
Morocco Cuts Contact With German Embassy Over Diplomatic Tensions
Refugees' Frustration Drives Renewed Western Sahara Conflict
Libya: Peace Process Threatened by Vote-Buying Allegations
Army, Private Firm, Fighters Accused of Mozambique War Crimes
Blinken Speaks With Ethiopian Leader About Human Rights Concerns in Tigray
Israel's Gantz Expresses Intent to Promote 'Security Arrangement' With Gulf Allies
Israel Moving to Protect Hundreds of Personnel Against ICC Probe
Israel: Thousands of Unregistered Palestinians Fear Deportation, Separation From Families
Palestinian Elections: Barghouti and Qidwa Give Abbas Ultimatum for Accepting Electoral List
Palestinian MP Khalida Jarrar Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison
Israel Jails Palestinian Politicians Ahead of PA Elections
Israeli Settlers Target Jerusalem Church in 'Arson Attack'
Catholic Churches Condemn Repeated Settler Attacks on Romanian Monastery in Jerusalem
Iran Says UN Nuke Watchdog Censure Will Undermine Diplomatic Efforts
France, Allies to Push on With Protest at IAEA Over Iran's Activities: Foreign Minister
Iran: Militants Attack Revolutionary Guard Unit in Southeast
Former Iranian Bodybuilder Sews Lips Shut to Protest Alleged Abuse
Saudi Arabia
Rights Group Accuses Bin Salman of Crimes Against Humanity Over Khashoggi Murder
Press Watchdog Files Criminal Complaint in German Court Against Saudi Crown Prince
Covid-19: Saudi Arabia Says Vaccine Is a Must for Hajj
Iraq Monthly Roundup: 190 Killed in February
Iraq Launches Vaccine Program After Arrival of China Doses
Protesters Gather Across Iraqi Cities in Support of Nasiriyah Demonstrators
Factbox: Iraq's Christian Denominations
Clergy Lead a Rare Christian Revival in Iraqi Town Welcoming Pope
US Lawmakers Ask Biden to Push Turkey on 'Human Rights Abuses'
Turkey's Erdogan Pledges Stronger Rights and Freedoms, Critics Unimpressed
Turkey Plans to Shut Down Pro-Kurdish Opposition Party: Ruling Party Official
Middle East
US Demands Status of All Syrian Detainees Be Made Public
Lebanon's Embattled Currency Hits New Record Low
Amid Resistance From Turkey, Kosovo Embassy May Not Be in Jerusalem
Germany's Special Forces Look the Other Way on Missing Weapons
Belarus Jails Journalist for Revealing 'Medical Secrets' in Protester's Death
Swiss Muslims Denounce 'Burqa Ban' Proposal as Referendum Nears
UK Labour Party Faces Legal Challenge Over Recruitment of Former Israeli Spy
Austria: Outrage After Authorities Target Academic as Part of 'Terrorism' Crackdown
El Salvador President Cheers Big Congress Election Win, Bonds Jump
Guatemala Begins Reshaping Court; Corruption Concerns Grow
Chief European Union Diplomat in Venezuela Leaves Country
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The Best Evidence That America Has a Foreign Policy Problem: The World Is Fixated on US Politics

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Washington's Habitual Fondness for 'Friendly Dictators'

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All Risk, No Reward: The Perils and Absurdity of Iraq War 4.0

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Coups and Colonialism: Why Does America Do What It Does?

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'Leaving Aside' International Law: Why Democrats Are as Dangerous as Republicans to a Just Peace in Palestine

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Election Day: One Thing's for Sure, an Interventionist Will Win

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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The FBI vs.

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