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Updated March 4, 2024 - 12:01 AM EST
Israel Boycotts Hostage Deal Talks in Cairo
  Aid Groups Slam US for Not Pressuring Israel on Aid
  Israeli Minister Gantz Arrives in US on Trip Not OKd by Netanyahu
US Vetoes UN Condemnation of Israel for Massacre
  An Israeli Strike in Rafah Killed 5-Month-Old Twins
  'Save Us': Israeli Media Leaks Recording of Killed Gaza Hostages
UK Cargo Ship Sinks Days After Attack by Houthis
  Israeli Airstrike Kills 7 Hezbollah Members in Southern Lebanon
  Israel Kills 3, Including Iranian Adviser, in Attack on Syrian Port
Most Dems Want a Candidate Against Aid to Israel
  Biden 'Extraordinary Steps' to Prevent Protests at Events
Zelensky: Lack of Western Military Aid 'Unacceptable'
item Patriot Games: The Ideologies of American Warmongers  by James Carden
item Worthy vs. Unworthy Victims: Media Coverage of Navalny & Lira  by Alan MacLeod
item NATO's Undeniably Corrupt Ukrainian Client  by Ted Galen Carpenter
item How Gaza Has Exposed the West Like Never Before  by Ramzy Baroud

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Ex-ISIS Chief Appointed as Commander of US-Backed Militia in Syria
Neocon Iraq War Architects Want a Redo in Gaza
At Least Nine Killed in Israeli Strike on Aid Truck
Milley: 'Americans Have Kind of Had It With Wars'
Turkey Hopes Ukraine Ceasefire Talks Can Start Soon
Ukraine Says Downed Record Number of Russian Jets
Death Toll Rises to 10 in Russian Drone Strike on Ukraine's Odesa
Russia Could Be Invited to Ukraine-Led Peace Talks: Zelensky Chief-Of-Staff
Six Militants Killed in Special Operation in Russia's Ingushetia Region
Drone Crash Damages an Apartment Building in St Petersburg, Russia State Media Says
Yellen Says G7 Still Working on Ways to Tap Frozen Russian Assets
Canada Announces Fresh Sanctions Against Russia Over Navalny's Death
United Kingdom
Pro-Palestine Groups and Politicians Hit Back at Rishi Sunak's 'Extremism' Speech
UK Could Play 'Crucial Role' to Resolve Israel-Palestine Conflict, MPs Told
Germany Alarmed Russia May Have Recorded Armed Forces Briefing on Ukraine
Germany Accuses Russia of 'Information War' After Military Recording
UN, EU, European Countries Call for Probe Into Killings of Palestinians Awaiting Aid
Armenia Says It's Ready for Peace Deal if Azerbaijan Shows Political Will
Netherlands Orders Nine Latest Czech Howitzers for Ukraine
Italy Sent Israel Arms During Gaza War Contrary to Denials
Finland Approves Construction of Patria's F-35 Assembly Facility
Artillery Shelling Kills 12 in Market, Injures 80, Rebel Militia Says
Myanmar Junta's Access to Arms, Cash Must Be Cut Off, UN Rights Chief Says
Shehbaz Sharif Elected Pakistan PM for Second Term After Controversial Vote
Taliban Spokesman: UN Afghan Mission 'Ineffective' Over Past Year
Japan Plans More Bomb Shelters for Outlying Islands Amid 'Growing Concern' Over Taiwan Tensions
Kashmiri Journalist Aasif Sultan Rearrested Days After Release
Thai Parliament Holds Myanmar Seminar Over Junta's Objection
South Korea's Yoon Slams 'Truly Deplorable' North Korean Remarks, Calls for Unification
The War at Home
Republican Lawmakers Question Pentagon's CAPE office on Amphibious Warship Buys
AIPAC Uncorks $100 Million War Chest to Sink Progressive Candidates
Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira Expected to Plead Guilty in Leaking Classified Info
Pentagon to Lift Ban on V-22 Osprey Flights, Three Months After Fatal Crash in Japan
Milley: 'Americans Have Kind of Had It With Wars'
Democrats Sound Alarm on Voter Backlash Over Biden's Gaza Policy
Haitian Gangs Launch Coordinated Attack, Vow to Oust Prime Minister
Hundreds of Inmates Flee After Armed Gangs Storm Haiti's Main Prison, Leaving Bodies Behind
After Attacking Prisons, Haiti Gangs Try To Take Over Country's Critical Infrastructure
How Israel Defied ICJ Provisional Measures, One Month On
Fifteen Children Killed by Starvation in Gaza as Israel Continues to Block Aid
Gaza Doctor Says Gunfire Accounted for 80% of the Wounds at His Hospital From Aid Convoy Bloodshed
Israeli Air Raid on Rafah Kills 14 Palestinians, Many Children
Gaza Civilian Deaths Test Israel's AI Precision Claims
Israeli Settlers Build Symbolic House on Gaza Border
BTS Fans Call on Music Label to Sack US CEO Over Gaza Stance
Europe Risks Losing Credibility Over Silence on Israel's War on Gaza: MP
Israel Continues Massacres in Gaza; 90 People Killed in 24 Hours
Palestinian Boy Rescued After 9 Days Under Gaza Rubble
Skittles and Tabasco Sauce: Gazans Reveal What's in Airdropped US Aid Packages
How Israel's Restrictions on Aid Put Gaza on the Brink of Famine
Israeli DM Gallant on Orthodox Draft: 'We Need Manpower Now – It's Math, Not Politics'
Israeli Filmmaker Engulfed in Backlash After Antiwar Speech in Berlin
In Internal Meeting, Christiane Amanpour Confronts CNN Brass About 'Double Standards' on Israel Coverage
EU To Continue Funding UNRWA as It Probes Alleged Staff Involvement in Oct 7 Attacks
Images Suggest Israel Ran Over Palestinian Detainee With Armored Vehicle
'If UNRWA Goes, So Do Our Dreams of Returning Home,' Palestinians Fear
In Lydd, Palestinians Fear Tinderbox of Israel's War, Threat of Expulsion
Israeli Protest March Demands Hostage Release 'Now'
Israelis Panic Buying Generators Amid Fears of Hezbollah War
Far-Right Israel Minister Calls for Ramadan to Be Wiped Out
As Israel Strikes All Around It, Fear Rises in Lebanon's Sidon
Israel Agrees to Revise Eurovision Song Lyrics That Evoked Hamas Attack
Western Media Whitewashes Israeli Massacre of Palestinians Seeking Aid
'We Will Die and Not Enlist': Extremist Haredim Block Major Highway for Hours
US Envoy Due in Beirut to Continue De-Escalation Talks
Rocket Sirens Sound in Shlomi and Betzet, Near the Lebanon Border
US Drones Keep Watch Over Iraqi Skies Despite Ceasefire
Yazidi Woman Reunites With Family Nearly 10 Years After ISIS Abduction
Middle East
Omanis Boycott Western Brands and Fast-Food Chains as Many Turn Against West
Turkey Rejects Accusations by a Human Rights Group That It Committed Abuses in Syria
Burkina Faso Prosecutor Says Around 170 'Executed' in Attacks on Villages
Ruto: Kenya, Haiti Sign 'Reciprocal' Agreement on Police Deployment
South African Soldier Kills a Colleague and Himself in DR Congo
Latin America
Colombia's ELN Rebels Say Have Freed All Hostages Under Deal With Govt
Cartel Gunmen Use Land Mines, Drones To Kill Four Soldiers in Mexico
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