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Updated July 15, 2020 - 11:23 AM EDT
Congress Moves To Block Trump's Troop Pullouts
  House Panel Targets Trump's War Powers in Spending Bill
  US May Nationalize Warplane Industry 'To Maintain Competition'
  Pentagon Wants $10 Billion To Pay Contractors' Coronavirus Expenses
US Withdraws From Five Afghan Bases
  US Can't Track Weapons, Vehicles Given to Afghan Security Forces
China: US Sanction Threats 'Inciting Conflict' in S. China Sea
  Trump Signs Order Ending Preferential Treatment for Hong Kong
item Allies Are Supposed To Help the US, but Americans Always Do the Paying  by Doug Bandow
item End Police Violence by Cutting Pentagon Money, Militarization  by Wayne McElrath & Mandy Smithberger
item Pay for Play? Heritage's Ties With Korea Arms Maker Raises Concerns  by Eli Clifton
item 'Cancel Culture' Hides the Truth About Israel/Palestine  by James North

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US Units of Chinese Firms Got Covid-19 Bailout Money
Armenia-Azerbaijan Border Fighting Escalates; 16 Killed
US Army Deploys 60 Helicopters to Germany, Poland, and Latvia
Abbas Says Ready to Resume Peace Talks if Israel Stops Annexation Plan
Hamas Denies Claim Commander Defected to Israel, Provided Detailed Intelligence
Netanyahu Reportedly 'Furious' With Gantz for Blocking New Virus Restrictions
Anti-Corruption Protesters Try to Break Through Barriers at Netanyahu Residence
Police Use Force to Disperse Anti-Netanyahu Protesters, 50 Arrested
Israeli Army Razes Land in Hebron, Bethlehem, Order Seizure of Land in Salfit
Armed Israeli Settlers Uproot 70 Palestinian-Owned Olive Trees in Hebron
Police Suspend Officer Filmed Shoving Unsuspecting Haredi Man at Protest
UN's Top Court Backs Qatar in Air Blockade Row With Neighbors
'Vindicated Qatar' Says Blockading States Will Face Justice After ICJ Ruling
24 Houthi Rebels Killed in Clashes: Yemeni Army
Yemen Starts Forced Transfers of Ethiopian Migrants, IOM Says
Iraq Daily Roundup: Bomb Experts Among Eight Killed
The Iraqi Power Struggle Behind a Murder in Baghdad
Russian, Turkish Troops Wounded in Attack on Syria Joint Patrol
Land Mine Kills Two Children in Southern Syria
Turkey to Cover Hagia Sophia's Christian Icons During Prayers
Greece Says Turkey Is Being 'Petty' Over Hagia Sophia
Middle East
Iran Executes Former Defense Ministry Staffer Linked to CIA
Hezbollah Files Official Complaint Against US Ambassador to Lebanon
US Warns of Sanctions as Libya's Oil Chaos Persists
Eastern Parliament Seeks Egypt's Direct Intervention in Libya War
Sudanese Demand UAE Apology Over Haftar Recruitment
Erdogan, Trump Agree to Work More Closely in Libya to Ensure Stability: Turkish Presidency
Nile Dam: Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan Talks End With No Deal
Egypt: Journalist Held for Appearing on Al Jazeera Dies of Virus
Jihadists Kill 10 Nigerian Soldiers
Central African Republic Rebel Ambush Kills UN Peacekeeper; Two Injured
Mali Opposition Leaders Freed After Days of Anti-Govt Protests
UN Cargo Plane Carrying Aid Crash-Lands in Somalia
Thousands in Bolivia Anti-Government Protest
Mystery as Argentine Sailors Infected With Virus After 35 Days at Sea
The War at Home
Navy Reports Progress Fighting Fire Aboard USS Bonhomme Richard on Third Day
Daniel Lewis Lee Executed, First Federal Execution in 17 Years
F-16 Crashes at Holloman; Pilot Successfully Ejects
China/Hong Kong
US Could Sanction Chinese Officials for Illegal Claims in South China Sea, Diplomat Says
China Retaliates Against Lockheed Martin on Taiwan Part Sale
Trump Says He Has No Plans to Speak With Chinese President
NYT Moving Part of Hong Kong News Operation to Seoul Amid Crackdown Fears
Trump Rejects Ending Hong Kong Dollar Peg as Penalty to China
China Says Hong Kong Democracy Activists Trying to Launch 'Revolution'
Japan: US Military Coronavirus Policy Has Multiple Problems
Japan Accuses China of Pushing Territorial Claims During Pandemic
Top US General in Mideast in Kabul to Discuss Peace Process With Afghan President
US Pushes Taliban to Reduce Violence as Deal Enters 'Next Phase'
Afghan Civilian Casualties Fell 11% but Still High
Afghanistan Faces 'Catastrophe' as Covid-19 Cases Grow: Red Crescent
At Least Four Civilians Killed by Kabul Roadside Bomb
The Same AK-47 Was Photographed on Two Dead Afghan Civilians Killed by Australian Soldiers
Pakistan Vows to Stand by Kashmiris Come What May
Two Kashmir Militants Killed in Gunfight, Say Police; Civilian Injured
Pakistan: Eight Soldiers Killed, Five Wounded in Convoy Attack
Philippines to Use Police in House-to-House Searches for Covid-19 Cases
Britain Bans China's Huawei, Handing US Big Win
US and British Armies Eye Technology Collaboration
UK Counter-Terrorism Strategy Reinforces Stereotypes and Leads Muslim Students to Self-Censor
UK Parliament Meeting Hilariously Interrupted by Rojo the Cat: 'Put Your Tail Down'
Spain's Catalan Leader Demands Probe Into Phone-Tapping Reports
Two Algerian Citizens Arrested in Spanish Anti-Terror Operation
Armenia-Azerbaijan Border Fighting Escalates; 16 Killed
Belarus Election Panel Refuses to Register President's Rival
Bulgaria's Opposition Says State Prosecutors Won't Deflect Anti-Government Protests
Russia Seeks Prison Terms for Three Youth Group Members
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