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Updated December 5, 2020 - 1:20 PM EST
Trump Orders Most US Troops Out of Somalia
German FM Calls for Stricter Iran Deal
  Israel Warns Nuclear Scientists That Iran Could Target Them
  Iran to Install More Centrifuges in Underground Natanz Site
General Seeks More Hi-Tech Arms Against China
  Senate Intel Committee Says That China Is Top Threat
  China Must Stop 'Wishful Thinking' That Rivalry Will End With Biden
US Sold $175 Billion in Weapons Abroad in FY20
  USAF: 224 Killed, 186 Aircraft Lost Since 2013
Envoy: UAE Would Find Weapons Elsewhere if US Refuses
Iraq: Sadr's Supporters Clash With Anti-Govt Protesters
Eight Killed in Yemen Port Shelling, Both Sides Trade Blame
item Scientist, Spy Chief, Apologist for Torture? Meet Biden's New DNI  by Barbara Boland
item CIA Contractor Dies in Secret US War in Somalia  by Matthew Cole & Nick Turse
item Barr Kicks Durham Can Down the Street  by Ray McGovern
item Stop Thanking the Troops and Lend a Hand  by Andrea Mazzarino

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Official: 'Possible' UAE F-35 Deal Can Be Inked Before Trump Administration Ends
Germany: US Soldiers Are Still Welcome Here
A Harvest of Heartbreak in Gaza
Serbia Unearths Mass Grave From Kosovo War
As Israel Heads to Elections, Nothing Is Different but Everything Has Changed
Gantz: Elections Are Wrong for Israel but Better Than Paralysis
Jewish Settler Tries to Burn Gethsemane Church in Jerusalem (videos)
Palestinian Teen Killed by Israeli Forces at Protest
Trump's Aid Cuts Mean Harsh Winter for Palestine's Refugees
Palestine Teachers Strike Over Delayed Salaries
Biden: 'Hard to Tell' How Much Fakhrizadeh Killing Complicates Detente With Iran
Trump Official Denies New Iran Sanctions Are Meant to Tie Biden's Hands
Iran's Zarif Says Welcomes Gulf Understandings Announced by Kuwait
Iraq Daily Roundup: Two Killed
Iraqis Renew Protests in Solidarity After Violence
Iraqi FM, Red Cross Discuss Return of ISIS-Linked Children
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Cancels Visit of Israeli Spy Chief After Netanyahu-MbS Meeting Leaks: Report
Normalization With Israel Requires Palestinian State: Saudi FM
Saudi FM Says Final Agreement in Qatar Dispute 'in Reach'
Mohammed Bin Nayef Threatened by Social Media Campaign, Say Saudi Prince's Lawyers
Qatar Says Doesn't Plan Normalization With Israel for Now
Qatar FM Signals Progress on Resolving Persian Gulf Crisis
Pompeo Says US 'Very Hopeful' Gulf Rift Be Resolved, Doesn't Say When
Qatar Blockade: Kuwait Says Progress Made Towards Deal to End Isolation
Sanctioning Turkey Over the S-400 Would Be Mandatory in New Defense Bill
Turkey Is Preparing Syrian Mercenaries to Fight in Kashmir: Report
Turkish Lira Slips as US Moves Closer to Sanctions Over S-400s
Hezbollah Sues for Defamation After Being Linked to Beirut Port Blast
Lebanon Investigates Death of Former Customs Official
Sectarian Parties Trounced in Unprecedented Student Elections
Middle East
Jordan, Israel in Rare Meeting on Palestinian Issue
Yemen Currency War Sees Inflation Spiral as Saudi-Led Fuel Siege Intensifies
While Armenia and Azerbaijan Fought Over Nagorno-Karabakh, Their Citizens Battled on Social Media
Montenegro Approves New Coalition, Overturning Three Decades of Socialist Role
Russia Protests Charges Against State Media Journalists in Latvia
Venezuela's Socialists Eye Congress Control as Opposition Boycotts Vote
Biggest Iranian Flotilla Yet En Route to Venezuela With Fuel
Venezuela Urges Firms to Sign Trade Deals With Turkey, Iran
Americans Still Dying
Army Doctor From Katy, (TX) Dies in Helicopter Crash in Sinai, Egypt
Recently Married Soldier From Watseka (IL) Killed in Egypt Helicopter Crash
Air Force Doctor Killed in Vehicle Accident in United Arab Emirates
The War at Home
ACLU Sues to Find Out How and Why Federal Agencies Are Accessing Americans' Cell Phone Location Data
Chinese Professor Pleads Guilty to Lying to FBI in Huawei-Related Case
US Rights Group Demands Government Disclose User Data Purchased From Muslim Pro App
Pentagon Blocks Visits to Military Spy Agencies by Biden Transition Team
Ex-FBI Lawyer Who Altered Russia Probe Email Seeks Probation
The Air Force Wanted to Mothball Over 100 Planes. Here's What Congress Says It Will Permit.
Foul Play Suspected in Deaths of Green Beret and Army Veteran in Fort Bragg Training Area
Space Force Won't Be Forced to Use Navy Ranks, Lawmakers Decide
DoD and Australia Ink First-Ever Cyber Training Partnership
33-Year-Old Navy Reservist Dies of Covid-19
China Says US Should Stop Abusing the Concept of National Security
Trudeau Declines to Comment on Possible Release of Huawei CFO, Return of Two Canadians
Biden Says China Must Play by 'International Norms'
Taiwan Says Trade Deal Would Show US Support in Face of China Pressure
Some Sino-US Relations Damage 'Beyond Repair', China State Media Warn
Amid Tensions With China, Australian Wheat Exporters Pull Back From Key Market
US Envoy to Visit South Korea Next Week: Sources
International Red Cross Workers Evacuated From North Korea Amid Tighter Covid Restrictions
Ceasefire Will Be on Agenda in Talks: Taliban Spokesman
Ghani Calls for Delivery of Covid-19 Vaccine to All
Afghanistan Reconciliation Council to Hold First Meeting Saturday
Why India's Farmers Are in Revolt in the Middle of a Pandemic
India Police Stop Interfaith Marriage Citing 'Love Jihad' Law
Pakistan Seeks Review of Trade Agreement With Afghanistan
Pakistani Envoy Meets Bangladeshi PM in Sign of Warming Ties
Thai King Pardons, Issues Amnesty to Tens of Thousands in Prison
Militants Fire at Valley Poll Candidate in Kashmir
Philippines Police Threaten Social Distancing Violators With Caning
Ethiopia Says War Ending, With Most Tigray Leaders Dead or Caught
Ethiopia Rebels Say Fighting Persists After Their Capital's Fall
Thousands Killed in Ethiopia's Conflict, Tigray Side Asserts
Ethiopia Sees War Ending, EU Complains of Partisan Aid Access
War in Ethiopia's Tigray Wrenches Families Apart
'Disturbing Reports' From Eritrean Refugee Camps in Tigray: UN
Fighting Hampering Aid Delivery to Ethiopia's Tigray: UN
Morocco Arrests Three From ISIS-Linked Cell: Police
At Least Six Dead in Shootout Between Rival Mexican Cartel Gang Members
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