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Updated December 3, 2020 - 11:41 AM EST
Biden Says He Will Return to Iran Nuclear Deal
  Iran's Rouhani Opposes Bill To Suspend UN Nuclear Inspections
  US Pulling Diplomats Out of Embassy in Baghdad Amid Tensions
Afghan Negotiators Agree on Procedural Rules
  US to Keep Two Large Afghan Bases Beyond Mid-January
  Top US General: Only 'Modicum of Success' in Afghan War
Biden Says He Will Not Lift Trump's China Tariffs
  China Says US Report Filled With 'Conspiracies, Pitfalls, Threats'
UN Appeals to US Over Houthi Terror Designation
Congress Moves NDAA Despite Trump's Veto Threat
item How Israel Deployed an Intel Deception To Justify Killing Mohsen Fakhrizadeh  by Gareth Porter
item How US Media Manipulates Iran's Nuclear Program Into Sinister Myth  by Ben Armbruster
item On Free Trade, Liberalism, and Peace  by Richard M. Ebeling
item The Jonathan Pollard Exception  by Grant Smith
item Israel Tries To Kill the
Nuclear Deal
 by Daniel Larison
item Assange Prosecutors Cast WikiLeaks as Criminal Enterprise  by Kevin Gosztola

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Ethiopia Gives UN 'Unimpeded' Access to Tigray to Deliver Aid
UN Reclassifies Cannabis as a Less Dangerous Drug
Al-Qaeda's Maghreb Branch Has Revealed Its Weakness With New Leadership
Egypt: Amnesty Condemns 'Horrifying Execution Spree'
The War at Home
Biden Facing Growing Pressure Over Secretary of Defense Pick
Air Force to Build Alternate Airbase on Tinian Island in Case Guam Gets Knocked Out
House Passes Bill That Could Delist Chinese Companies From US Stock Exchanges
The Space Force's Next Missile Warning Satellite Is Ready for a 2021 Launch
Raytheon Wins Pair of Air Force and Navy IT Contracts
Thousands of Marines Tested for LSD After Drug Problem Emerges at Infantry Unit
Islamist Violence Escalates in Burkina Faso, Making Widespread Hunger Worse
Boko Haram Claims Responsibility for 76 Farmers Killed in Nigeria
Ivory Coast Reelected Its President. Opposition Candidates Boycotted the Voting.
Pygmies, Soldier Killed in Clashes Over DR Congo Park
Ugandan Opposition Candidate Bobi Wine Resumes Campaign
China Denies Weakening Sanctions Enforcement on North Korea
US Bans Cotton Imports From Major Producer in China's Xinjiang Region
Peace Council to Convene First Meeting Soon: Sources
World Bank to Stop Funds Pending Access to Afghan Banking Data
Afghanistan Parliament Approves 3 of 5 Ministers, Votes Out Central Bank Head
India Plans Dam on Brahmaputra River to Mitigate Chinese Projects
India Looks to Resume Iran, Venezuela Oil Imports Under Biden
Signs of Dissent Within Thai Military as Protests Grow
Thai PM Wins Crucial Legal Battle Amid Renewed Protests
Japan Protests Against Russian Missile Deployment on Disputed Islands
Pakistan's New Regulations Aim to 'Silence the Internet'
The Untold Story of How Indonesian and Australian Jets Nearly Came to Blows Over East Timor
Bangladesh, Against Objections, Set to Move Rohingya Refugees to Remote Island
Putin Orders 'Large-Scale' Vaccinations to Start Next Week
Malta Jails Libyan Plane Hijacker for 25 Years
Italy Lays Out Plans to Buy Up to Eight New Gulfstream Signals Intelligence Aircraft
Mexico's President Calls Virus Lockdowns 'Dictatorship'
Venezuela Opposition Discussing Scaling Back Interim Government, Sources Say
Armed Bank Robbers Storm Another Brazilian Town, Battle Police
The Killer Mines of Libya: How They Work, What They Do
'Serious Crisis': 20,000 Foreign Fighters in Libya, UN Says
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination: US Official Says Israel Behind Killing of Iranian Nuclear Scientist
Iran Watchdog Passes Law on Hardening Nuclear Stance, Halting UN Inspections
Iran Says It Has Identified Suspects in Fakhrizadeh Assassination
Iran to Further Limit Nuclear Commitments: What's Next?
Nasrin Sotoudeh: Iran Human Rights Lawyer Ordered Back to Jail
Israel's Knesset Passes First Hurdle Towards a Fourth Election
Netanyahu: Gantz 'Needs to Stop Dragging Israel to Elections'
Israel Releases Over $1bn of Withheld Tax Funds to Palestinians
Israel 'Dramatically' Upgrades Naval Fleet With New Advanced Warship
App Makes Killing Palestinians as Easy as Ordering Pizzas
Israeli Soldiers Attack Detainees in Negev Camp
Israeli Bus Driver Kills Two Palestinian Workers at Military Checkpoint (video)
Palestinian Child Detainee in Hospital After Assault by Israeli Soldier
Officials May Declare UAE a 'Red' Zone as Flights With Israel Begin: Report
Iraq Daily Roundup: 14 Killed
Displaced People in Iraq Left With No Refuge as Police Shut Camps
Why Suicide Is on the Rise Among Iraqi Youths
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Diplomat Ridiculed for Claiming Riyadh Does Not 'Engage in Assassinations'
Outcry as Detained Saudi Prince Apparently Moved to Secret Site
Lebanon Ex-Army Boss, Intelligence Heads Charged With Corruption
Killer of Lebanon's Hariri to Be Sentenced in Absentia on December 11
Lebanon Says Difficulties in Sea Border Talks Can Be Overcome
Lebanese Political Stalemate Leaves France Pushing Aid Meeting
Middle East
Pro-Govt Forces Kill Houthi Commander in Southern Yemen: Local Source
War-Ravaged Yarmouk Camp in Syria Sees Return of Palestinian Residents
Armenia Drops Some Martial Law Restrictions Imposed During Karabakh Conflict
More Than 900 Syrian Fighters Return Home From Karabakh
Putin Hails Armenian PM's 'Courage' in Signing Karabakh Deal
Construction of Nagorno-Karabakh Ceasefire Monitoring Center Has Begun: Turkey
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Is China an Economic Threat?

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Matt Taibbi on the Origins of the Russiagate Hoax

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Jackson State and Forgotten History

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The FBI vs. Antiwar.com

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