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Posted January 12, 2002


[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of January 11, "The Pilot Who Lost His Cool":]

God Bless Justin. I'm so sick of the pro-Israel fundraising columnists attempting to bring the Middle East hatred to our country. Does Debbie really think she's doing the US a favor by trying to divide our country like it is in Israel? No, she isn't concerned about Americans, if she were, she wouldn't being writing about hate – which she does very well. "Debbie Does Hate" needs to get a haircut and get lost – we don't want her hate-mongering here in our country.

~ Sabet

See the Pakistani Point of View

I am an avid reader of your site, Antiwar.com. Like millions of other readers I find your site very informative and different from all the biased news sites like CNN, MSNBC, etc. Thanks for doing such a splendid job for the global community of truth-seekers. But for past few weeks during the highly tense relations between Pakistan and India your readers are witnessing an unusual trend in your site links, almost all of your links are pointing towards Indian news sites! Which in fact falls into the "one-sided reporting" practices that are so not like Antiwar.com! This kind of oversight can damage the truthful image we have for your news site. Just to help you a bit in your article search process I am listing few of the most popular English news sites from Pakistan. Hopefully this will help you to see the Pakistani point of view as well, which is extremely important in telling the world the whole truth!

Please tell me where to send my contribution check; I really want to support your news site.

~ Amir Q.

Eric Garris replies:

I appreciate your comments, but we run articles from all the main Pakistani newspapers regularly. There is a bit more breaking news from the Indian papers, but we try to give that the proper placement. If you have any points you would like to make on any specific instances, I would be happy to consider them. One of the problems is that the Pakistani press is not as quick to post on the web as the Indian press. Remarkably and fortunately, several of the papers on both sides run stories extensively quoting each other. On today's (Tuesday) front page we have three articles from the Indian papers, and two from Pakistani ones, including an editorial from the Pakistan Frontier Post. I would also appreciate it if you find any specific articles that we are missing, to send them along. Thanks for your ideas and your words of support.

Show Concern for Indians

[Regarding Justin Raimondo's column of January 4, "India's 'Amen Corner'":]

I am an Indian Christian. I thank you for your frank writings on the many social evils in my country. However, I need to caution you about a few points, and I hope you would consider them. The 1982 movie Gandhi had a scene where Gandhi addressed a gathering of coloured peoples in apartheid South Africa, where everyone was talking about organizing a violent protest. Gandhi talked to the gathering and said, you must not provoke hatred. It will not help your cause. After a while of reading through your articles on India's nationalism, Hindu biases and heavy-handed action in Kashmir, I found myself feeling more frustrated. This was not primarily because of righteous indignation, but out of feeling hated for who I am – an Indian. ... I have been collecting several news articles about the hype, hypocrisy, propaganda, communal violence, the Kashmir issue and so on. I hope someday to organize them and present to the world. In this respect, I found your site informative – I managed to get a lot of articles from the links you provided. ... I hope to present these articles with genuine concern for my country and its people. My request is that you show some concern and affection for these people in your writings. ...Statements such as, "India swarms with dozens of nationalities and thousands of religious, ethnic, and social subgroups: it is, like its old Soviet ally, a vast prison-house of nations, struggling to be free," are painful to swallow, even as an Indian Christian whose community is under fire.

~ John V.

Clear Vision

Your articles are a joy to read for the most part. I particularly enjoy ... [Justin Raimondo's] articles concerning the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. So few commentators in the US seem willing to take on the Israeli lobby and face the slander inevitably leveled against them. I commend you for your courage and clear vision.

~ Gerald C.


The problem with the Israeli spy story is that one is asked to believe that Israeli spies in the United States could find out about Arab terrorists but that American intelligence – significantly larger and much better funded – were not able to garner the same information. Perhaps the silliness of this (at least on the face of it) is why the story has been pulled [from Fox News].

~ Fred L.

Murder Victim

...The kept media ... have been calling this a war from day one ... [but] when one American gets killed in this war ... I actually hear a media a-hole say the soldier was "murdered." This bullsh*t is way out of proportion. How the hell can you be floating in the foam of your own rabid war lather and yet have the gall to call a killed uniformed soldier a murder victim? Is the insanity worse (maybe combined with a higher level of ignorance) than in previous campaigns or am I getting older and a bit less carried away by the hype?

~ Tony B.

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