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Pearl Harbor: Antecedents, Background, Consequences
by James J. Martin
Dec. 7, 1941:
A Setup from
the Beginning

by Robert Stinnett
Things You Can't Say in America
by Alexander Cockburn
Pearl Harbor Historiography
by Gary North

Updated May 28, 2001
Pentagon, Disney Release War Flick
'Pearl Harbor' Reviews: Another 'Waterworld'?
Navy Gives Disney Aircraft Carrier for 'Pearl' Party
Pentagon Blasted for Disney-Pearl Party
Behind the Headlines
Pearl Harbor Revised: John T. Flynn Vindicated
Asian Americans Brace for 'Pearl' Debut
'Pearl Harbor' Edited for Japan, Germany
More Hollywood War Propaganda
The Pearl Harbor Deception
Pearl Harbor Scapegoat
The Real Crime of 'Pearl Harbor'
by Lawrence Reed

Sifting Fact From Fiction in 'Pearl Harbor'

Bomb 'Pearl Harbor'
by Ryan McMaken
Remember Pearl Harbor?
by Jude Wanniski
Forget Pearl Harbor
by Jeff Elkins
'Pearl Harbor'
& Japanophobia

by Justin Raimondo

Did the Soviets Set Us Up for Pearl Harbor?
by John Berlau

Pearl Harbor: The Prequel
by Daniel Nassim
Was Pearl Harbor Really
a Surprise?

by Hiroaki Sato
Hollywood Has an Antiwar Tradition, Too
by William Drew
In Memoriam: Interventionist Lies About WWII
by Justin Raimondo
Why Lie About Pearl Harbor?
by Justin Raimondo
The Myth of
Pearl Harbor

by Justin Raimondo
Advance Warning at Pearl: The Red Cross Connection
by Daryl Borgquist
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