Did America begin its war with Iraq in the summer of 2002?

Over the last month, the justifications for war offered by the Bush administration have been examined and found wanting. It turns out that the evidence for the military threat posed by Saddam Hussein to the United States was quite weak. But last week there was a revelation made by US Air Force Lieutenant General T. Michael Moseley to the effect that the Air Force began bombing Iraq in June, 2002 under the guise of patrolling the “no fly” zone in the south of Iraq. Some 391 targets were bombed in the period leading up to the invasion of Iraq in March of 2003. Any proposed mission likely to kill more than 30 civilians had to be personally approved by Don Rumsfeld. The Air Force submitted some 50 requests and the Secretary of Defense approved each one. Furthermore, according to Moseley, the White House had given orders to the Air Force in late 2001 to draw up plans for a war on Iraq.
The existence of these operations exposes the acts of the Bush administration in the fall of 2002 as one sustained con game played upon the American people. Even when Little Bush was strutting before the United Nations that fall, the war against Iraq was under way. The intellectual bodyguard of the Bush administration has spent the last month repeating its mantra about Bush being a man of his word and a courageous leader. This revelation reveals the entire administration as a group of dedicated and ingenious liars. Just as the true facts regarding this war have taken some time to be absorbed by the American medica, so to will this latest bombshell come to be accepted by the American public and its media.