Krauthammer’s Intifada Victory

The sensationally ignorant Charles Krauthammer has a new pro-Israel column in the Washington Post today. Krauthammer claims that the Palestinian intifada is over, due to two factors: The brilliantly effective Israeli strategy in attacking Hamas leaders with precision rockets, and the swell new barrier or wall or whatever it is. Krauthammer calls it a “separation fence”, a neat little turn of phrase.
The notion that Israel might be responsible for provoking the terrorism in the first place is completely off Krauthammer’s radar. To him, Arafat is unilaterally responsible, and Israel is only defending itself from his evil.
Amnesty International has continually issued reports critical of Israel for such things as destruction and confiscation of property, use of Palestinian children as human shields, murdering and arresting innocent people etc.
Ran HaCohen has written columns critical of Israel for their brutal tactics regarding the Hamas organization, and for building the peachy “separation fence”.
No matter, for Krauthammer, all that counts is Israel’s relentless drive for lebensraum.