Maher: attacking Iraq not a bad idea

On Larry King’s mostly unwatchable show, I just caught the thoroughly disgusting Bill Maher say something pretty close to this; “You know, attacking Iraq wasn’t such a bad idea; we attacked them because we could. They had no weapons and we could do it. You know, it was a statement to the entire Arab world. We said that you attacked us on 9/11, and now we’re going to attack you, and your cousins, who had nothing to do with it. Mess with us, and we’ll kick your a$$, and your cousin’s a$$.”
Maher also suggested that attacking North Korea and (I guess) the entire continent of Africa, for humanitarian reasons of course, would also be a good idea.
If this greasy bastard loves war so much, why doesn’t he give up his hedonistic lifestyle, take up arms, and join the mayhem?
King inexplicably said absolutely nothing to all of this. And I’m sure none of Maher’s colleagues or friends, media critics or certainly any of his fans, will come along and say that there’s something funny about this. Except in radical quarters like this, reactionary hyperboli of this sort nearly always passes by without comment. Is there going to be any mention in the mainstream press? I doubt it. Maher sounds like Julius Streicher, and this stuff is right out of Der Stürmer, but I guess few care.