FBI abandons secrecy claims against Edmonds

Sibel Edmonds is about to make life very unpleasant for the FBI;

The Department of Justice has abandoned its claim that allegations made by a fired FBI translator are secret, paving the way for a court case that will air embarrassing allegations about incompetence, poor security and possible espionage in the translation unit of the Bureau’s Washington Field Office.

The story goes on to say;

Edmonds reported that many of those hired to work in the unit could barely speak English; that they left secure laptop computers lying around while they went to lunch; that they took classified material home with them; and – even more disturbing – that one co-worker had undeclared contacts with a foreign organization that was under FBI surveillance.

Edmonds was fired from the FBI, but;

Edmonds is suing the FBI, claiming she was fired for bringing to light these problems – which have been identified by several inquiries as significant contributing factors to the success of the Sept. 11 plot.