Not Just a Bunch of Morons — Outright Liars, Too

I’m watching the City Attorney of New Orleans talking specifically about evacuating the city. She just said something to the effect that “At this time there have been no forced evacuations. Force is not being used.”

Well, then who was that frail old lady who was calmly talking to a bunch of cops in her kitchen when the fattest one of them hurled himself on top of her, crushing her into the corner between the wall and the floor, knocking kitchen items all over the place, and then dragging her, crying, out of her own home? Was she just over the border in Metairie? Huh? Her street was completely dry. Were they just trying to drag out somebody white to dispell the racial bias myth?

Thousands are dying because the government is a gaggle of morons and incompetents. They each have ONE job to do, and they’re too stupid to do them even halfway correctly. And then they have the balls to lie about something recorded and broadcast across the world the day before. It even makes an anarchist flinch.