Statists Caught in Katrina Learn a Thing or 78 About the State

In a well-written account by two communist San Francisco EMS workers on their survival of Hurricane Katrina and Earthquake Government, one realizes something very ironic. In the wake of compounding disasters, ordinary people spontaneously kept a whole city fed, clothed, watered, and in some instances, even powered. At every turn, these civilizational functions were halted by slobbering subhumans with big guns, unlimited funds, and a license to kill — collectively known as the State.

The ironic part is that even these megastatists from one of the most state-ridden cities in the US experienced that the State was their enemy, and that people, even those of comparatively meager means, can provide for themselves and many others, with beneficial effects overlapping and covering even babies, elderly and sick, even in a horrendous catastrophe.

Anyone want to mock the “invisible hand” now?