Plight of Two Women: Wounded, Lose Husbands, Children at Checkpoint in Iraq

If you, like me, are appalled at the plight and number of noncombatants in Iraq whose lives are destroyed or rendered unbearable by war-engendered violence, you might want to make a donation to on behalf of two Iraqi women wounded at a U.S. checkpoint. Oh but wait, did I say “wounded”? More like devastated. Both their husbands and children were killed. So, bad enough that sectarian violence is continuing and continuing — but can’t the U.S. at least help those innocents it violates?

In the words of CIVIC Worldwide (Washington-based advocacy organization whose purpose is to mitigate the harm caused to civilians in war) “the women, Manal and Aliya, were seriously injured when their family’s minivan passed a U.S. checkpoint near the Ba’aquaba airport last November. Troops opened fire, as often happens when Iraqis are unsure of what new rules apply to where and when to fully stop. Five people were killed, including Manal and Aliya’s husbands and two children. The two women now need urgent medical care outside of Iraq so they may continue caring for their families in the wake of tragedy. The amount of money needed for Manal and Aliya’s treatment is small, but time is very short. Their injuries will soon be irreparable – a devastating end to the already heartbreaking ordeal of losing their families.”