Henry Kissinger on Vietnam

One of the few conservative magazines worth reading, The New American, reports that Henry Kissinger told an Italian reporter in 1972 that the war in Vietnam had “been a useless war.” I think if I was one of the 58,000 soldiers killed or one of the 304,000 soldiers wounded or one of the 75,000 soldiers disabled (23,000 totally disabled) in that “useless war” that I would be quite upset at Kissinger and the government that was responsible for that crime.

When will we hear Bush or Rumsfeld admit that the war in Iraq is likewise a “useless war”? Probably not until after a few thousand more American soldiers die for a lie.

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.