You gonna take that, Don?

Mace Price, over at Stress, has a question he’d like to pose to “defense” secretary Rumsfeld:

“Tell me tough guy?—Are you gonna take these arrogant, predictable recriminations out of the likes of Prince Richard Perle and his AIPAC, PNAC, JINSA friends sitting down? You gonna hold the bag for ‘em Don?—Are you gonna be a punk? You gonna let ‘em add insult to injury by reducing you to a figure of National mockery and contempt?? I didn’t see them carrying stretchers in front of the Pentagon on 9-11.”

I suppose it’s debatable whether or not there is any shame left at the Rumsfeld household these days, but if his failure in Iraq and his former ex-Trotskyoid buddies’ betrayal hasn’t destroyed the very last of it, I think it might be fun to see what his response would be to such provocation.

Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is editorial director of, director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.