Another Reason for Texans to Be Embarrassed

Is this for real?

I’m still incredulous of what I have just read. Rep. Silvestre Reyes (D-TX), has been appointed the new chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on which he has served for the last six years. This is a person you’d expect to be more than basically knowledgeable of the world in which he lives. Well, surprise! You’d expect wrong. Silvestre Reyes just found out last week that al-Qaeda is Sunni, and what Hezbollah is. Actually, I’m not so sure these items were resolved, I just know that when asked, he whined about being asked questions so late in the afternoon.

Here are the schadenfreudelicious tidbits for you all to enjoy:

Al Qaeda is what, I asked, Sunni or Shia?

“Al Qaeda, they have both,” Reyes said. “You’re talking about predominately?”

“Sure,” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Predominantly — probably Shiite,” he ventured.

Reyes has to have spent six years on the House Intel Committee playing solitaire on his Palm to — wait, no. Reyes has to be a RETARD to not know that al-Qaeda is a Sunni organization. Not only that, his answer — with the “predominantly” in there — makes it obvious that he doesn’t even understand the fanaticism of the likes of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is 100% Sunni, there is no minority faction. As the interviewer mentioned, “If a Shiite showed up at an al-Qaeda club house, they’d slice off his head and use it for a soccer ball.”

And Hezbollah? I asked him. What are they?

“Hezbollah. Uh, Hezbollah…”

He laughed again, shifting in his seat.

“Why do you ask me these questions at five o’clock? Can I answer in Spanish? Do you speak Spanish?”

“Poquito,” I said—a little.

“Poquito?! “ He laughed again.

“Go ahead,” I said, talk to me about Sunnis and Shia in Spanish.

Reyes: “Well, I, uh….”

You see, Reyes has apparently never even heard of Hezbollah. You’d think he would have at least known of them from when they blew up the Marine barracks in Lebanon in 1983, since they have been termed “terrorists” by the US ever since that day.

There is nothing left to conclude except that Reyes has gone to work every day and literally not paid attention for a second to his work. In fact, he can’t even have read a newspaper very many times in the past decade, something over which the Democrats love to pick on the President. This will (hopefully) go down in history lumped with the hilarity of Ted “Tubes” Stevens and the Foley fiasco as proof that the government is staffed not with experts (even in their own fields!) and the pure of heart, but with morons with the right connections who just want to show up and get their check.

Qué vergüenza.