Ron Paul’s Radical Mix: Truth & Politics

Hats off to Ron Paul for another great performance in the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina last night.

For almost six years, politicians have acted as if it is federal crime to speak bluntly about 9/11.    On the day of the attacks, George Bush proclaimed that the hijackers attacked because they hate America for its freedom.  This has been treated as a revealed truth ever since.  (When I saw Bush on TV that day, I was perplexed how the US government could know the motive before it knew the identity of the hijackers).

Ron Paul has never kowtowed to this dogma, and last night he deftly debunked the 9/11 catechism: “They attack us because we’ve been over there; we’ve been bombing Iraq for 10 years.”

 As Justin noted, Giuliani sought to huff-and-puff Paul’s truth off the stage.  But the Republican establishment’s hot air isn’t going to succeed this time.

I have a long quote from the debate transcript over at my blog, where comments on Paul, Guiliani, et al. are welcome.