Political asylum for fearful Iraqi watchdog

According to news source IraqSlogger, a high-level official from a watchdog group has been granted political asylum in the U.S. Although the tip hasn’t been confirmed as yet, IraqSlogger notes that it comes from a "well-placed source."

The controversial figure granted the asylum, says IraqSlogger, may be Judge Radhi Hamza al-Radhi, who heads the Iraqi Commission on Public Integrity. Judge al-Radhi and his family have received numerous threats already, and the fear of retaliation is great as many of al-Radhi’s colleagues and underlings have been murdered due to their work rooting out corruption in Iraq’s ministries.

2 thoughts on “Political asylum for fearful Iraqi watchdog”

  1. I work in Iraq and I do not know a single Iraqi that does not want to get the hell out of there. We have managd to destroy a whole country in just four years. That is reality and we must live with that.


    1. No wonder our U.S., and our satellite, Israel, have so quickly become the most hated countries in the world. S**t!

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