Smearing Ron Paul

The Smear Bund never rests — not even on Christmas. Especially not on Christmas. And they’ve been really active lately, what with Ron Paul gaining in the polls and in the hearts and minds of a growing number of young people: we can’t have that! I’ve waded through the muck and mire, so you don’t have to — go here to read a full accounting.

One would think that the sheer counterintuitiveness of the proposition that the country’s leading libertarian politician is a Nazi sympathizer would deter the Smear Brigade from trying to pull that one off — but no. From the left-leaning cyber-lair of “Orcinus,” where the professional “extremist”-hunter David Neiwert (a kind of low-budget John Roy Carlson) holds court, to the supposedly opposite end of the spectrum over at “Stormfront,” where the “Commander” of the American National Socialist Workers Party pontificates, the hue and cry is going up: Paul is a Nazi!

This morning the New York Times took up this theme, with a vicious taunt coming out of the mouth of Virginia Heffernan, who repeats the laughable accusations of an admitted Nazi as indisputable fact. Paul “seems to have Nazi troubles, as in they’re saying he’s one of them,” she gloats — and hails a “vid-lash” against Ron Paul. Yeah, the Paul supporters have so far dominated Youtube and the internet in general, where their movement was born, but we’ll show them: Heffernan posts a video by one Mike Fluggenock, a shrill leftist propganda short that focuses not on Paul’s positions but on two or three individuals in a crowd of some 5,000 at a rally in Philadelphia.

What’s interesting about Senor Fluggenock, however, isn’t his skills as a film-maker, or even as a propagandist, but the fact that he was one of six American “artists” to make contributions to Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust cartoon contest. Here it is.

Gee, I don’t wonder that Fluggenock’s entry didn’t place. That is kind of heavy-handed, even for the Iranians. After all, is the evil of the Holocaust really equivalent to the admittedly brutal Israeli occupation? I haven’t noticed the Israelis killing 6 million Palestinians in extermination chambers, but I’m sure this is just an oversight on my part. What I couldn’t help noticing, however, is that Fluggenock travels in some of the same circles as Bill White, the neo-Nazi “Commander” and source of the charge that Paul is a secret “white nationalist. DC Indymedia, where Fluggenock is part of of the “editorial collective, seems to have it’s own Nazi problem. DC Indymedia has also been promoting White’s story. Hmmmmm …..

Ms. Hefferan, described herein as “a newly ubiqitous [sic] cultural critic,” apparently determined to follow in the footsteps of Judith Miller, isn’t too picky about her sources. Judy had Chalabi: Virginia has Bill White, the supreme “Commander” of the American National Socialist Workers Party, and Senor Fluggenock, a cartoonist with a cartoonish view of world politics.

In her MediaBistro interview, the fresh-faced golden-haired Ms. Heffernan burbles on about her faaaaabulous career, from fact-checker [!] at Tina Brown’s New Yorker to her ascendance as A Newly Ubiquitous Cultural Critic:

“I was disillusioned—not radically disillusioned, just a little disillusioned—with graduate school, and had decided to spend the summer in New York working at a bookstore—Chapter & Verse on St. Marks, which isn’t there anymore. My now-friend Rob Boynton came in while I was reading Janet Malcolm’s The Journalist and the Murderer, and struck up a conversation. I learned he was a journalist, and it was through him that I got the idea that it could be a profession.”

She was disillusioned — and now I am. How in the name of all that’s holy could such an air-head possibly become A Newly Ubiquitous Cultural Critic? Yes, but air-heads have their uses, and the Smear Bund couldn’t function without them: smearing doesn’t take much talent. And it pays.

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  1. I remain flummoxed by these absurd continuing attacks on the Honorable Ron Paul, by lesser mortals of all stripes. They are meritless, and thank you, Justin, for dipping into them.

    1. It will be good to finally see an American president finally removing US troops from the oil rich Mideast and Central Asia. All they are doing is guarding to ensure America gets its share of petroleum out of these countries. America needs to stop being such a parasite in the eyes of the World.

      Also, I agree with Paul that social programs need to be cut and stop giving benefits to the poor and the lazy. If one is born into a poor family and cant get a decent college what? Rob a bank or burglarize the rich. Eta out of a garbage dump..there’s plenty around. And if one cant keep up with the free market base of supply & demand…and youcnat afford the rising cost of living…do what ya have to cuz life’s a bitch.

      No free medical care for anybody..including the children. Let them pay for their own,,,,,its the American way…none of this Commy / Socialised health care here. And if ya cant afford it..tuff……….find a nice place to lay down and give up. Less people means more jobs for others..that is if there are still enough jobs in America. I like the idea that a corporation is a person. It kind of puts us all on a level playing field. Maybe I’ll invite the corporation over on the 4th of July in hopes he wont leave me.

      I also agree that we need to breakall ties with monarchies and dictators… the house of saud andd the royal family of kuwait. Tell them to keep their filthy oil and that we dont need it. And while they;re at it, take their filthy money out of our saintly Wall Street. go do business with Iran or China.

      I agree we need to get rid of this fiat money system. Get a gold standard perhaps. The price of gold is about $800 an ounce now. That should make allot of people overseas that hold US dollars, very wealthy.

      I think we need to get rid of the Amazon Rain Forests and most of the world species that make up bio-diversity. Money rules and we all need inexpensice products so we can spend our new found wealth in our prosperous times. I’ll take an order of tiger balls too cuz I dont like taking pharm pills…I prefer the natural way. We need to over fish the oceans to feed all the people but ofcpurse those without money and wealth will have to stand in line and dont et skin cancer either..Im not paying for yer any doctor visits.

      May the best candidate win

      1. Let’s keep being policeman to the world payed for by taxes and inflation as our manufacturing base gets moved offshore.

        Let’s keep giving benefits to the millions of illegal immigrants even though we’re a debtor nation and our social systems are falling apart.

        Let’s keep propping up dictators all over the world so we can steal the resources of their people.

        Let’s stick with the paper system that’s devalued our currency by 95%

        And then lets make some phony, self righteous environmental stand making reference to “tiger balls” and rain forests.

      2. Given that pathetic degree to which Ron Paul supporters enjoy calling their opponents “fascists” and “nazis”… photoshopping Hitler mustaches onto pictures, etc … this article is simply laughable. It’s simply a fact that Ron Paul has dealings with neonazi groups. He could end them easily, but that would rock the money boat, it seems.

        Given such ties, any claims need to be examined; Ron Paul himself has given their credibility a foothold.

  2. Personally, I have not seen any smearing of Ron Paul, I have seen smearing on his supporters. Why I do not understand, they are simply American citizens that are sick and tired of big government as usual, and will not vote for the same old crap we have been getting for the past 30 plus years. Ron Paul brings the basic form of government which we really need right now. Get the Federal Government our of our lives, cut spending and cut taxes. Stop supporting other countries and bring our money back to the United States to it’s citizens.
    By bringing all our troops home now, we can cut so much, why is this so hard for the neocons, big business, and the media to comprehend? I can tell you why, it is because these big corporations are making money off of the United States citizens, and our Government, guess who suffers? Our men overseas fighting for their lives and the people of the United States. Anyway, Ron Paul and my vote and support. He is the most honest man running, and will be one of the best leaders this country could ever have. Actually I do not think the American public, and especially the media do not deserve him, he has more integrity than all the other candidates combined. Ron Paul has my vote and support.

    1. Right On!!! I totally agree. I am a fervent Ron Paul supporter, and nothing they , the brain deads can say will ever change that. Fox News, the neocons, the socialists, etc. and all the other idiots who bash Dr. Paul are dinosaurs. Ron Paul represents a whole new direction for America, and if this country is ever going to get on the right side of history this is the chance.

  3. People like Virgina Heffernan clearly illustrate something my grandfather instilled in me years ago: an education is no substitute for common sense and logic, and your judgment of a person’s worth or competence shouldn’t be based upon the title they hold. Ms. Heffernan calls herself a journalist, but she lacks the necessary critical-thinking skills to be anything but a paid shill. Her fallacious guilt-by-association hit piece on Ron Paul will probably backfire. At least I hope so.

    1. I hope so too. She obviously represents something we find all too often in the corporate news media. Totally brain dead idiots with big mouths. I say boycott the Times for hiring such a low grade moron like her.

  4. The NYT isn’t posting comments in reply to Heffernan’s hit piece. Mediamonster might be starting the smeared-earth tactic in this phase of the campaign.

  5. While no candidate, Ron Paul included, deserves those kind of smears, Ron Paul is 75% hype, and if you’re waiting for the “Ron Paul Revolution” to “bring our money back to the United States to its citizens,” you may be waiting a while. Back to the US, sure, but right into the pockets of the wealthy and upper middle class. While his tough talk against the war is admirable and in sharp contrast to almost unanimous (Kucinich and a few others excepted) democratic floundering, Paul’s stance on social services and labor issues is appalling and will only leave the rich to get richer at the expense of the poor in this country.

    And on the broader level, the Ron Paul bandwagon is doomed to leave the American public once again disappointed by a supposed political “savior” that is supposed to sweep into power democratically and shake things up, provide a “new direction.” Anyone who’s been in a non-vegetative state for the past 50 years can testify to the fact that while every candidate has promised that same fresh look and new direction, NO candidate has delivered it, despite their party title. This should be evidence that America suffers not just from lack of good leaders, but from a SYSTEMATIC flaw that prevents progressive structural change and accountability to the majority of citizens. Electoral college, campaign finance, exorbitant government salaries, insufficient checks and balances, unelected judges, the absence of government accountability or citizens’ review….none of these things are going to be brought about by a president claiming to ride the wave of a cheap paper-ballot revolution. Those things require real, bottom-up revolution.

    1. …” Anyone who’s been in a non-vegetative state for the past 50 years can testify to the fact that while every candidate has promised that same fresh look and new direction, NO candidate has delivered it, despite their party title. This should be evidence that America suffers not just from lack of good leaders, but from a SYSTEMATIC flaw that prevents progressive structural change and accountability to the majority of citizens.”

      Four Words: Council on Foreign Relations

      Eisenhower – CFR
      Kennedy – CFR
      Johnson – not CFR but cabinet and staff heavily populated with CFR
      Nixon- CFR
      Ford – CFR
      Carter – CFR
      Reagan – not CFR but 313 cabinet and staff positions filled with CFR
      Bush 41 – CFR
      Clinton – CFR
      Bush Jr – not CFR but Cheney, Rice, and his father all active CFR

      2008 CFR candidates:

      Clinton, Obama, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, Guiliani, Romney, McCain, Thompson, and Huckabee was recently invited to speak at the Council.

      Want a “systematic flaw”? This should do it.

      1. The real systematic flaw:

        Eisenhower–voted into office.
        Kennedy–voted into office.
        Johnson–voted into office.
        Nixon–voted into office twice.
        Ford–stumbled into office.
        Carter–voted into office.
        Reagan–voted into office twice.
        Bush I–voted into office by default–Dukakis opposed.
        Clinton–voted into office twice.
        Bush II–voted into office twice.

        Utterly ignorant voters with one hand in the federal till and the other picking their noses seem to be the basic problem here. What was it Jefferson said about ignorance and liberty?

      2. HIllary Clinton is not a member of the CFR (at least not at this point), although significant other Bill is.

    2. It would be quite enough for the time being if Paul were to end our overseas adventures and permit us to bask in the economic fallout. Not sure that anyone here quite sees him as jumping on some beer hall table, brandishing a pistol and announcing that the National Revolution has begun.

      1. That’s pretty funny. I actually see Bush doing something similar to getting on a table – Bush is pretty close to doing a lot of the same things many previous dictators have done, why not follow the getting on a table and proclaiming freedom like one previous fascist?

    3. I agree with you to a point. It’s true that America is fundamentally screwed up. With misguided priorities and the like; with a corporate media which conviently leaves out any coverage of something that might seriously alter the status quo. Becuse of our ignorance of history we are doomed to make the same mistakes, and indeed we are well along on that path. I still believe that to get things moving, even a little bit requires someone like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, or Mike Gravel. These are the only three that I would even consider, and since we’ll probably get none of these I will continue to not vote. I see no point in voting for any of the leading candidates as they all represent everything I am against. Let’s face it and be honest America is not a Democracy. It is and has always been a Plutocracy. Real democracy scares the crap out of them.

      1. Except for the enthusiasm for Gravel and Kucinich, my sentiments exactly. Apart from a third party run by Paul, I’m staying at home in 2008. Haven’t voted since 1992, and have only self-repect to show for it.

        1. Staying home is the worst thing you can do. If nothing else, go to the polls and write-in. If the Republocrats see enough of that, they’ll at least get nervous.

          Also, why are you so dead set against Kucinich, Gravel or for that matter Nader or McKinney. There is no way any of those 4 or Ron Paul are going to get their domestic agenda through Congress. Paul will not abolish the Fed, because Congress and the Supremes won’t let him. Likewise with Kucinich’s single payer health care. Ain’t gonna happen.

          The one thing any of these 5 CAN do unilaterally, with no input from Congress or the Supremes is dismantle the imperial juggernaut. Barring assassination, they will pull our troops back from the rest of the world, get us out of Iraq, Somalia etc, normalize our relations with both Cuba and more importantly Israel, and save trillions of dollars. Would you deny a 3rd party candidate like Kucinich or Gravel or Nader the opportunity to do all that just because you’re worried about their domestic proposals which stand no chance of passing anyway? I personally agree with Kucinich down the line, but that won’t stop me from voting for Paul if he’s on the ballot and Kucinich isn’t.

        2. “Also, why are you so dead set against Kucinich, Gravel or for that matter Nader or McKinney”

          Because they have no consciousness of what a human being is, Bill, and that seems minimally important to me when one sets out to serve human beings, eh. Would you claim to be a cardiovascular surgeon without knowing for certain what differentiated veins from arteries? Slugs like Kucinich, McKinney and Company can’t quite succeed in making the distinction between what they regard as trash and what is authentically human life, and in Kucinich’s case that problem seems to have developed both over time and in direct proportion to his personal, political asperations. It was a kind of regression, something like Jekyll to Hyde. So I suppose, more importantly, why it would be that you would entertain electing anyone found complicit in taking the lives of so many of the very weakest among us, and that so routinely? Find it comfortable to live with yourself in such circumstances? I wouldn’t.

        3. I like yer style John. In my romps thru various forums from around this World, its intersting to see the different debate styles. Western style tends generaly to be on the external levels while the Asian and to some extent the Mideast styles, tend to be on the internal elements and conscienceness.

          I lean towards the belief that we here in America are in a sense brainwashed into believeing that we invented freedoms & liberties somewhere along America’s evolution/ revolution path to glory.

        4. Thanks for the kind words, splendar. At the moment, they’re particularly appreciated, having spent part of Christmas in a hospital’s emergency room. As one ages, one gets a more thorough-going appreciation of the fact that political freedom, even in its most pure expressions, American or otherwise, is simply a cheap imitation of the ontological freedom that grounds it.

        5. John, I am so sick of people on both “left” and “right” who seem to be more interested in splitting the peace vote, thus guarranteeing failure, than they are in electing someone who will 1) end the Iraq War soon, 2) institute a non-interventionist foreign policy, 3) roll back the Constitutional encroachments of the PATRIOT Act, 4) slash military spending so that our taxes will not have to be raised quite so high in the future and 5) halt the slide in the dollar.

          Any of the peace candidates mentioned — Paul, Kucinich, Gravel, Nader or McKinney — would support the above 5 policies, which are precisely the policies required to save the nation and the Constitution. None of them can possibly succeed without support from BOTH “left” and “right”. Calling one or another a Socialist, Nazi, racist or slug divides the peace movement and serves nobody but the War Party Republocrats.

          Besides, why do you try so hard to obfuscate your own argument with such bile? Are you afraid to stand up explicitly and make your case? On re-reading your post, it seems your real objection is abortion. Well, here’s a news flash, John: War is not pro-life. We kill a hell of a lot more Iraqis, not to mention Afghans, Serbs and Somalis, than we do fetuses. For that matter, we kill a lot of people every year by denying them health care. A lady died of neglect in an LA emergency room just a few months ago. I have no problem with someone preferring a pro-life peace candidate, but the death and destruction rained down by our bombs should long since have eliminated abortion as a litmus test on either side of that issue, just as single-payer healthcare should not be a litmus test.

          I’ll not call Ron Paul a slug because he opposes reform of our health care system (thus causing the early deaths of many already born human beings), nor call him a racist because he received a donation from one or failed to read an article published under his by-line. I’ll vote for him if he’s on the ballot and appears to be the most viable of peace candidates. To do otherwise is to give the War Party the wedges they need to divide and rule.

      2. I agree completely. We need to get something moving, and all of his “extreme” ideas aren’t likely to pass anyways. But, aren’t you going to vote for Ron in the primaries?

    4. Thom,

      Have you truly not noticed that his supporters have collected money in SMALL amounts from each of LOTS of citizens? How can you not call that “delivering on campaign finance”? The message from this is to do the right thing, not wait for a law against it, just refuse PAC $ and money from lobbyists.

      I have NOT been in a vegetative state for the past 50 years (have you even been alive that long?) and I certainly don’t agree EVERY (or even ANY but RP) candidate has promised the “same fresh look and new direction.” NOBODY ELSE in the last 100 years has had a consistent voting record for the things I believe in most. I do not agree that is “hype”, it is honest feelings of resonation with the things that Ron Paul has to say.

      Just what is your idea of a bottom-up revolution if you don’t see it right now, today, on the internet?

    5. Thom you are so full of Bull that it’s darkened your sense of reality. Ron Paul will do more for this country than the 25% you believe in. Go get yourself an enema. It’ll improve your view of the country.

    6. Ron Paul supports “free-market” and an extremly limited role of the federal government. He says he does not support invading other countries for any reason and this includes for economic/trade justifications. Ron Paul also wants America to take care of itself and to not rely on other countries and nor to give aid to other countries.

      If the People in other countries want the US government and american citizens out that are conducting business within their borders..well they sure as heck better leave. None of this pushing other countries to open up the borders to American trade. Kuwait & Saudi Arabia alone has billions invested into Wall Street. Remove that base from Wall Street and interesting times are sure to follow. Remove the troops from Qatar and othe rparts of the Mideast and China, Russia or Iran will easily come in and conduct business in the vacuum created.

      American businesses have raced to China to further their profits as they fired and laid off American workers in the US over the years. Interesting times indeed are coming for America. But I like Paul’s approach towards the reserve and the IRS

    7. Others have promised change. They have promised to slow the growth, or maybe steer left or right a bit, but all others have been Part & parcel, owned & operated by the elite. Ron Paul is NOT, Look at his voting record, read his speeches, NOTE He is not even signed up for the Congressional Retirement package. I understand your reluctance to have hope, since we never have before & the USA is SUCKING MUD economically, & if we measure our rights & freedomes, which are being eaten daily by the criminals at large in DC. Wake up from your slumber & SEE what IS. Stop pretending it is the same as always. It is mUCH different. I’ve been watching this country for just over 40 years & never have I seen a better man run for office.

    1. I had my picture taken with Ron Paul and I’m a 8th grade english teacher.

      The fact that I had my picture taken with Ron Paul doesn’t make him an 8th grade english teacher.

      Smarten up. Nobody’s that stupid.

    2. That was at a Values Voters event, where everyone could take pictures with the good Doctor. No, he doesn’t screen people for photos either.

      I think some racist actually like Ron Paul because, apparently, they are anti-war Republicans. They keep citing that they like him cause he is strong on immigration (against subsidies for illegals) and is against the wars (why?).

      1. Most racists that I’ve noticed were rabid supporters of Bush against Arabs and still are pro-war from what I’ve seen.

        1. “Most racists that I’ve noticed were rabid supporters of Bush against Arabs and still are pro-war from what I’ve seen.”

          Silly goose, in today’s intellectual climate, you don’t actually know “most racists”. “Most racists” are in fact invisible since they want to keep their jobs, livelihoods, friends, family, etc. So your anecdotal survey sample is wildly compromised right from the start.

          Also, Bushbots, Freepers, and the like tend not to be the kinds of people who inhabit places like Stormfront. I know it’s a hard concept to grasp, but not all “racists” think alike.

          Some “racists” are smart enough to notice that perpetual war for perpetual peace, imperialism, the welfare/warfare state, etc., go hand-in-glove with cultural bolshevism, political correctness, and multi-culturalism and multi-racialism.

          The “racist” pro-war morons that you are referring to are too stupid to figure this out.

          Sure the right-wing morons listening to Michael “Savage” Weiner and urging Bush to “nuke the Ay-rabs” get all the attention. But that’s not an accident.

        2. I know it’s unpleasant sometimes, but racists are people too, and do have a right to their opinions and to live peaceably in America.

          I say that those of us who try not to be racist should focus on fighting real racial oppression, rather than worrying about other people’s ideas.

          The two main mechanisms of racial oppression in America today are the “War on Terror” (which is an excuse to target Arabs and Muslims) and the “War on Drugs,” (which is an excuse to incarcerate racial minorities in America).

          I do believe that Dr. Paul is strongly in favor of ending both “wars.”

    3. haha – this is the same guy that posts on other forums (including mother always trying to “nail” Ron Paul using the guilty-by-assocation logic.

      Come on, Capt.. who do you work for? Who’s paying you to sniff down all Ron Paul articles and try to smear him in the comments?

    4. Dr. Paul stands with a smile for anyone. You’ve got to see him in action. Should he get a bio before every handshake and picture pose?
      Look him up. Go to a political rally.
      Why be a smear-helper?

      I have a picture of George and Hillary licking the feet of Satan.

      1. You know what’s funny. Some idiot out there will probably believe your statement about george and hillary.

    5. capt

      You seem to be an association by “picture” and a rabid “Bush” supporter. Here is a photo of your Prez with a Mr. Jeff Gannon. Remember him? For those that don’t he is a male prostitute that visited the White House some 60+ times, but NOBODY knows who he visited. Hmmmmm

      The above was nothing but a “photo op” with a congressional statesman. ANYONE who has attended a Ron Paul rally can get a picture with the future president. ANYONE.

      I got in line at the Wyoming Rally and also got a photo with this gentleman. There was a “big” line and all were welcome to get a handshake and a photo and an autograph.

      So if your looking for a smear story – why don’t you use the one I provided to you, it may be more factual than trying to tar a truly honorable man.

      1. So the pictures of Bush with terrorist families makes Bush a terrorist? Finally, a cause for impeachment!

    6. I too have had my picture taken with Dr. Paul, it took about 3 seconds and I barely had time to introduce myself because of the long lines. Please, use your blooming head, that’s what it is there for.

  6. I am a tree.

    How do I know this?

    I was photographed next to a tree once.

    Gotta love necon logic.

    Aye aye, cap’n.

  7. Ya Photo Op with Stormfront.. Funny how you illustrate so perfectly the disproportion of brains alloted to those with reasonable capability to surmise that THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE WHO GOT AUTOGRAPHS FROM RON PAUL w PICTURES! Including me. Did he interrogate me first? NO. Did he shake my hand and smile at the Camera? Yes. Did he do this for the guy behind me? Yes. Did he do this with about 40,000+ other people in America? Yes. DUMBASS! Its so sad I have to point out this oversite in your lack of reason. Or are you just Evil and hope to deceive people? 100s of videos of RP on Youtube showing him giving autographs and shaking hands and GEE WHIZ your geniuses have found a picture of a bad man in one of those pictures like they are busom buddies. Brilliant!

    1. It just goes to show the extreme level of ignorance here in America. People are so dumbed down it’s scary. Our corrupt educational system begins the process by distorting and omitting key facts in american history, and of course our parents who digested all this garbage have for the most part passed it on to their children, and so it perpetuates itself. We live in a mythical land where myths pass for truth, and real truth is shunned. And this is the result: Brain dead idiots smearing decent people among other evils.

  8. I think Thom, #5 in this string of comments, has Ron Paul’s number exactly. Small government? Isn’t this what Reagan was saying? Ron Paul will do it the same way – by slashing social spending while decreasing regulatory oversight of the very corporations that are gutting the economy and crushing the working class. Cutting back military industrialism will be manifested as pay cuts for the troops, cut backs in training and services, and bankrupting the VA. Fortunately for Ron Paul little of what he is saying will hurt the nexus of global corporatism. Otherwise, if he looked to have a chance in the election, he would be shot by a lone gunman.

    1. He can’t slash social spending ’cause Clinton already slashed it about as much as possible. Remember welfare reform? Likewise with deregulation, started by Reagan but carried to its logical conclusion through Bush 41 and Clinton. Glass-Steagall was repealed under Clinton. Citigroup is the result.

      Paul wouldn’t be able to get large cuts in social programs through Congress. What he can do is start dismantling the imperial juggernaut by withdrawing troops from overseas, immediately improving our balance of payments, and changing our foreign policy.

    2. I am constantly amazed at those who offer comments on Ron Paul and yet apparently they have either never read his writings, his speeches or his books. Your assumptions are just that, mere assumptions that have no basis in reality. I suggest you actually go to the Ron Paul Library if you want to learn what Ron Paul really advocates.

    3. I would never give my soul and my child’s soul to any politician or a businessperson. Im wondering too abot the details of what Paul has in mind. Doing away with the Federal taxes seems easy enough perhaps. When Paul says he wants to regulate government spending, I’m wondering if he’s speaking of only the Federal level?

      Also, Paul proposes a totally free market structure…and with this comes the supply & demand fluctuations. Let’s face it, different jobs pay different wages. The costs of college tutions are very high. If one can not afford a college degree and receives very little pay, what are the consequences within a society when a product is beyond a family’s level to pay? Will Ron Paul cut ties with the Saudis and if the Saudi / United States relationship dissolves, what will gas prices be in the US?

      Crime is very high in the US. Will crime go even further?

      1. Education is mostly funded at the State level. Lower Federal taxes & spending could allow for higher spending in States where the citizens favor it.

  9. Ron Paul already said he will not cut programs and will fund them with money from our military empire. I am not sure where you get the idea that he will cut the pay for troops, training, etc. He said he will get the troops out of over a hundred countries. Regarding oversight of corporations, it not the fact that corporations won’t be regulated that hurts the middle class and poor, it is the fact that they get corporate welfare and are in bed, which he called corporatism which is neo-fascism.

    As for tax cuts and the like, he is putting money back into the pockets that they were taken from, whether it was upper class or not.

    I don’t think Ron Paul is hype. You may not agree with him but he has done what he said for 20 years.

    1. Oh I completely agree that he is consistent and therefore requires a good deal of respect, I respect anyone who actually runs on principal and honesty, but he still won’t get my vote, I demand much more from a leader and my government (and I will assert that atop a beer table if I must, which is the exact kind of imaginative coloring I expected that comment to receive ).

      I say that the BOTH deregulization and corporate welfare steal from the poor and middle class, both in different ways, sure, but it’s not a dichotomy. The government should limit and inspect only.

      1. Heya mate, the answer to all your fears with RP.. Just look up Austrian Economics or a few books. Itll explain perfectly how it keeps corporations from steamrolling over the people and how it gets regulated ultimately. I don’t suppose you ever read Atlas Shrugged eh? Many people cite RP being for corporations like Walmart operating the way they do. When its a GROSS exageration to say that. Walmart pays practically 0 taxes, they get grants for building locations, pay 0 down payments and get tons more government benefits to get each new warehouse built. Not to mention importing Tariffs and such that they are EXEMPT from that other competing business are frozen out on. In other words they get government favoritism, subsidies, and just Corporatism in general. Look up yourself Walmart Lobbying and Tax Cuts for a start. RP opposes Corporatism with every fiber of his being! Youd do us all great honor to not spread future misinformation that you may have misinterpreted in the past. Be honest and knowledgeable on what you disagree about and maybe you’ll find that you dont really disagree afterall. RP would help every Small Business in the country compete with mega corporations, putting them all on equal competitive ground. And destroying the Drug Corporatism, cure our Education retardation that limits schools from competeing to improve life for our children, I recommend two docs. Sick in America, and Stupid in America. Both of these perfectly illustrate how Austrian Economics pricipal can be applied to improve both Healthcare, Education, and apply that to all other business models. Fair Competition in radio, tv, and all industry always improves those industries and our freedom of choice.

        1. This is a great point. Some Wal-Mart locations pay NEGATIVE taxes, which means your taxes are going to Wal-Mart. How does that make sense, exactly? Whether you think there should be further steps beyond it, getting corporations off welfare is a great first step, and something Ron Paul has consistently backed.

      2. Thom – maybe we could agree to end the empire and corporate welfare, and then decide how much we want to hurt the poor. Horse first, then cart, ‘nkay?

  10. I was at the rally in Philly, and I couldn’t say I saw anything remotely racist going on there. There was some guy/gal wearing a green Guy Fawkes mask (think V from ‘V for Vendetta’), but that was about it as far as unusual even went.

    Keep debunking these pathetic reprobates’ smears, Justin. This “Ron Paul is a Nazi” wannabe-meme is as dead in the water as the previous “extremist” smears.

  11. How is indymedia “promoting” this story? Anyone can post there. It’s not like they put it in the center column or anything. It’s like saying you are “promoting” my comments by merely having them here.

  12. This is the New York Times we are talking about, the place where journalistic integrity is considered grounds for firing.

  13. Anyone notice in the stormfront photo that there is a black man standing behind them? I’m guessing that he must be a Nazi as well then eh? LOL!!!

  14. All this over $500? Over .0028% of total donations in the quarter … wow, a lot of fuss. The media need to get their head out of their um, rear end to put it nicely.

    1. Crumbs is all they have to followup up on to try to call RP a slob as he leaves them in the wake of his cape flapping. They will keep trying to make the most of those crumbs. And we will keep shooting the buzzards down with our sniper rifles and shotguns.

  15. Bill White does not post on Stormfront, you obviously didn’t do your research well. We at Stormfront are aware, like most sane people, that Bill White is an Idiot, and a former Communist who, well probably still is. Who knows, frankly who cares.

  16. USA Today called him a frontrunner in a recent article instead of “fringe” or “hopeful”…i thought that was neat. They’re catching on!

    1. USA today has been extremely fair throughout RP’s campaign. They are the only newspaper to have been very consistently non biased against RP. I think their editors truly admire Ron.

  17. The “DC Indymedia Watch” posting is a fabrication. I’m forwarding this mess to Luke and some of my friends so they can respond to this.

  18. To Whom Tis May Concern,
    Ron Paul wants to discuss major issues facing our country such as uncontrollable spending, the illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Federal Reserve’s money making, Social Security and a lot more. The other candidates want to discuss personal problems of the candidates. And still CNN promotes this insanity by asking the candidates stupid and dumb questions in their “debates.”

    Ron Parker

  19. Someone recently coined a brilliant phase, ‘a libertarian is a liberal who understands economics.’ That statement is evidently true as I have seen a commonly held argument in some post on this board that are in need of correction.

    I say that the BOTH deregulization and corporate welfare steal from the poor and middle class, both in different ways, sure, but it’s not a dichotomy. The government should limit and inspect only.

    Government managerialism is not a true check on the power of large corporations. In all fields and industries, regulation substantially increases the cost of startups who wish to compete with the established players for market share. If anything, government increases the size, scope and power of the large corporations that liberals rail against by serving as a gate keeper in almost all fields of economic endeavor.

    1. I just copied and pasted this entire blog and sent it to her entitled: Enough Said.

      -Check out Terry Goodkind for the best ideas written in fiction since Ayn Rand. And write a letter to Terry telling him about Ron Paul, if he’s been too busy writing to have noticed that his main character, Richard. is alive today and running for president, I think he’d like to know as well as his millions of readers.

  20. It seems that Ron Paul is unsettling to the political elites–the corporate media , the talking heads,and the leaders of the both major parties.

    Could it be that they are afraid of a real conservative–one who believes in a non-interventionist foreign policy, and an America first foreign, trade, and domestic policy?

    They accuse him of accepting money from a known racist, whatever that is. I thought that the political process was open to all Americans. And do we hear any criticism of Rudy Giulini who is backed by the Zionist, Israel, first supporters Daniel Pipes and Norman Podhoretz. Do we hear criticism of John McCain when he is backed by another Zionist, Joe Lieberman. Is Oprah as racist because she backs Obama?

    Ron Paul is raising alot of money and alot of concerns amongst the political and media elites who think it is only they who control the discourse and the outcome. The people still must speek and judging by the financial support Mr. Paul is getting they are looking beyond the so called front runners. They are looking to someone who will restore our Constitution, our respect, our liberties, and our dignity.


    Is it possible this is all just a strange misunderstanding? That Dr. Paul didn’t really know who these people are? Sure, of course it is. But, especially considering how much of his campaign is based on the internet, I don’t expect it should take him very long to learn just how damning a picture like this. I’ll be interested to see what damage control will look like from the Paul campaign.

    That is, of course, if there is any.

  22. And John McLaughlin on the PBS Laughlin Report, named Paul the Man of the Year, stating that his movement is now a permanent functioning part of the USA. Merry and Happy New Year!

  23. The photo and reporting is more proof that the LGF website is for “knuckle draggers”. How stupid!

    Here’s a joke for you:

    If you cut off a carload of LGF fans in traffic, which one will give you the middle-finger?

    Answer: The one who can get it out of their nose first.

  24. John Stossel lookalike Borat interviews Ron Paul!

    Borat: My name, a Borat! I don’t know what to calling you, you have two first name.
    Ron Paul: Thank you, it’s good to be here.
    Borat: In my country, we now have freedoms to marry ox and sister.
    Ron Paul: I don’t approve, but that’s your business.
    Borat: And make sexy times with thems.
    Ron Paul: Well, I’m not too sure what I think of that.
    Borat: You already President of libertarian. How many libertarian make screw in light bulb?
    Ron Paul: None, the market will do it.
    Borat: Why are you very very nice guy, others candidates not wanting talk to Borat?
    Ron Paul: Because I don’t want to bomb your country.
    Borat: Very nice! I kiss you!

  25. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

    Margaret Mead


    I don’t support Ron Paul for president. That doesn’t make me a shill or some kind of detractor or smear artist. The comments to that effect reflect badly on those posting such.

    I guess Laughlin is smearing Ron Paul by the tacit admission that the movement will live on – by implication the candidate will fail.

    When Ron Paul loses you all will be squeal about how the votes were fix and the huge conspiracy that kept your choice out of the race.

    There is always a possibility of almost anything but the simple fact that no Paul supporter seems capable of admitting the slightest possibility that people could disagree honestly and sincerely gives little or no credibility to your point of view – not mine.

    Happy Holidays.

    1. I wouldn’t call Laughlin’s comments a smear, because there is a point to be made about Ron Paul’s chances of winning. IMO, the biggest flaw amongst the Ron Paul faithful is how much they underestimate the system, and what it would be willing to do to defend itself. Smears are simply the tip of the iceberg. In an age where not using your indoor voice is grounds for police sanctioned pain compliance, the system is not above breaking its own laws in the pursuit of its objectives.

      The positive of the campaign is that its educational effect. At this point, everyone who supports Ron Paul knows about the Fed, the MSM, corporatist globalization, and what needs to be done to restore the Constitution. These people have been awakened, and they’re not going to go back to sleep when the election cycle ends. That’s the legacy of the Ron Paul campaign: thousands of people who now have a reasoned vendetta against the government in communication with each other. It will make it that much harder for the government to enforce its police state objectives under this new political landscape.

      Not to say that Ron Paul shouldn’t try to win, because hell, maybe the System will just lay down and die when the time comes (you never know). This is also the reason that I support his campaign, and will continue to do so in the future. And, it’s the reason this movement won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

      Merry Christmas,

    2. First the ignore you, then they laugh at you , then they fight you and then you win…. Mahatma Ghandi

      We do not Fear a Neocon Smear!

      Its the Message, genius!

  26. This is funny is a sick way. One can see the “red/brown” alliance that David Horowitz has bellowed about from time to time in its full evil, starting with the smearbundist Horowitz himself. Nazis, Communists, Socialists, Likudniks, DNC style Democrats, RNC style Republicans and Neocons all united in a Willi Munzenberg style “popular front” all out to destroy Paul with the old sandwich smear. All these worthies are statists going after someone who isn’t a statist. The bad news for them that it isn’t working as this is 2007 and not 2000 when they did this to Buchanan. Most people simply aren’t buying this garbage anymore.

  27. Dear Edgfrow,

    Will you be voting Nazi or Commie this year?

    Another Joke: Whats the only difference between a Neocon and Benedict Arnold?

    Answer: Benedict Arnold was a great military strategist at one time in his career.

  28. Capt……..

    It is always suspicious to me when someone devotes their full effort of discourse at maligning someone or something, yet never includes an advocation for an alternative.

    As far as Ron Paul exhibiting any sympathy. empathy, or alliance to any “nazi” idealism, I have seen no evidence of that, with exception of some shallow finger pointing based on flimsy evidence, such as we see described above.

    As a point of fact, there is far more evidence that George Bush is a lying treasonous war criminal, yet I do not notice you concerning yourself with that very real and indisputable volume of hard evidence.

    I must say, what amazes me about the “neo-con” movement is the fact that it can only be defended by the denial of reality. That alone should stun the average follower of American politics. But the truly amazing aspect of this phenomena is the apparent amount of American citizens that are willing to spin these illusionary flights of fantasy. Then, to top of the sensational fact that there are so many of you, one must confront the fantastic smugness you exhibit, when in fact you should be ashamed. Like I said, its amazing.

  29. Here is a comment on Virginia Heffernan’s New York Times Magazine article I tried to post at

    Gee, I wonder why they haven’t posted it yet?

    Start comment:

    I have a couple questions Virginia. Who put you up to this? And how much did they have to pay you? What was the price tag for you to abandon what little journalistic integrity you may have had left?

    (Not that journalistic integrity is a requirement in your line of work, it’s obviously not. So since that’s not your problem, just what is the reason you have trouble holding down a job? Did you get caught drinking or stealing? The New York Times newspaper, Slate, Harpers, Talk magazine. And now finally the New York Times Magazine takes you in off the street and feeds you. What next?)

    Sorry, I got off topic there.

    So who put you up to this Virginia? Because by you taking on such a flimsy accusation that Ron Paul is some sort of racist, your puppet masters have made you look like an ass who by all rights should have the same sued right off of you for libel.

    But alas, Ron Paul is above that, so you get a free ride this time.

    From now on Virginia, just be a little more careful what you allow others to put you up to. It’s dirty money they offer, and no matter how much, it’s not worth it.

    Now go wash yourself.

    Have a great Ron Paul Day Virginia!


  30. I see people on this blog blaming “big corporations” for causing problems and stealing money. That would be like blaming guns for shooting people.

    You need to address the root of the problem. Which is the government allowing manipulation by big corporations. It’s not that corporations have taken over government, it is government that has welcomed and promoted perversion.

    Our fight is with the current form of government not with the corporations.

    I believe Ron Paul will tie the hands of government from allowing questionable lobbying practices and corporate manipulation.

  31. It is right and proper in dirty politics to attack Dr. Ron Paul because he is fast becoming a contender for the presidency. He is too wise to fall for dirty politics like smear campaigns.

    The number of newcomers into his campaign is astounding and this frightens the political establishment and the leeming media. We support Dr. Paul because he is the right person at this time in our republic. He goes beyond talking of new directions (practically all the politicisn say new direction but still can not identify which new direction). Dr. Paul wants and knows the direction our country requires. He is the right person at this time in our republic.

  32. One has to wonder how much money has been transferred to Stormfront’s bank account, and by whom. My guess is the Republican National Committee, or one of their loyal operatives. The presence of Don Black, who organized some of the pro-Bush mobs in Florida back in 2000, is one good indication. The whole thing is such an obvious scam that it took only a little common sense and a little net sleuthing to uncover the elements of this smear. All except what is the “quid” “pro” this particular “quo,” and who is the “quidmaster.” Maybe someone should start a fundraiser to pay for a private investigator to check into that, separate form the Paul campaign, which has other fish to fry.

    In the meantime, contact the New York times, and ask them why they are allowing obvious smears like this to appear on a blog on their web site. Also, email Stormfront and asking them how much they got paid to set up their little photo-op with Ron Paul, and how much Don black got paid for making his “donation,” and how much.

  33. Ron Paul seems like a very decent fellow, trying to do the right thing. But the reason he is smeared is the reason everyone else is smeared: There is no sense of civility any more. If you disagree with someone, don’t use logic and persuasion, just use insults and slander.

    Many people strongly disagreed with Bill Clinton, but did that give them the right to slander him and belittle him and treat him with no respect? He was still the President of the United States. And the same thing goes for George Bush, or anyone else.

    People need to learn how to disagree with each other but to do so in a more dignified and civil fashion.

  34. There was a time in our history when our lives, our minds were not inundated with the thoughts of war or imposing politicians who felt the need to invade our lives at every turn. There was a time when Americans could, on average, enjoy the fruits of their labors and look forward to a peaceful existence without the external influences at every turn.

    America was, by enlarge, a nation that experienced a type of individual freedom and intellectual liberty that hasn’t been seen in this country since our entry into World War I. While revisionist history began to take effect after the War Between the States, particularly focused on those of the defeated South, the real push of widespread revisionism began in earnest immediately prior to World War I and has only continued as support for the priorities of war are deemed necessary to the foundation of the State’s authority.

    There has been a concerted effort to revise the actual events of history, our history, in order to produce a pliable mentality in the population. It is really amazing when you read accepted history verses actual accounts of the events of that history. When reading the actual accounts suddenly numerous questions begin to arise, questions that contradict our accepted history. It appears that as “educated” as we are we are also gullible to the extreme when it comes to our own history and the reasons behind such revisions.

    The last Century has been one build upon and fueled by a mythology, which in the simplest terms has been used to promote a most distasteful ideology, distasteful and dangerous. Ron Paul seeks to dispel that accepted mythology that has conditioned this people to blindly trust those who hold the reigns of power within this country. Those in power cannot afford to have Ron Paul elected to the highest office of this country because he will expose the inner workings of a government delegitimized by its own actions.

    In the 50’s, Robert R. Young, in an instance of perfect clarity, stated:

    “The clash between a foreign policy which makes sense to Americans and a foreign policy which makes sense to those who seek to perpetuate political office (patronage or prominence) is one which will only be resolved by prohibiting reelection. We are very naïve when we describe American Foreign policy of recent years as stupid. Indeed, that foreign policy has accomplished its object for it has kept in power (patronage and prominence), election after election, those who conceived and facilitated it.”

    That is as clear as it gets concerning the reasoning behind many, if not most of the policies pursued by the politicians within this government. There is a lure for power that we, as regular people, simply cannot conceive and that lure is so potent that politicians and governments crave its hideous satisfaction to the point that decency and even the law are no longer restraints. Powerful forces use this mythology to divert the people’s attention away from the consequences of their actions. Peace is the enemy of those who, in a very real and dangerous way, seek to subvert reason and deceive us into acquiescing and compliance to their relentless cause of consumptive war and ever-increasing power.

    These politicians never admit that their loathsome enterprise is prominent in the destruction of our way of life in this country, nor will they admit that their warmongering pursuits are based, largely, on defrauding the American people, robbing our future and endangering actual security of our nation. Secrecy serves as a close friend of these political forces intent on maintaining their grasp on power and office. Every effort is made to stymie those who they even suspect of accessing any official document in search for the truth. It is amazing that we readily accept their desire to seal even the most innocuous appearing materials, such as recently the White House Visitor Logs. It begs the question: what are they hiding?

    One day the vaults of government secrets will be forced open and what shall we find? What dirty secrets have hidden from view to cause them such trepidation when such secrets are threatened to be revealed? What will be our reaction when those secrets are laid bare?

    I dare say that the generally accepted view the American people hold is far from the actual view of the world they live, particularly when it involves war and the reasons behind our wars. Power does indeed have its privileges. What is amazing and rarely considered, is that those in power grant access to those they trust to provide the appropriate narrative to ensure the continuance of their place of power and the reach of their heinous crimes of tyranny.

    Those who now report the news, write the histories are as complicit in their collective guilt as those who propagate the cult of war. As with every threat, the governments response to that threat determines the extent our Rights are affected.

    We must come to understand that there are forces at work within our government, which require the existence of such external threats as much as they require secrecy. For decades, threats to this country have either been created or, as in many cases, exacerbated by our own actions, not only to justify a massive war machine, but in a very real sense, they exist to serve an even broader social purpose within our society. 

With each threat, there must be a response and it is within that response that The State finds its raison d’état, it is the grease required to keep the machinery in motion. The War Machine requires the existence of threats, without such threats there is no reason for such a vast arsenal consisting of enormous productive and socio-political waste. 


Although WWI provided fodder for their machine, it was not until the end of WWII that the machinery could be brought up to full speed with the threat of global Communism. Since then, the machinery has been running over-time and the by-product of that machinery is enormous waste and destruction. Such waste proves to be an incredible asset to The Statists, without it there would be no room for their political agenda or apparatus; indeed we would have a Constitutional Republic where prosperity would replace the overt waste of their political endeavors.

    A policy of peace is just too politically expensive…it allows Liberty to flourish and the individual to achieve his or her state of self-ownership and sovereignty. 

The Statists fully understand that without the Waste Machine of War (whatever type of war that might be, i.e. “war on terror, poverty, drugs, you name it), there can be no control over the population; it serves a larger social utility than we realize, or perhaps understand. In the eyes of The Statists, War is a wonderful thing; it serves them well, economically, politically and socially. 

Peace is the Enemy of The State…that has always been the case. Peace does not allow The State to function as it pleases; peace inhibits The State from the power of imposition and coercion.

    The State calls it “foreign policy”, but in reality it is a means to enforce its ideals and attributes on both the foreign and domestic fronts. The State has manipulated the use of the term “Defense” simply to justify interventionism and imperialism abroad and the social structure at home. 

To The State, war is an essential system for its own existence and a stable internal structure of politics by which it can legitimatize its right to rule. Without the existence of an external threat, the war system loses its meaning and the necessity of The Massive State Apparatus can no longer be validated in the minds of the People. 

The Statists view the political functions of war as a critical instrument of social stability and transformation.

    The last Century was a Century of War and it allowed the largest expansion of government power in the history of man. War is the great organizer, at least in their minds; it allows The State to regulate society by the inducement of fear. Fear is the great shackler of the people; it has always served the purposes of The State and will continue to do so if the People remain complacent to their methods of control.


Peace and Prosperity can never accomplish the goals of servitude; only waste and destruction can make servitude possible on a scale that will suit the needs of the Statists. Peace and Prosperity are necessary to create a system that is anathema to that which The State seeks, Peace and Prosperity creates an atmosphere where the Individual can thrive in Liberty to fulfill the ultimate goal of the Natural Rights of Man.

    We have few choices remaining and even less chances to restore so much of what has been lost in this country. This country rest at the crossroads of decision and the next few years will determine the future we face. Economically, our monetary system is on the brink of termination because it can no longer support the economy while the massive and irreversible debt requires servicing. War consumes us, government is almost omni-present in our lives and irrational fear is used effectively as a means of controlling the socio-political aspects of the peoples support for their politicians. We will survive the upheavals we face in the near future? I have my doubts, but I also have hope that we will wake from this conditioned slumber and demand, forcefully if necessary, that this government be returned to the people of this country.

    Personally, after reading Dr. Paul’s writings over the last 10 years, I happen to believe that he not only has the correct stance, but also some very real answers to the problems we face; problems primarily caused by those who have spent the last few decades in leadership roles within this government. If we are to judge the effectiveness of our government by the results of its actions then take a look around the world…need I say more?

  35. Capt is a socialist – his/her goal is to maintain the status quo (get Hillary/Obama in office so they can finish paving the US’s path to socialism). Check his comments on other web sites if you care to waste your time finding out more about him/her.

  36. The comment section below Heffernan’s failed smear attempt is completely unanimous. Some expressed the hope and perhaps even the expectation that she succeeded. That is in dragging the name of the New York Times down with her. I agree.

  37. To me, candidates are either basically honest or they are liars. Their proposed platforms last until the first joker comes out of the deck. Ron Paul, Kucinich, and Gravel are basically honest while Guiliani, Romney, Clinton etc. are liars. That is really all you need to know. Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were inept and unlucky but honest. Reagen was lazy and had crooked cronies but he himself had honest instincts. America survived bad luck and inaction. Every President since has been a piece of lying caca with the incumbent being the lyingest SOB ever to wear shoe leather. Elect an honest person and the country will somehow persevere hard times. But one more lying bastard might destroy us.

    1. agree 100%
      Russians are really lovin’ Putin, because he’s serious and however honest a KGB guy can be. Now we’ve had three Yeltsins in a row. We and the world need an adult for a change – someone who can tell us to put down the 40, pull up our pants, turn our baseball caps around and get a real job. That leaves Gravel and Paul.
      Kuchinich may be honest, but he demonstrated that he doesn’t understand economics when he was mayor. Paul is the only candidate that realizes that the pie can’t be divided more than 100%

  38. If you read “Commander” White’s unedited comment from which the smear originated, it is fairly clearly that White is mad Dr. Paul publicly called his neo-Nazi ideology “bad”, “small minded”, and so forth and he is saying this crap to get revenge. Also, for anyone who knows anything about libertarian, it is completely opposed to fascism, militarism, war, coercion, racism–just about everything White espouses and valorizes. In fact, I would argue that of all the candidates running in either party it is Dr. Paul who most opposes the ideological agenda on “Commander” White. Yet, based solely on the word of “Commander” White and the “reporting” of that bastion of good journalism, the hate blog Little Green Footballs, the New York Times sees fit to smear the foremost advocate of liberty and peace in the country as a crypto-Nazi. This is nothing more than a textbook example of slander. Virginia Heffernan should be fired immediately. Also, consider that according to the Drudgereport, the New York Times for weeks has been withholding a potentially damaging story on John McCain’s special favors on behalf of a female lobbyist due to the story’s potential to hurt McCain’s chances in the upcoming primaries. Like the military-industrial complex, the MSM is just another quasi-statist institution that needs to be taken down proto! Long live the RP Revolution!

  39. It seems to me that the right and the left have a need to “smear” Ron Paul because the smearers are so lacking in depth of spirit they have no other choice. I think a good word for the smear campaigners ought to change their party to read: “The Shallowcrats who are run by two face Hypocrites.

  40. holy crappoli, 81 comments!

    Is that a record?

    That Ron Paul, he’s catching on! I’m tellin ya!

  41. And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of the Ron Paul haters lurking in this blog! I know you’re all here sweating about what is going to happen next month!

  42. Two things, I think, should be acknowledged by the Paul campaign and Paul supporters about the “support” he receives from those who might be identified as neo-Nazis:

    1) Ron Paul will truly be their champion, in the sense that he will defend their right to speak and publish their beliefs, without censorship, as he will defend the same rights exercised by radical statists of the left-wing variety;

    2) Ron Paul attracts the attention of a lot of radicals, right and left, because he, like they, believes that our country is on a radically disastrous path, and he identifies many of the same maladies. Unlike neo-Nazis, Communists, etc., he prescribes very different solutions to the problems. In this regard he may be likened to a Christian evangelist, who like the advocates of other creeds and faiths, speaks to the fundamental problems of human existence, but gives very different explanations of what it means to be human and how to fulfill the unquenchable needs we feel within.

    The apostle Paul was a radical orthodox Jewish persecutor of Christians and the Christian faith before his conversion. If radical neo-Nazis and communists hear what Ron Paul says and are moved to violently oppose him, maybe they, too, will be converted as they listen to what he has to say, and, like the apostle Paul, become his most valuable advocates. Ron Paul should continue to speak ill of no man, and believe in the power of his words to bring redemption.

  43. Peace on earth, vote for Ron Paul.
    Not to equate, but look what the main stream did to Jesus! No wonder they are smearing Dr Paul.
    Merry Christmas (yes even to you evil neocons)

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