McCain’s Other War Frauds

Amongst all the media teeth-gnashing over the question of whether McCain did special favors for his blondie lobbyist,  his wife’s sweetheart deal for massive narcotics theft in the 1990s has been forgotten.

If a poor black woman from Anacostia had committed the crimes that Cindy McCain committed, the black woman might have been sent to prison for the duration of her life.

John McCain has never shown any courage on the drug war.  As long as people like his wife don’t need to fear jail time for crimes, there is no reason to reform the law to cease the persecution of other Americans.  

Here’s an excerpt on the case from an article I did for Playboy in 1997. (Full text of the piece, which details how many congressmen’s kin escaped hard time for drug offenses, is here).

* Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), admitted stealing Percocet and Vicodin from the American Voluntary Medical Team, an organization that aids Third World countries. Percocet and Vicodin are schedule 2 drugs, in the same legal category as opium. Each pill theft carries a penalty of one year in prison and a monetary fine. McCain stole the pills over several years. She became addicted to the drugs after undergoing back surgery. 

    But rather than face prosecution, McCain was allowed to enter a pretrial diversion program and escaped with no blemish on her record. McCain did suffer from the incident, though: Shortly after the scandal broke, a Variety Club of Arizona ceremony at which she was to receive a humanitarian of the year award for her work with the medical team was canceled because of poor ticket sales. 

51 thoughts on “McCain’s Other War Frauds”

  1. There are two sets of laws in Amerika. One for our rulers and their relatives and friends, and the other for everyone else.

    1. Correction: three sets. One for the rulers, one for the majority, and then one for racial and ethnic minorities. Soon we’ll have another for non-citizen immigrants. I wonder when it actually becomes a legitimate caste system rather than an aristocracy?

      1. “Correction: three sets. One for the rulers, one for the majority, and then one for racial and ethnic minorities.”

        If by that you mean Blacks, it so happens they’re the 13% minority that commits about half the crime.

        Calling it bias is ridiculous.

        The lesson is a simple one: Stop robbing, raping and murdering people and you’ll avoid jail.

        Miss McCain is another matter entirely..

        1. For the record, no, I didn’t mean just black people–legal discrimination affects more people than blacks. But whatever the relative frequency of crime between blacks and whites (and I don’t think your statistics are right either), blacks typically suffer stiffer penalties for committing the same crimes as whites–i.e., whites get off easier. That’s bias, and it isn’t ridiculous. In fact, it’s exactly analogous to what you, me, and everyone else in here finds appalling about Mrs. McCain’s special treatment.

        2. As to the statistics.. Go and educate yourself.

          There’s no bias, Blacks just commit too much damn crime.

          Half non-white males in the US will be charged with a felony at some point in their lives.

          “blacks typically suffer stiffer penalties for committing the same crimes as whites–i.e., whites get off easier. That’s bias”

          McCain’s wife is bias.

          Getting hammered for walking in to court with a string of priors as long as your arm, a lousy attitude, charged with heinous crime is justice.

          You need to get your head out of your rump and read a little.. Stop making excuses and whining like a little girl.

          The only racial “bias” blacks have to worry about is the racial bias they love.. It’s called Affirmative Action.

          You know, that’s when jobs are given to people who don’t deserve them.

          Stop whining. Grow up. Read something.

        3. That’s… wow. That’s just hilarious! I mean, your unwarranted spitefulness is sad and pathetic and all that, but the funniest part was where you cite an overtly racist website to support your view that the legal system isn’t biased against black people. “N-gg-r Mania?” SERIOUSLY? What kind of wanker do you have to be to even read that, let alone quote it to other people?

          You next move is to say: “B-b-b-but you didn’t respond to my very reasonable points!” Much as I despise your position, I’d be perfectly willing to argue with you–and rest assured, I would have won–had you done so in a civil tone and avoided references that make use of racial slurs. But frankly, I don’t think you, personally, are worthy of anything but contempt. Why help you to the men’s room after you’ve already wet yourself?

        4. “…the funniest part was where you cite an overtly racist website to support your view that the legal system isn’t biased against black people.”

          No, that’s not the funniest part..

          The funniest part is that the statistics are compiled from other sources, most notably the USDOJ. The website I linked just happens to have them all conveniently located.

          Word of advice.. Worry about getting yourself to that restroom?

          I’ll be just fine, thanks.

    2. There is one God and a billion different religions. A different religion to suit nearly every national leader.
      If there were only two laws that would be great, but we have the international law, the law of Iraq, the law of various nation states, the law of the various counties, cites and other political subdivisions.

      You mean the law applies to different folks differntly depending on the jurist who is called upon to deal with them?

      How would you fix that? Maybe a punishment server? enter the elements of the crimes, enter the facts in support of the elements, the machine determines the quilt, and the server prints out the sentence.

      So then, the variations of the type to which you refer would be found in the data entry portion? So how would you fix it?

      1. Um… the worry is less about differences between individual judges and verdicts as it is about systematic differences in the treatment of different races and classes. How do we fix that? Well, for starters we could admit that it’s a problem. Dur.

  2. After John McCain sold our American P.O.W.’s to the North Vietnamese and their Soviet buddies to enjoy preferential treatment and the cohabitation of a high-ranking North Vietnamese official’s daughter who bore him two sons, probably while McCain lived in his own Vietnamese home, is there really any need to manipulate another dastard into our American White House after already declaring a hundred years war on the wastage of our American blood, the innocent blood of others who have never done us harm, just to have him and his bushey buddies profit on even more of our stolen tax dollars and American resources preferably utilized on the Americans who own them)? -Al Koppel.

    1. I would like the facts on these comments. I am married to a vietnamese and been to vietnam many times. IF this is true, then it should be known. But if this is made up, shame on who wrote this. I have not made up my mind who to vote for yet. If every vote is important, consider my vote important. write me in return and especially deal with the facts of vietnam pow treatment, and living with vietnamese woman who bore two sons.

      ted kennedy

    1. I think the biggest problem is that spending a war in prison does not make for experience that trains one for political office.. We need a leader and the republican party has failed to produce one that most republicans can vote for?

      Voting alternatives abound, but the real need is for a leader with quality attributes acknowledged and recognized by everyone.. One that can be a true contender against OBAMA! Voters may not vote for that person, but at least voters will respect the right of such a person to lead if he or she is the one elected.
      The coming election is about leadership, not succession!

  3. Unaccountability is now a decisive sign of being a member of the elite.

    Displays of unaccountability are complex, but the structure within which it is displayed has its own logic.

    All other things being equal, for example, the truly incompetent among the elite will always have more and greater opportunities to display their own unaccountability, thus their status as elite.

    In this context, the younger Bush and McCain are close analogues.

    As a president’s son, Bush had ample opportunity to display unaccountability, thus rise to higher and higher status.

    As an admiral’s son, McCain’s initial opportunities for display were somewhat less, but over a long career he has made the most of them.

    Being genuinely and naturally incompetent is easier than mimicking it.

    So the ease with which McCain continues to rise, doing and saying whatever comes into his head as various groups, including the Neo-Cons and the Corporatists gravitate to his standard.

  4. “Unaccountability is now a decisive sign of being a member of the elite.”

    Being a liar and a thief or other type of criminal is an absolute prerequisite for occupying the White House or any high office in Amerika.

    1. Not sure if you can single out the politicians for blame on that score. Under present conditions, not being a liar and a thief handicaps you out of the running. The present conditions include, primarily, inegalitarian campaign finance laws and an indifferent, poorly educated public.

  5. I hope that someone makes sure the public is aware of this when the GOP starts to question Obamas loyalty as I’m starting to see. They’re smearing him much like they have already done to Dr.Paul

  6. There is so much dirt on this piece of trash that I would vote for Hillarious over him. McCain is typical Washington trash.

  7. Before jumping to the conclusion that Mrs. McCain received favorable treatment because of her husband I would consult an experienced federal criminal defense attorney. My limited experience in federal courts suggests that prosecutors are fairly liberal about recommending diversion for first time offenders. I would say that the quality (and, of course, necessarily the price) of legal representation was probably a larger factor here than the prestige of the defendant’s husband. The sorry saga of Larry Craig demonstrates that contrary to popular opinion, even the powerful can be the victims of dubious prosecutions.

  8. No wonder Cindy McCain has “always been very proud of her country” in contrast to Michelle Obama who hasn’t been. It is easy to love and admire a system that always cuts you a privileged deal.

  9. McCain served his country. How sad it is that there are so many anti american americans who love to bash our military serviceman and servicewomen.

    1. Oh, come on now. Military service doesn’t exempt you from criticism, especially if you decide to run for office. For that matter, ‘bashing’ political candidates is about as American as it gets.

    2. McCain is a mortal incompetent whose supporters use his war record as a prophylactic against criticism (You dare to criticize the Patron Saint McCain? Aha! You must be an anti-American ingrate who doesn’t appreciate the sacrifices of veterans!)

      McCain served his country

      Unlike you, apparently, though you feel free to draw inferences about people’s political affiliations on the basis of their attitude toward a small range of issues. I shouldn’t have to point out the irrelevance of this statement in this context, or that of its implied conclusion. I will instead note that its cliched manner of presentation (the use of power words like “serve” and “country”) suggest that either you have lost all grasp of political language or that you knowingly abet its debauchery. Neither conclusion bodes well for you, and you’d do well to think before typing.

    3. Tim R.,

      You are so funny. Wait, I meant phony.

      People build up the military and the servicemen so they can hide their defective policies and criminal activities behind them. Surely, someone has suggested to you that you read “War Is a Racket” by Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler. On the other, you could just take an objective look at the current situation.

      I was not sent overseas to kill people who had done me no harm and were not threatening to do me harm during the time I was in the military. Had I been, I would not accept the notion that I was serving my country or desired the designation of hero.

    4. So he served. That does not mean that he is exempt from criticism for the rest of his life.

      I served too but never figured that earned some sort of free pass on life. If I make a mistake I still pay for it.

      I also say that it is illogical to conflate criticism of one man–a politician at that–with criticism of everybody in uniform.

    5. Tim R. is upset about those who bash our military servicemen:

      Then I hope he was also plenty outraged over the SwiftBoating of John Kerry in 2004. Kerry recently took up the $1 million dollar offer from (is it Boone Pickens?) one of the leaders of the SwiftBoat nonsense, daring anyone to disprove the charges against Kerry. When Kerry said he was prepared to take up the challenge in public, all of a sudden Mr. Pickens came up with all sorts of new requests that had to be satisfied before they could even proceed with the $1 million dare (which Kerry was ready to disprove). Pickens now refuses to go forward unless Kerry first turns over his personal diary and other private records (requirements not mentioned in the original dare). Wait a minute, I though the SwiftBoaters already had all of their so-called proof? Is there a problem with the boat boys?

      1. I agree with you about John Kerry. He honorably served as well and he did not deserve the smear campaign.

  10. I’ve heard the same about McCain-also I’ve heard that the first thing he told his captors when he was shot down was, ” my father’s an Admiral..get me medical treatment and I’ll give you anything you want..”
    What I know is true is this: Admiral McCain helped cover-up the purposeful Israeli attack on the USS LIBERTY designed to draw us into the 6 day war in ’67..( Israel tried to blame their 2 hr attack-and the killing of 34 sailors and 172 injured-on the Egyptians..) So McCain is scum and apparently comes fm a long line of scum..

    1. The legendary Bill is ‘right on the money’ regarding the USS Liberty. The long secret files have been exposed and they prove beyond any doubt that the Israelis deliberately tried to sink and kill every American on that ship (see James Bamford’s excellent book “Body of Secrets”).

      The IDF knew FOR CERTAIN that it was an American spy ship and they were apparently afraid the Americans had heard evidence of a just completed massacre of Egyptian POWs in the Sinai.
      The only point not 100% certain is the exact reason for the attack. But no one accidentally straifes unarmed life boats with machine gun and small cannon fire (30mil/50mil) until they run out of ammo – then returns to do it again! Even Israel has recently given hints that they are willing to admit to some of this (the proof being so overwhelming and clear). All U.S. Military personnel involved were repeatedly threatened with long prison sentences (even execution) for spilling the beans on this.

      If McCain still believes the cover story, then he’s either a fool or a traitor, maybe both. NO ONE in the Intelligence community (American Intelligence that is) really thinks the Egyptians did it! Israel may be our ally and the Jews our good friends, but the IDF was wrong as could be on this one.

    2. I recall reading as long ago as 1999 when McCain was braying that Clinton’s bombing of Serbia wasn’t savage enough, that his service record as a POW hero was a fraud, and that he was, in fact, a collaborator. The accusations are coming out again. I recall reading recently (I don’t recall where), that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the KGB and CIA shared all kinds of files and that the CIA is now in possession of McCain’s POW dossier documenting his collaboration.

      If true, the significance of this is that McCain is blackmailable big time. His public identity and entire claim to fame is that of a POW who stoically endured years of torture for his country. This persona would instantly vaporize if evidence leaked out that it’s all a lie.

      So, who, in addition to McCain and his fellow POWs, knows the truth? Certainly the Vietnamese and their Russian allies do; so does probably the CIA. Most important of all so might Hillary! It was during Bill’s term that the alleged sharing of files took place, and the Clinton’s were never above collecting dirt on political rivals. If elected President, McCain might be doing a lot more dancing than presidential puppets usually do. Or someone might decide to go nuclear and blow him out of the water before the election.

  11. Before he died Gen MacArthur told Pres. Kennedy to stay out of Vietnam and keep us out of any more land wars in Asia..Kennedy listened….Yeah, that Gen. MacArthur must have been another anti-American American..

    1. Diem also told Kennedy that he wanted no large American land forces in Vietnam, and that American advisers and small numbers of specialist troops were sufficient. Indeed, this was exactly why the Army Special Forces were formed in the first place.

      Diem, like Ho Chi Minh, was a strong nationalist and knew his own coutnntry well, obviously.

      He saw that the introduction of a large number of foreign troops would allow the Communists to turn a civil war into a war of National Liberation against foreign occupation. Diem was right, and this is exactly what happened.

      Diem also told Kennedy that he wanted American naval and air support for a South Vietnamese invasion of the North.

      Again his strategy was well-conceived. This was answered by Americans of doubtful sense, who had not thought things through, to the effect that such an attack would bring Chinese Communist intervention, which must be avoided at all costs.

      Given such Chinese intervention, as Diem knew, the war would be ultimately won by the South, for if the Vietnamese feared foreign intervention, at the top of the list were the Chinese, Communist or not.

      It is also almost impossible to avoid the conclusion that many within State and the CIA crowing up the Chinese threat were less lacking in sense that in loyalty, and had been long ago compromised by the Chinese or the Soviets.

      North Vietnamese intelligence sources, released years later, establish that at this very juncture the Vietnamese Communists decided that Diem’s assassination was their number one priority.

      Again Americans of doubtful sense or loyalty cooperated in the persons of Lodge and the CIA, and Diem was soon enough dead of “accidental suicide”.

      Kennedy himself was dead a month later, and Johnson began the large infusion of American troops.

      The war was lost.

        1. One of the really central issues of this period, which was never carefully covered even by the Camelot fellows, as far as I have seen, is how and why Kennedy appointed Cabot Lodge ambassador to South Vietnam.

          Besides obvious Communist holdovers from World War II, and moles still not identified, the CIA and other agencies were also clearly divided by a Roman Catholic-Protestant split, which is seldom mentioned or discussed, but which the Communists knew well.

          The Vietnamese Communists also had ties to the French Communists, and it is no coincidence perhaps that one of the key figures operating between Lodge and the “Buddhist” plotters who killed Diem was a Frenchman.

          Another key figure in these events, also seldom mentioned, was Anthony Lake, who was a young assistant to Ambassador Lodge.

        2. Anthony Lake is now campaigning for Senator Obama, who I trust will be very careful to watch his back in a crowd of old hands like this.

  12. But if this is made up, shame on who wrote this.

    Have you ever heard of public records of arrests and trial results? Have you ever heard of libel and slander? That’s what they sue you for if you make accusations against people that are easily disproved from public records. I don’t think this is made up.

  13. Tim R, while no one admires your patriotism more than me, well I mean I admire it as much as the next fellow.

    Problem is, Tim R, our military has fallen into the hands of criminals. This was inevitable from the first day of the “volunteer” Army.

    Tim R, you have got to stop confusing what you see in movies and on TV with what happens in real life. They are not the same.

  14. I’ve heard, about 15-20 years ago, similar comments on McCain’s preferential treatment as a POW. The story then went that he stayed beyond his time, when he could have been released or exchanged, to be of benefit to his fellow prisoners. I did three tours there and I could believe that he did it. It was a weird war.

    McCain-Finegold, was also a real kick in the pants, when it comes to freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment. To top that off, he is also not in favor of the public keeping and bearing firearms. Obviously not a supporter of the 2nd Amendment either. It would really be interesting to dig a lot deeper into his past and look at his connections. He would obviously like for us to stay in Iraq.

    1. Don’t worry about “anti-American Americans”..if the U.S. ever drops it’s Israel First Middle Eastern foreign policy we’ll see just how anti-American the neo-cons can be..

  15. This race is getting too cozy. Looks like we are going to have McCain-Obama as the candidates, which means that all of the issues which should be raised won’t be. No discussion about this phoney “war on Terror”, our looming bankruptcy, our stupid Israel-first foreign policy, our crumbling infra-structure, our bloated health care insurance industry, or anything of real importance. Our media wants to make this a beauty contest between two candidates both sporting a thin veil of promised change over business-as-usual already paid for by the special interests. Much to do about nothing-shit like who honors the flag and our troops the most. So, I am really glad that Ralph Nader wants to jump in the race (as Ron Paul doesn’t) as a third party candidate. He has the qualities I like – he has been on the track a long time, he has no time for “nicey-nice”, and he will go for the jugular veins. If allowed to speak, he will rip the special interests a new one over the looting of our national wealth. We might hear something about forbidden topics like national health care, need for an independent Palestine, the size and cost of our military industrial complex, etc. He may be too socialistic for my Libertarian taste, but I crave to hear the equivalent of a long, loud fart at this planned garden party.

    1. I am a paleo-conservative, and I am for Nader. I can’t trust O-Bomb-a on foreign policy (though he is a dman sight better than Hilary). And the paleo side of me just can’t trust an American presidency to a guy with such a chaotic upbringing and dearth of experience. McCain, OTH, is out of the question.

  16. The first priority for anybody taking the oath of office be that he/she not be a liar. We would know where they stood. That would eliminate everbody accept Ron Paul. Now that we’ve established who the liars are, do you really think it is possble to turn this country around?

    1. Paul is admirably antiwar, but on the rest, if not a liar, certainly naive.

      I have been an admirer of Paul as a Congressman for long years.

      My present problem with him involves impeachment.

      Kucinich, who was way ahead of the curve structurally, moved to have Cheney impeached.

      Paul first opposed the motion, and is now tepidly supporting its storage in the Judiciary Committee, as I understand it.

      In fact, were Paul a serious Constitutionalist and a man of consistent principle, would he not now be screaming for impeachment of the criminals in office?

      It is in fact the sworn oath and duty of Congressmen to uphold and protect the Constitution.

      Where is Paul in fulfilling that oath?

      That he now says he will remain in the Republican party, come what may, is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      The naivety of Paul’s “self-ownership” ideas is matched only by the naivety of those supporters of his that think a moral or ethical man as new American King will solve the present Constitutional crisis.

      Historically this is old hat. A passionate worshipper of the old Republic, like the Roman emperor Claudius, for example, could not lead, as emperor, the senate and people to reasserting itself.

  17. “””””””but the funniest part was where you cite an overtly racist website to support your view that the legal system isn’t biased against black people.”””””””””

    No, he pointed you to a ‘racist’ web site that has links to sources such as the DOJ, FBI and victim’s rights groups who unbiasedly collect data. Just because something is reprinted on a web site that you disagree with, doesn’t automatically make it incorrect. There is no bias in the enforcement and sentencing of the law. In fact, whites are sentenced more harshly than blacks (because more is expected from them?). As the owner/operator of the web site that you consider ‘racist’, I openly challenge you to go there and prove just ONE thing or ONE fact presented therein to be incorrect or even come up with an argument that hasn’t already been answered. It’s been over 12 years and I’ve issued this challenge hundreds of times and it still stands. I’ll be waiting. My email is at the site:

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