11 thoughts on “State Dept.: Andorra’s Not in the Africa?”

  1. Well, and Rice is versed in Russian Studies too and the Russian language too, right?

    Putin is still paging his Pushkin and laughing at that one.

    Rice: “What does this mean here, Mr. President? You went to Tehran and referenced the Scythians? Who are the Scythians?”

    Putin:”Old Russian joke. Have you read War and Peace? We have several good English translations of it in Russia, Madame Secretary. You may also be interested in Anna Karenina. Has interesting reference to Serbia.”

    1. Scythians? I know this one, I think they were the tribe Conan the Barbarian was from!

      (I am joking, they inhabited the Black Sea region about 3,000 years ago up to the arrival of the Sarmatians. Supposedly King Darius I of Persia was not able to defeat the Scythians when he invaded their lands even with a 150,000 men Army, years later he sent a much smaller Army to Marathon in Greece)

  2. Help me, help me! The great and sovereign nation of Basinonia is under assault by Al Kaydeedidah! You know that greater Basinonia is in the extreme northern portion of Mexico and we’ve been independent and sovereign for at least six months now. We’re sorely in need of baskets full of that great Amerikan buck. Send baskets full ASAP! Someone call Michael Chertoff and see if we’re on his schedule. Call the Treasury and ask them where’s our check. SEND IN THE MARINES BUT, make sure their carrying cash cause we don’t take no stinkin’ American Express! Foreign policy? Wouldn’t that be properly, idiotology?

  3. Weren’t there Andorrans on the original Star Trek, too?

    Expecting McCain to promise an invasion of Grand Fenwick any day now …

  4. Don’t you Amerikkans have atlasses. When in dount look it up.
    You are the laughing stock of the world. Why should the Andorrans take the blame for your ignorance. Andorrans enjoy.

  5. Well it is obvious that America must now declare war on the Andorians or is it Andorrans? According to (supposedly) reliable information they are humanoid, have blue skin, and antennae, and most have white hair and live on a planet with a frozen surface.

    The US Starfleet Intergalactic Cruiser U.S.S. Enterprise will be deployed to their planet immediately to demand a refund or else President Bush has promised he will order a Photon torpedo bombardment to begin against all Andorian cities.

  6. Don’t you believe it. The Andorrans are ‘special ops Borg’ and any resistance is futile. You will be assimilated if you haven’t been already.

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