Hastert goes (back) to work for Turkey

Philip Giraldi has a new “Deep Background” just out for the American Conservative magazine about former House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s new job lobbying for Turkey – from which he has been credibly accused in the past of accepting cash bribes while still in the congress.

Author: Scott Horton

Scott Horton is editorial director of Antiwar.com, director of the Libertarian Institute, host of Antiwar Radio on Pacifica, 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles, California and podcasts the Scott Horton Show from ScottHorton.org. He’s the author of the 2017 book, Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan and editor of The Great Ron Paul: The Scott Horton Show Interviews 2004–2019. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews since 2003. Scott lives in Austin, Texas with his wife, investigative reporter Larisa Alexandrovna Horton. He is a fan of, but no relation to the lawyer from Harper’s. Scott’s Twitter, YouTube, Patreon.

32 thoughts on “Hastert goes (back) to work for Turkey”

  1. Yah, he is just another smegma, so what? Who cares anyway? Tomato Tomatoe, Killing millions is the name of the game. Is it really any business of Congress to put a name on slaughter, when we are doing it ourselves? Police your own before you worry about others.


  2. Well, there you go. Wondered what happened to the ‘Political Dough Boy’. That ever so fabulous “revolving congressional door.” The money goes in one door and the skanks come out the other.

  3. Our last five Speakers of the House: Wright, Foley, Gingrich, Hastert, and Pelosi. If this isn’t proof of the Peter Principle, what is?

    Combine incompetence with corruption at the highest levels in Washington and you have a recipe for disaster. We’re living with the results.

    1. Combine incompetence with corruption at the highest levels in Washington and you have a recipe for disaster. We’re living with the results.

      One could justifiably argue that “we” fully deserve it.

  4. Is there no end to stories of this kind: Key present or former government player in the employ of some corporate or foreign policy lobby? I mean when do the people end the sleepwalking and reintroduce the dunking stool – or worse – for paramecia like Hastert?

    I watched almost incredulous tonight to a PBS News Hour piece featuring Gwen Eyefull holding a town meeting on the first 100 days of the Obama embarrassment. The vacuous, clearly orchestrated questions of the participants and the typically innocuous moderation of Eyefull herself left one in a kind of dazed paralysis. Not one comment with an edge, no mention of the outrageous inaction regarding torture or the killing of little children in Afghanistan/Pakistan. It was as though someone had nitrous-oxided those in the audience.

    This nation, already over the precipice given the gravity of the financial crisis its faces, lacking any measurable moral compass, and lead by a den of reptiles, hurtles toward just the kind of misery experienced by the Germany of the interwar period and we deserve such a fate. How is it said, those that God wishes to destroy He first makes mad?

    1. Good ole Gwen Awful, PBS government whore par excellence. The country’s going to Hell and the Amerikan Sheeple are blinded by the Obammie and his media shills.

      1. Lear,

        Anyone thoroughly familiar with the history of Europe from 1919-1945 will be aware of Hitler’s infamous “Commissar Order” authorizing prior to Germany’s invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 the execution of Communist Party operatives attached to Red Army units. Similarly, one would be familiar with the formal approval given to Stalin by the Politboro to torture those under suspicion as state enemies during the period 1934-1939. Here we have the behavior since utterly renounced by international tribunals into which our nation has fallen. The Bush Administration, comparable in so many way with the Third Reich, has disgraced the United States no less thoroughly with his torture regime than Hitler disgraced Germany. For a nation to endorse torture as an element of policy and to employ it just once is to befoul it morally ever bit as much as if it had tortured millions. As much as any meritorious moral question, the matter of the trial and conviction of Bush/Cheney/Rice/Powell and their operatives for war crimes stands at the forefront of the cause of the human person today.

        1. And this information – that more than 6 in 10 Evangelicals favor torture – is testimony to the degree to which the ideological cancer of neo-conservatism has metastasized and actually replaced a more authentic Christian faith among these people. At the same time, one sees with ever greater clarity the effects of an heretical eschatology on these tendencies. How else to explain the uncritical support found so easily among Evangelicals for Israel and for the outrageous expansionist, ethnic cleansing, and espionage practices of the Israeli government. And support for torture cannot be considered the sole pathology at work in the larger fundamentalist community. One remembers all too easily the sell-out of the faith on the stem-cell question by much of the Evangelical leadership when a compromise announcing partial support for federal funding of related research was made by Bush in 2001. Here, a very profound departure from Christian orthodoxy was made by key figures in Evangelicalism, among them Dobson, Colson, and Falwell. Unapologetically, I have called those identifying themselves with this constellation of beliefs “ReichsChurch” in the past and now, with these new statistics on torture, feel only more comfortable in having done so. A parentalist biblicism comfortable with war, torture and Republican authorized stem-cell research is a long way from being anything like an authentic Christianity. Catholic ecumenism needs keep its distance from these kinds of contaminants.

        2. And these are the same ones who never stop talking about the moral decay of the US!Pat Robertson on his 700 club show was most unhappy with Obama release of the”enhansed interegations” memos.

        3. They’re right about the moral decay, its just that they’re a part of it.

          Robertson, for example, would have been perfectly happy to have endorsed an abortion supporting candidate for President – said so as a matter of fact – as long as making such a concession would have elected a Republican. Now guess, if you will, whether the faith comes first in Robertson’s life. I mean the man is absolutely delerious from the effects of the neo-con toxins he’s allowed to enter his system.

        4. As a former member of the evangelical movement, I can tell you that most are interested mainly in health and wealth and worldly power. In other words, they worship the Devil but call him Jesus. There are exceptions, but they ARE exceptions.

          Lester Ness

  5. It’s appropriate that butterball Hastert goes to work for Turkey.

    And not by the way, say it ain’t so that this latest American Conservative edition might be the last! As a charter subscriber, I could weep.

  6. Any particular reason you won’t print any of my comments, Scott? How out of line is it to remark that a butterball of a man like Hastert is likely to work for Turkey?

  7. Well, ya can say what ya want but ya gotta admit that Denny Boy is one h e ll of a w h ore.

  8. Comment by Bob Bogus
    2009-05-01 22:10:22

    Well, ya can say what ya want but ya gotta admit that Denny Boy is one h e ll of a w h ore.

  9. Modern America is very puzzling. How does one square America’s traditionally open and fair societal values with the recent willingness to torture, bomb/invade non offending countries and an overwhelming anti-social self-absorbtion which permits glaring inequities to exist. The answer, for me, is to use Christopher Lasch’s diagnosis of modern America as a deeply narcissistic society. Reaganism was and still is pure narcissism – all the spoils goes to the winners (which are most assuredly me and maybe you). It is no mystery why the Baby Boomers took to Reaganism. Baby Boomers viewed themselves as “special”. Reaganism disdains socialism, “sharing”, or concerns for the common good. It is aristocracy without the burden of noblese oblige. And, as to be expected, most will insist that they are part of the aristocracy. And what was the benefit to our society? All this self advancement was supposed to bring maximum benefits to all. Instead it yielded more Bernie Madoffs than Henry Fords, more Enrons than philanthropy. Reaganism also spun the modern Christian evangelism – a religion that consists of essentially the notion that “Jesus loves me! ….and; therefore, he doesn’t give a crap about others (like Muslims)”.
    So, if we act juvenile, if we elect some some spoiled brat like Bush, if we have no feelings of guilt, if we show little interest in the messes we are leaving behind, and if we are not bothered by corruption; it is only behavior to be expected from a pathologically narcissistic society like ours. Juvenile narcissism and “punk” attitudes get cured in the “school of hardknocks” (as our parents promised) and I am sure it will happen to America, thusly.

    1. Spot on, Richard. If history teaches anything, it is society is only ever a generation- nay, not even- away from barbarism. Culture is the medium in which mindsets and personalities form, and it must be reacquired with each successive generation. While generally inclined to chalk up the depredations of the State to the lack of real democracy in America and the enormous political traction of the ruling plutocracy, I cannot deny the influence of palpably psychological elements, including the runaway egoism that permeates the country, of which the inward looking mentality of the nation is a corollary. I fear it will take total economic and political collapse- of the kind that is swiftly approaching- to shock the populace into any semblance of sense and galvanize them to action. Only massive collective trauma, it seems, can save us now.

      1. I don’t doubt economic and civil collapse are coming to the USA; I’ve sort of expected them for some time. What I fear most is civil war of some sort. Not like in the 1860s, but a war of all against all, like Bosnia or Rwanda or Congo in our life time. I live abroad, but I do still care.

        Lester Ness, alive in the bitter sea

        1. Aye, I’ve thought much the same thing. Once the centralist solder holding the country together disappears, things will turn very ugly indeed.

  10. Hastart is just another filthy WHORE giving it to the genocial turkish lowives and trading money for propaganda at a drop of a hat. his kind is the only kinf left in washington standing in line to whores themselves out to the highest bidder and buy and sell favors from american “government”. IT IS ABSOLUTELY SICKENING TO WATCH THESE MICROBES IN ACTION.

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