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NPR (All Things Considered) is devoting an entire hour of programming today to the war in Afghanistan. The show was prefaced with a comment something like “We don’t have all the answers.” Well, I have the answer: Get out! Get out now before one more Afghan dies, before one more U.S. soldier dies, before one more dollar is spent. Get out now. Like Vietnam, we will eventually get out. The question is how many more Afghans will die before we do? How many more U.S. soldiers will die before we do? How many more billions of dollars will be wasted before we do? And how many more terrorists will we create before we leave? As Daniel Ellsberg recently said, sending more troops to Afghanistan will only increase the Taliban’s strength:

The more troops we put in Vietnam, the more Vietcong were recruited. And, the more troops we put in Afghanistan, the curve shows very clearly from 2005 on, the Taliban has come back having been, as you say, despised and reviled by most of the country. How can it be that they get the degree of support that they do now? One reason only: the number of troops, of US troops that they are fighting.

Author: Laurence Vance

Laurence Vance holds degrees in history, theology, accounting, and economics. He has written and published twelve books and regularly contributes articles and book reviews to both secular and religious periodicals.

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  1. The number of Taliban is on the rise because pewviously we counted only the followers of Mullah Omae as Taliban now we count everyone who is against occupation as a Taliban. Pakistan counts all Pashtuns as Taliban, and as Pakistani military kills more people the number of 'Taliban' is sure to rise. The only sane solution — bring the troops home.

  2. This assumes, that the global inbred elites actually want peace and stability. Their decisions and answers show that the goals rather are constant war of all against all, destabilization, political turmoil, cultural disintegration, and every other evil imaginable.

  3. But then we'd have to give up our vanity! As well as our assumption that it's really a basketball game and that if we keep trying, we can get the last two points and "win!"

  4. what about the pipeline? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans-Afghanistan_Pi

    G.W. Bush will be very angry to have his 8 years of Presidency and 5 years as the Governor of state of Texas amount to nothing. For Gods sake the man has worked for 12+ years that we know about trying to get this thing built. Doesn't that matter to anyone. Where is his return on his investment?

  5. Get the hell out of Afghanistan or, in the alternative, send only chickenhawks to fight it.

  6. AS long as the American citizens keep a blind eye to the horrors that war brings to everybody,they will continue to cheer on endless wars and see US soliders as hereos !

    1. Other than end slavery, Free us from English rule and Stop the Nazis and Imperial Japan. War has done nothing.

      1. Your saying the right thing for the wrong reason. The REAL question is could these things have been done without war? The British empire ended slavery a full generation before America did. And ended it peacefully. The Nazis never would have been, without the peace treaty of Versailles which was only made possible by Wilsons' tragic an idiotic intervention in the Great war. Japan never wanted war with America and was baited into atatcking us. As for rule by England, constitutional change could have been achieved without violence. Wouldn't you say that Canada and New Zealand are more peaceful then America?

        1. England ending slavery without war in no way equates to that happening in the US. It's a convenient and simplistic reasoning but misguided. Equating the dynamics of Canada and New Zeland to the colonies plight is once again convenient and simplistic. Japan didn't want war with the US is maybe arguable…they wanted to extend their reach without being confronted.

          1. Of course the US wants to extend its reach. What nation, culture, religion, organization, etc. does not? It is the way human groups interact. Extending reach is how groups survive. Is there a historical model or example contrary? If so, it is most likely an obscure group or a group that lacks the capacity to protect itself and especially the most vulnerable of the group. Extending one's reach is not inherently a bad thing. Inevitably groups are going to clash; peacefully, violently, or otherwise.

          2. You did not answer the question. I am sincerely interested in a sustainable model that promotes peace and provides security for itself. I'm not looking for negative interaction. Rather insight and understanding with someone who perhaps sees the world different than I do (Hitler's world view is not helpful to me).

  7. “billion “defense” spending that goes to private companies. In American “capitalism,” an amazing amount of taxpayers’ earnings go to private firms via the government. Yet, Republicans scream about “socializing” health care.

    Republicans and Democrats saw opportunities to create new sources of campaign contributions by privatizing as many military functions as possible. There are now a large number of private companies that have never made a dollar in the market, feeding instead at the public trough that drains taxpayers of dollars while loading Americans with debt service obligations.

    Obama inherited an excellent opportunity to bring US soldiers home from the Bush regime’s illegal wars of aggression. In its final days, the Bush regime realized that it could “win” in Iraq by putting the Sunni insurgents on the US military payroll. Once Bush had 80,000 insurgents collecting US military pay, violence, although still high, dropped in half. All Obama had to do was to declare victory and bring our boys home, thanking Bush for winning the war. It would have shut up the Republicans.

    But this sensible course would have impaired the profits and share prices of those firms that comprise the military/security complex. So instead of doing what Obama said he would do and what the voters elected him to do, Obama restarted the war in Afghanistan and launched a new one in Pakistan. Soon Obama was echoing Bush and Cheney’s threats to attack Iran.

    In place of health care for Americans, there will be more profits for private insurance companies.

    In place of peace there will be more war.”


  8. When has there ever been peace or even a time of sustained peace? When has there been an organization (political, social, religious, civic) that has neither mistakes nor corruption? What culture has never had the need to protect itself? What is your plan for peace? If every conservative were to disappear today, the liberals would fight over what remained. If every Muslim vanished today, the Christians (or Buddhists, Hindus, etc.) would fight for dominance. Human interaction causes conflict; it always has. How do you propose a Muslim country provide for its security? How does it protect itself from outside aggression? Internal aggression? How about a third world country? What is a viable security plan for an emerging country? People do not get along, neither do cultures. The best we can hope for is to coexist. When was it that the world did not experience some form of armed conflict? I don't argue with comments about the cost adn the the horrors of war. I have never heard of a realistic model for a secure peace.

  9. The war in Afghanistan will eventually be wan by the party that have more stamina and can hold its breath longer. Afghans men are at their best when they are fighting and they are fish in water they don’t need to hold their breath. What a shame for people who join the arm forces in the western world the must be desperate….think.

  10. …"The question is how many more Afghans will die before we do? How many more U.S. soldiers will die before we do? How many more billions of dollars will be wasted before we do? And how many more terrorists will we create before we leave?…" Great post! I hate war! Thanks very much for sharing!

  11. The war in Afghanistan was the most useless and terrible war. Top management of USA made a lot of money on it while a huge number of ordinary people were killed.

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