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Winter Pledge Drive is Here! will kick off its Winter Pledge Drive, Monday, February 13th. is a 16-year-old, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the cause of anti-interventionism. Accepting no government money, we rely solely on the generous support of readers just like you. All donations are tax deductible.

Help Save Freedom Watch

Fox Business Channel has unceremoniously canceled Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Ratings were not an issue, since the show was one of the top-rated programs on Fox Business Channel. Since no reason was given for the cancellation, we can only assume it had something to do with Napolitano’s consistent antiwar, anti-empire, and anti-establishment views. Freedom Watch will be replaced by re-airings of shows run earlier in the day.

We can still save Freedom Watch. An avalanche of emails and phone calls to people at Fox has surprised them. We need to keep up that campaign. Contact the following:

Irena Briganti, Senior Vice President
Media Relations
Phone: 212-301-3608
Fax: 212-819-0816

Kevin Magee, Fox’s executive vice president, is the person who made the decision to cancel the show. Write him at Gena Dellaquila, an assistant to Roger Ailes, can be reached at

This Week’s Top News Stories

U.S. Officials: Israel Works With Terror Group to Kill Iranian Scientists:Israel has financed, trained, and armed the dissident Iranian terrorist group Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) in order to carry out terrorist attacks on Iranian soil, according to top U.S. officials. With the help of Israel, the MEK has carried out five assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists since 2007 and may have destroyed a missile research and development site.

Harsher IAEA Report on Iranian Nuclear Program Expected Next Month: Leaked statements about the forthcoming report claim it will include new details about an alleged effort by Tehran to develop a nuclear warhead for a ground-to-ground missile, a conclusion that could raise the prospects for war. But the last IAEA report was highly speculative and raised unfounded concerns about Iran’s nuclear program.

U.S. Begins Review of Military Options in Syria: The Pentagon and U.S. Central Command have begun a preliminary review of U.S. military options against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, as violence throughout the country continues to escalate. But pretensions of humanitarian concerns are not credible, and a much more severe outbreak of violence is likely in the wake of a U.S. intervention.

Opinion and Analysis

Events Director of Operations Angela Keaton will be speaking at Freedom Law School’s 2012 Freedom Rally on March 16-19, 2012, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Irvine, Calif., along with Anthony Gregory, Butler Shaffer, and many others.