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Nullify NDAA Speaking Event: will have a featured speaking slot, along with Come Home America, at Nullify the NDAA in Los Angeles, May 3, from 6PM-10PM (PT). Put on by the Tenth Amendment Center and the LA County Republican Liberty Caucus, in association with Oath Keepers, CA – it will be focused solely on the unconstitutional new powers claimed by the federal government in Sections 1021-1022 of the 2012 NDAA, specifically the new powers of indefinite detention.

This week’s top news:

US Pushing ‘Libya Model’ for Upcoming Syria War: Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says that the administration is looking to last year’s Libya war as a model for intervention in Syria, but that this depends on being able to secure international support for the attack.

Report: Deal With Iran Imminent as Players Act Out ‘Script’ for Public Consumption: A deal with Iran over its nuclear program has been all but finalized for weeks and the ongoing diplomatic exchange between the major players is part of an elaborate "choreography," according to some inside accounts.

Karzai Demands ‘Accelerated’ Withdrawal After LA Times Photos: In response to newly published photos of U.S. troops happily manipulating the remains of dead Afghans, President Hamid Karzai said Thursday that an accelerated withdrawal of Western troops must take place in order to avoid such "inhumane and provocative" acts.

CIA Seeks Authority to Kill Unidentified Targets in Yemen Drone War: The crux of the Obama administration’s legal justification for killing militants outside the war zone without due process is that they present an "imminent threat" to America. The rationale is an especially weak one, but it is even weaker if their identity is unknown.

Opinion and Analysis:


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