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| April 27, 2012


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  • This week’s top news:

    Iran May Agree to Snap UN Nuclear Inspections: Reports say that a deal may be in the works for Iran to agree to an additional protocol of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which would allow UN inspectors to make immediate, impromptu visits to Iran’s nuclear sites. The deal might also include Iran halting expansion of its nuclear program if the West halts further sanctions.

    Obama Approves CIA Request to Kill Unidentified Individuals in Yemen Drone War: President Obama has approved a request from the CIA to begin launching targeted assassinations through drone strikes even when the identity of the victims is unknown, contradicting even his own legal justifications for targeted killings.

    Russia: Syrian Rebels Use ‘Tactics of Terror’: A statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry condemned violence on both sides of the Syrian conflict, but emphasized that a number of factions of the opposition have adopted terrorism in their fight against the Assad regime.

    Philippines-China Standoff Could Lead to Open Conflict: Armed vessels from the Philippines and China continue to face off in contested waters in the South China Sea. Increased U.S. military expansion throughout Asia-Pacific, and specifically a deal facilitating greater U.S. military and naval access to the Philippines, have heightened tensions with China.

    Opinion and Analysis:

    • Justin Raimondo pondered the state of freedom in America, the implications of an Atrocity Prevention board, and the meaning of Marco Rubio's big speech.
    • Nebojsa Malic reported that Serbia is between hope and despair.
    • Kelley Vlahos explained how think tanks think.
    • Ivan Eland argued against the proliferation of intelligence agencies.
    • Dr. Brian Phillips urged readers to fight the NDAA with the 10th Amendment.
    • Philip Giraldi marveled at the attention lavished on the Secret Service scandal.
    • Jack Ross analyzed the response to Peter Beinart's criticisms of the Israel lobby.
    • Adam Bates reviewed the White House's new drone guidelines.
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