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Left to Right: PJ Crowley, Bijan Khajehpour, Aaron David Miller, George Perkovich, and Trita Parsi

See DC Editor John Glaser’s reflections on the event and on the schizophrenic diplomatic talks with Iran.

This week’s top news

Officials Confirm: Obama Decides Who Lives and Who Dies: The President has put himself at the helm of the drone assassination program and directly oversees lengthy ‘kill lists’ which include several U.S. citizens.

Construction Activities at Military Site Fuel Latest Round of Iranian Nuclear Fears: A satellite image showing two small buildings on a military base have been bulldozed is nothing that unusual, but paranoia and the endless imaginations of the hawks on Iran have spun the demolitions into "proof" that Iran is up to something sneaky.

Despite Bloody Failures, US Doubling Down on Drug War: After U.S. Drug Enforcement agents killed several innocent Honduran civilians in a botched raid earlier this month, some expected drug war efforts in Central America would relent. But American intervention has doubled down.

US Retains Plans for Military Option in Syria: Even as U.S. officials criticize direct military action in Syria as unworkable, the Obama administration continues to make clear that the military option is being considered and plans drawn up.

US Still Runs Afghan Torture Prison: The U.S. has made much of its transfer of the detainees at Parwan Detention Facility to Afghan government control. This, as with so many other "transition" moves, has been hyped as enormously significant, but in reality is superficial.

US Completes Massive Military Exercise in Jordan: The United States completed a massive military exercise called Operation Eager Lion in Jordan that included 18 other nations and served to strength military ties with autocratic client states and to threaten Iran.

Opinion and Analysis


Congratulations to National Religious Campaign Against Torture for joining with a national coalition of religious and human rights groups in a National Week of Action Against Torture, Guantanamo and the NDAA. For more information visit NRCAT. (Hat tip: Joe Scarry of MidWestAntiwar.) 

Angela Keaton will be speaking on techniques on how to speak to non-activists about the War at Porcfest, June 22nd. Porcfest is an annual gathering of peace and freedom lovers in Lancaster, NH. This is part of a continuing series sponsored in part by  For more information on how to get involved or blog for Come Home America, please write  


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