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78 Soldiers Slain as Syrian Rebels Release Video of Executions: Opposition activists reported 78 Syrian soldiers killed Thursday in various attacks by rebel forces, as they attacked checkpoints en masse and executed captives in the Idlib Province, sparking concern of growing war crimes of groups the US is supporting.

Major Donors to Netanyahu Campaign Also Supported Romney Campaign: More than half the people who donated money to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reelection campaign are Americans who also donated to the Romney campaign and/or the Republican Party.

As Surge Ends, ‘Stalemate’ in Afghanistan Predicted: As the troops from President Obama’s military surge in Afghanistan now leave the war-torn country, a transition to "Afghan security" is supposed to be taking place, but the war is increasingly seen as a failure.

US-Backed Regime in Bahrain Bans All Protests: The Obama administration, contrary to its own propaganda about being on the side of the people in the Arab Spring, has continued to lend economic, military, and diplomatic support to the tiny Persian Gulf monarch throughout its brutal repression of peaceful demonstrators.

US-Backed African Troops Could Invade Mali ‘Within Weeks’: With Mali’s military dominated "interim" government hoping for international help in the reconquest of the northern two-thirds of their nation, Western diplomats say that the deal to finalize an African Union (AU) led invasion could have troops on the ground within a matter of weeks.

Ex-Envoy Accuses US of Agitating China-Japan Tensions: A veteran Chinese diplomat warned on Tuesday that the United States is using Japan as a strategic tool in its military surge in Asia-Pacific aimed at containing China it is heightening tensions between China and Japan.

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