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This week’s top news:

UN Votes in Favor of Upgrading Palestinian Status: While the resolution does not grant Palestine full statehood, it does give Palestinians access to other UN bodies like the International Criminal Court, where Palestinians were previously prohibited from bringing Israel to court for its war crimes on the grounds that they lacked jurisdiction.

AP Presents Shoddy Evidence From Dubious Sources as Proof of Iranian Weapons Program: An Associated Press report by a journalist with a reputation for speculative and misleading coverage of Iran’s nuclear program claims that a shoddy Iranian diagram, leaked by “a country critical of Iran’s atomic program” suggests the Islamic Republic is working on a nuclear weapon.

Pentagon Sees Weak, Impoverished Iran as Threat No. 1: Iran is geo-politically weak, militarily inadequate, and racked by sanctions. But threat inflation serves powerful interests.

Panetta: US Will Battle Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for Years to Come: Despite claims from the Obama administration that the US would be ending the war and withdrawing in 2014, the State Department is now in talks with Kabul to set an agreement that will govern the presence of at least 10,000 US troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Right-Wing US Politicians Pressured Banks to Blockade WikiLeaks: Hard-right U.S. politicians, including Sen. Joe Lieberman and Rep. Peter King, were directly behind the extrajudicial banking blockade against WikiLeaks, according to documents released by the anti-secrecy organization. Opinion and Analysis

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