Great Sy Hersh Interview

On RT.

Dang. On My Lai: Literal babies on bayonets.

Also debunks Ghouta sarin attack ’13 and casts doubt on the Skripal story.

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Author: Scott Horton

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5 thoughts on “Great Sy Hersh Interview”

  1. Casting doubt on the Skripal case yes, but also reminding us that besides the scenario where the British arranged for the incident themselves there is at least another possible scenario where the Russian mafia, independent of the UK or Russian governments poisoned the Skripals.

    Hybrid scenarios are also possible but it’s not because the UK is doing everything to blame Russia that it necessarily means they actually did it themselves. Or even with a stretch, that they know what happened.

    1. The Brits planned the Novichok hoax alright if you read the recent UK Integration Initiative hack:

      One file apparently dating to “early 2015” “Russian Federation Sanctions” — written by the Institute’s Victor Madeira outlines “potential levers” to achieve Russian “behaviour change”, “peace with Ukraine”, “return [of] Crimea”, “regime change” or “other?”. The suggested “levers” span almost every conceivable area, including “civil society”, “sports”, “finance” and “technology”.
      In the section marked “intelligence”, Madeira suggests simultaneously expelling “every RF [Russian Federation] intelligence officer and air/defense/naval attache from as many countries as possible”. In parentheses, it references ‘Operation Foot’, the expulsion of over 1000 Soviet officials from the UK in September 1971, the largest expulsion of intelligence officials by any government in history.

      The section on sports also suggests “advocating the view [Russia] is unworthy of hosting [sporting] events” — and the section marked “information” recommends the sanctioning of ‘Russian’ media “in West for not complying with regulators’ standards”.


      1. I know that scenario and it is plausible alright. But consider my first post to be a reply to yours. It is possible(and not unreasonable ) that the UK gov did not plan the attack, and it is possible that they did not even know what happened. The possible scenarios quickly become complicated if you think of it that there may be multiple players: government decision makers, secret services, russian mafia, russian government.. each can do things the other players don’t know about.

  2. most of what hersh says is dependent on his integrity and character…. judging from most journalism I would always want to see the evidence first hand.

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