From Switzerland With a Message of Concern to President Biden

Soon, Mr. Biden, our country will be hosting your meeting with President Putin of Russia. Geneva is an excellent venue for it. We are a neutral country and take much pride in that. Both important guests can be assured of a reception with the utmost courtesy and dignity.

The world saw that you took a bold first step in proposing this meeting. Indeed it was an act of bravery in the face of the domestic circumstances you face.

I follow US-Russia relations very carefully. It was alarming to see the pushback you received even from your administration. In early June CNN reported, “US ambassador to Russia warned senators that Biden administration risks repeating predecessors’ mistakes in dealing with Putin.”

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Taiwan ‘Enthusiastic’ With Blinken’s Announcement, But Beijing Warns of ‘Sending False Signals’

China stepped up its diplomacy with the US to dampen Taiwan’s elation after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced the possibility of resuming trade talks with the island that Beijing considers a rebel province. During a House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the US State Department’s annual budget, Blinken was asked about the administration’s position on a bilateral trade agreement with Taiwan.

"I’d have to refer you to Katherine Tai, the US trade representative, but I know we are engaged in conversations with Taiwan, or soon will be, on some kind of framework agreement, and those conversations should be starting," Blinken said.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs said that it is "enthusiastic and expectant" following Blinken’s statement. However, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on Tuesday that China has always opposed signing any agreement with "the Taiwan area, as it would affect the nature of its sovereignty." The Chinese official called for a cautious approach to the Taiwan issue and stressed countries from sending false signals in favor of Taiwan’s independence.

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Conflicts of Interest: The US Spends Billions to Rein in China as its Own Police Remain Lawless

On COI #121 Patrick MacFarlane – host of Liberty Weekly – returns to the show to talk China, Iran and the American police state. Pat and Kyle break down a recent viral video of a police officer causing a pregnant woman’s car to roll over. Pat explains that the woman acted appropriately, however, the officer is unlikely to be held accountable. Pat breaks down the legal formalities the police state uses to allow its lawmen to remain lawless.

While the US government is incapable – or unwilling – to protect American citizens from its own police force, it is planning to spend hundreds of billions in tax dollars to confront China. The Innovation and Competition Act 2021 will spend $250 billion on the rivalry with China. The Pentagon announced that the problem with its China policy is it’s all talk. A report from a committee led by hawk Ely Ratner concluded the Pentagon had a ‘say-do-gap.’ Secretary of Defense Austin is saying the military should stop talking about the Chinese threat and act against it.

The Biden administration seems primarily concerned with confronting Russia and China. However, it is still unwilling to lose Iran as an enemy. Recent statements from Secretary of State Blinken suggest the US is unwilling to save the Iran nuclear deal. The opportunities to save the agreement are shrinking as Iran moves closer to electing a new leader.

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SecDef Austin: ‘Start ACTING Like China Is Top Enemy!’

A 100 day review of US policy toward China has determined – surprise! – that not only is China the top threat, but that the Pentagon needs to stop jawboning the threat and start acting on it…whatever that means. The policy review was conducted by a former employee of the Center for a New American Security…which is funded by weapons manufacturers and foreign governments including Taiwan! Also today: Has Fauci jumped the shark with his ‘I am Science!’ pronouncement? Today on the Ron Paul Liberty Report:

Reprinted from The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity.

Conflicts of Interest: The Pentagon Is Invading Public Schools

On COI #120, Kyle Anzalone discusses the use of JROTC instructors to teach courses at Chicago’s public schools. Hundreds of students – primarily from lower-income black or Hispanic communities – are being funneled into the classes without the consent of parents. Schools argue the Pentagon-funded program helps to cover budget shortfalls. Black and Hispanic students are overrepresented in the CPS JROTC program, and those who go through it are more likely to enlist.

Kyle breaks down the evolution of the war in Afghanistan. CENTCOM reports that the withdrawal is 50% complete. However, the Pentagon still refuses to report the number of troops remaining there. The CIA is seeking a new base to operate from and the Afghan military is scrambling to find a way to maintain its air force. Kyle explains that the US plans to spend billions waging war in Afghanistan in 2022.

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