Obama’s Challenge: Iran, Nuclear Weapons and the Fate of the Middle East

On Thursday, April 1st, KUCR 88.3FM and the University of California at Riverside’s Highlander Newspaper present best-selling author and journalist Reese Erlich on Obama’s Challenge: Iran, Nuclear Weapons and the Fate of the Middle East with a panel discussion featuring distinguished guests: Larry Greenfield of Claremont Institute, Scott Horton of Antiwar Radio and Christopher Records, opinions editor of UCR Highlander Newspaper. This free event begins at 7:30pm and is open to the campus and community. The Barn is located at West Campus Drive, Riverside CA.

Antiwar Radio’s Pacifica Debut

Antiwar Radio took to the California airwaves last night on Pacifica Network’s KPFK — 90.7 FM in Los Angeles and 98.7 FM in Santa Barbara. Former Iraq arms inspector Scott Ritter, Salon’s Glenn Greenwald and author James Bamford joined host Scott Horton for an hour of incisive perspective from the most important minds in foreign policy, civil liberties and security technology.

The show opened to jubilant applause in Hollywood thanks to the End the Fed activists who hosted the listening party. You can play the show here or download here.

Update: The pilot show will air again on Thanksgiving at 5 pm, 90.7 in L.A., 98.7 in Santa Barbara.

Update 2: If you liked what you heard, why not shoot an email  over to comments@kpfk.org?

The Broad Appeal of Antiwar.com

Yesterday, on the anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, there was an interesting selection of media coverage of Antiwar.com.

The long-established left-wing San Francisco newsweekly, the Bay Guardian, ran a nice piece about Antiwar.com on their Website (they will follow this with a longer piece in print next week).

The conservative magazine, The New American, ran part 1 of a lengthy interview with Antiwar.com founder Eric Garris. Today part 2 ran.

And, a bit more mainstream, the San Jose Mercury News featured an op-ed on the Iraq War anniversary by Antiwar.com executive editor Alexia Gilmore.

What do you expect from a site with contributors from Pat Buchanan to Daniel Ellsberg?