Blackwater’s Prophetic Logo

Blackwater Security Consulting, the firm that employed the four American “contractors” who were brutally killed in Fallujah yesterday, has an unusual logo which is quite prophetic.

The logo is one of a car on fire which has just blown up. Is this a typical occurrence for this company’s operations? Check out their Website.

On another of Blackwater’s Websites, is another very interesting logo.

Thanks to Tex for drawing this one to my attention to this one, located on UnFairWitness.

Bush Was Funny!

Last night, President Bush made his presentation at the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner, where he made some pretty funny jokes about looking for WMDs in the Oval Office, showing pictures of Rumsfeld looking under carpets.

Today, TV is full of people outraged by how unfunny such a display was, considering the fact that his “errors” led to the deaths of so many people.

But it was funny. And it was funny because here was this liar, everyone listening knows he’s a liar, and he is joking about lying to everyone. And most of the media thought it was hilarious too, even though the joke was really on them.

It was so funny I cried.

22 GIs Die in Iraq This Week as 2 U.S. Soldiers Killed Sunday

As the media focuses on the anniversary of the start of the war, very little attention is being paid to the accelerating death toll of US soldiers.

This morning, two US soldiers and three Iraqis were killed in a daytime rocket attack in Baghdad. Another GI was killed in an accident.

Thursday, a U.S. Army soldier from West Virginia died in Germany:

    A Parkersburg native who joined the Army to get an education and see the world died Thursday, one week after a homemade bomb struck his Humvee in Iraq.

Yesterday morning, two US marines were killed while on patrol.

Saturday morning “a U.S. soldier was fatally electrocuted while working on communication equipment at a U.S. military base in Baqouba, north of Baghdad” while “guerrillas killed a U.S. Marine near the restive town of Fallujah, west of Baghdad.”

This brings the total killed to 22 since March 13, the grand total to 582 and total American deaths since the ineffectualy capture of Saddam to 124.

Two US soldiers were also killed Thursday in Afghanistan.