John Sugg on Neal Boortz at the LP Convention

John Sugg, columnist for Atlanta’s Creative Loafing magazine, has a great column today attacking the idea of Neal Boortz speaking at the Libertarian Party National Convention.

Sugg has strong libertarian tendencies and a thorough understanding of libertarian principles (clearly, a much better understanding of those principles than Neal Boortz has).

This article needs to be read by all Libertarian Party leaders before the convention schedule is finalized.

In the latest issue of the Libertarian Party News, convention organizer Nancy Neal (wife of LP National Chair Geoffrey Neal) states that she “doesn’t need any more emails ‘informing’ me [Boortz] is a ‘warmonger.'”

I disagree. I think she needs a few more emails:

Iraqi Communist Party Takes Lead as Anti-Saddam Demonstrations Wane

Pro-Saddam demonstrations are on the rise and being put down by US troops.

Meanwhile, the initial spurt of anti-Saddam demonstrations seems to have dissapated, with “Only small groups of Communist Party supporters were seen celebrating in the capital.”

Iraq’s Communist Party has organized demonstrations all over the country.

As Matthew Barganier pointed out, the should drive the neocons crazy.

GIs Beat, Kill, Arrest, Disperse Pro-Saddam Protesters in Tikrit

U.S. soldiers Monday used batons to break up a demonstration in Tikrit to protest against the capture of Saddam Hussein near his hometown.

About 700 demonstrators gathered outside Tikrit University chanting pro-Saddam slogans. Soldiers shouted back “Saddam is in our jail.”

Shorty afterwards, US soldiers charged the protest, beating and arresting some protesters.

Lt. Col. Steven Russell said that
“protests are not authorized and that participation in protests is punishable.”

Meanwhile, there are numerous reports of anti-Saddam demonstrations that are not being broken up, even though they are also not authorized. Many of these protesters are freely firing guns in celebration without any arrests.

UPDATE 12/17/03: US troops killed several protesters as pro-Saddam demonstrations continued across Iraq.

Parent Company Name Removed From Halliburton Corporate HQ, Renamed KBR

The Houston corporate headquarters for Halliburton-Kellogg, Brown and Root has had the old building sign removed and replaced with a new KBR sign.

The story did not appear as a regular news story, but rather as a series of captions for ten Reuters photos.

Today, President Bush announced that Halliburton will be forced to pay back any money overcharged for Iraqi oil.