La Voz de Aztlan: Spreading Disinformation and Hatred

I have been writing to the Website La Voz de Aztlan for several weeks now.

They have been the main site promoting the bogus “Iraqi Rape” photos that have been circulating around the web. These photos are actually from a bad porno produced before the invasion of Iraq, called “Baghdad Babes,” which is available on the Web.

I got no response to my many emails, but today I got a fund pitch for them, and responded to their “donation” address.

Here is their response, which speaks for itself:

We do not watch pornographic movies (ie. Baghdad Babes) like apparently you do. As far as we are concerned, the photographs are genuine. Just because Jewish pornographers are using them on their porn websites to make money does not automatically make them a fraud.

We suggest that you stop harrasing us and go about your business. People like you are probably sodomites like those who now control the LA antiwar ( movement in Los Angeles.

They are now promoting the decadent “faggot” parade in LA. You people are disgusting!

If you would like to send your comments to La Voz de Aztlan, I urge you to write them.

‘Shooting Iraqis Like Turkeys’

The folks down in Lynndie England’s hometown are doing their best to defend her actions at the Abu Ghraib Prison. England is the woman shown in the CBS and Washington Post photos with the cigarette, giving the “thumbs-up” as she points to the genitals of a hooded prisoner. Another photo shows her dragging a naked prisoner on a leash.

Fort Ashby, West Virginia’s Colleen Kesner, said that “A lot of people here think they ought to just blow up the whole of Iraq.”

“To the country boys here, if you’re a different nationality, a different race, you’re sub-human. That’s the way girls like Lynndie are raised.

“Tormenting Iraqis, in her mind, would be no different from shooting a turkey. Every season here you’re hunting something. Over there, they’re hunting Iraqis.”

Like many, England signed up to make money and see the world. After her tour of duty, she planned to settle down and marry her first love, Charles Graner.

Graner is also seen in the photos. He is the one behind the pyramid of bodies.

He has a history.

… this is not the first time Mr Graner was involved in abuse. His former wife, Staci, obtained three separate “temporary protection of abuse” orders against him. In a document passed to the court, she told of one occasion when he went to her house after their divorce.

“[He] yanked me out of … bed by my hair, dragging me and all of the covers into the hall and tried to throw me down the steps,” she wrote. “Both of the children witnessed this and were screaming at this point. He let go of me, turned around to the children and said, ‘See what your Mommy is doing to us’.”

Graner, a former US Marine, was working at Greene Correctional Facility when the prison was at the centre of an abuse scandal. Officials there have declined to say whether Mr Graner was involved or disciplined.

Big Brother Alive and Well at WND

Guest Blog from Ken Wooley:

The one indispensable element that people such as you and “Faux” require to work their mischief is compliant flesh. Bush and his crew need their sweat, in the form of taxes, to finance their global escapades. They also need their blood, when required, to go out and put down anyone who does not agree with them. It appears that, in the most recent of their adventures, the Iraqis have not quite figured out that they are being “liberated” yet and it is requiring the sacrifice of young blood to convince them otherwise. Paul Roberts makes the excellent point in his article “Colonizing Iraq” that we have accomplished all of the stated goals for invading Iraq so why do we plan to stay there for years or decades? As more and more Americans begin to ponder that question the role of your “news” operation becomes increasingly obvious.

Your job, and choice, is not to do the fighting and the dying but to do the convincing so that the flesh remains compliant. WND has taken on the mantle of keeping the faithful convinced that America is on God’s chosen mission to make the world safe from whoever or whatever you depict as a threat or enemy. Should they begin to waver or doubt there are always fresh stories or “intelligence” that hints of finding the WMD or a new plot by Osama, etc., etc., forthcoming. On the home front there is the continuous flow of bile from the likes of Hugh Spewitt, Anne Coulter and other Republican hacks whose jobs are to demonize anything and everything about the Democratic party and their candidates.

The fundamental flaw in your reasoning is that, like Bush, you have to resort to, or in your case advocate, the wholesale killing and slaughter of those who do not agree with your ideas. Joe Farah is on record for calling for the killing of the inhabitants and the leveling of the towns of anyone who resists “Iraqi Freedom”. He has also endorsed the Israeli helicopter assasinations. Excerpt from “Advocating Terror”… :

Thus, in a rabid, but sadly not untypical, response to the murder of four Americans in Fallujah, the journalist Joseph Farah urged us ‘to make an example’ out of the Iraqi city. ‘We may need to flatten Fallujah,’ he wrote. ‘We may need to destroy it. We may need to grind it, pulverise it and salt the soil. … Here’s an opportunity to show that it doesn’t pay to resort to barbarism and terrorism.’ (Irony is not Farah’s strong point.)”

He is also on record calling for the silencing of anyone that disagrees with approved US policy and who is critical of the president.

Of course one will never find any of you out on the battle field with a weapon. Your weapon is the word processor and the poison that flows forth from it. The poison that gets impressionable young men like Pat Tillman wound up and eventually killed or maimed. The poison that keeps oblivious Americans putting bumper stickers and flags on their vehicles that say they “support the troops” while having little or no idea of what the troops are actually fighting for. The poison that keeps a large segment of the American public believing the lies that Saddam had WMD, Nukes and was in cahoots with Osama. The poison that gets them to elect naive dunderheads like Bush who believe that their calling is to save the world while the nation falls apart back here at home.

Joe Farah claims he wants to “take back America”… God save us all if Farah ever gets to be in charge. He would make Bush & Cheney look like pikers.

~ Ken Wooley

Ilana Mercer Replies

In his April-25, blog post, Mr. Epstein does his utmost to misrepresent my argument in "Blame Bush, Not the Jews, For Iraq." (Note that I say "Jews," not "Neoconservatives.") Readers should read the said column and The Jewish Connection . Even if they disagree with me, those with the necessary intellectual honesty will see Mr. Epstein’s caricature-like misrepresentation of my thinking on the issue for what it is.

He claims that I claim that, "No Jews, Israelis, or neoconservatives had anything whatsoever to do with our war in Iraq." Why the distortion, I wonder?

First I do not say that neoconservatives had nothing to do with the war. This is an Epstein concoction. I’ve written enough about the administration’s ideological bent to refute Mr. Epstein’s silly fib. The administration is neoconservative.

I question the significance Epstein and his ilk impute to the ethnic identity of members of the administration. It is the conspiracy component—the kind Epstein and his sort belabor—that I dispute (The evidence is on my side.) Conspiracy theories have their origins not in fact or systematic thinking. Rather, figments are woven by irrational minds into a theory that comports with the biases and pre-existing precepts of their holders, not with reality.

Contra the conspiracy theorists a la Epstein, there is no proof that 1) the administration and the president were converted by Jews to neoconservatism 2) that those Jews who allegedly did the converting are working for the Likud or that 3) the Likud government and its agents are behind the war. In fact, if one is searching for the main ancillary agitators, then the evidence overwhelmingly points toward the Iraqi dissidents. The dissident community was behind the faulty intelligence and was most active in inciting for war. Still, what I termed the "will to war" seems to come from the top: George Bush. (Who’s the Boss, Israel or the U.S. also injects some sanity into the mythical thinking about the Jewish-Israeli control of the American Empire.)

Yet comments from the Epstein crowd about, "A war for Israel and for the Likud; A war to make the Middle East safe for Israel" are tossed about with idiotic abandon. Clearly, Mr. Epstein doesn’t deal in fact. But then a devotion to conspiracy is inimical to fact or reality.

Ilana Mercer

Support Sibel Edmonds Monday in DC

Sibel Edmonds, the FBI translator who is trying to tell the truth about pre-9/11 warnings that were supressed by the Feds, is appering in court in Washington, DC tomorrow (Monday).

Edmonds is currently under a gag order and the FBI is moving to block her giving a deposition scheduled for Tuesday in a case filed by the 9/11 families against the government. Monday’s hearing will deal with the government’s request to block Edmond’s deposition.

Edmonds has asked for a strong public show of support at Monday’s hearing. In an email sent to supporters, Edmonds said:

I know it is a short notice, but it will be a big day. The Bureau will argue in front of the judge, try to get him to order a gag on me. [Law firm] Motley-Rice will try to make their case re: importance to the family members & the country.

We need to gather a large group, and have them show up in the courtroom, have them rally/kick/scream. The press will cover it, and this is our chance to wake everybody up and let them see what’s happening.

Please come to the U.S. Dictrict Court in Washington, D.C. at 3rd St. and Constitution Avenue this coming MONDAY, April 26th Enter thru Constitution Avenue entrance and go to Judge Reggie Walton’s courtroom. Proceedings BEGIN AT 11:30AM. Come earlier if you can.