Boortz Boosters Are Not Libertarians

Justin Raimondo’s column yesterday, along with his piece on Neal Boortz brought in more hate mail than any time since the height of the Iraq War.

Very few of the letters appeared to be from libertarians defending Boortz as one of our own. Most of them appeared to be vocally pro-war and pro-Bush. Many were also attacking Justin’s homosexuality, which they learned about on one of the pro-Boortz blogs.

Boortz certainly has a lot of supporters, and I am sure the ever-opportunistic Libertarian Party will welcome the addition of these pro-war and anti-gay members. No doubt the LP will get their money’s worth for the $7500 they are spending on Boortz’s speaking fee.

Christian Science Monitor‘s Daily Update features Justin Raimondo’s Column

The Christian Science Monitor posts one item that is only for the Web: their Daily Update. Each day they pick a subject and do a review of the Web for that subject, like a single blog entry.

Today they report on the FBI spying on the Antiwar Movement. Right in the middle, a single paragraph:

Justin Raimondo of says he believes the only reason the memo was ‘leaked’ was to chill the antiwar movement because “who wants their name to be on a government list of possible ‘extremist elements,’ as the memo puts it, who might be ‘planning violence’?”

Intel Sources Tell Newsweek that Neocons are Undermining War on Terror

The latest issue of Newsweek warns that al-Qaeda is building toward a “spectacular” attack.

Intelligence sources tell Newsweek that “the neocons in the Pentagon have been undermining that relationship by accusing (without much proof) the Syrians of encouraging jihadists to cross into Iraq and of hiding Saddam’s WMD inside Syria.”

The report goes on to reveal the longtime dream of “many in the Bush administration, especially the neoconservatives in the Pentagon centered on Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, that a democratized Iraq will be both a beacon and a base in the fight against radical Islam.” Newsweek warns that “some senior of-ficials worry, though usually not out loud, that the war could backfire. A leaked memo from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld pointedly asked whether Islamic religious schools, fueled by anti-Western rage, are creating terrorists faster than American soldiers can kill or capture them.”

Newsweek concludes that the war in Iraq has “almost certainly diverted resources” from the war on terror. “Meanwhile, in Washington, transcripts of electronic intercepts of possible terrorist conversations pile up, unread and untranslated for weeks. Similarly, many Special Operations soldiers who had been chasing through the mountains of Afghanistan looking for bin Laden and his followers were shifted over to Iraq to spend months fruitlessly searching for weapons of mass destruction.”

Meanwhile, officials tell Newsweek that they have no idea who is behind the most recent deadly bombings in Iraq. They have evidence of many different sources, but it is beginning to look more like “Murder on the Orient Express,” where literally everyone is guilty.

PROOF! (of spin)

Big Story: Neocons Leak Neocon Memo, then Report On It

Today, Fox News anchors are repeatedly mentioning the blockbuster story “proving” a long-time link between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

The leak was made to a truly unbiased source, the Weekly Standard. The neocon magazine titles the article on the “leaked” memo, “Case Closed.”

The memo is from another unbiased source: Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith, one of the most hard-core neoconservatives at the Pentagon.

At one point, a Fox reporter referred to the Weekly Standard as having “close ties to the White House.” You would think that they might mention that Fox and the Weekly Standard are both owned by Rupert Murdoch. Current and retired intel officers have identified the work of Feith’s Office of Special Plans as a key component of the exaggerated and manipulated intelligence produced on Iraq. Feith himself has been accused of being behind previous leaks of “raw intelligence.”

I wonder who “leaked” this memo to the Weekly Standard?

UPDATE: The Dept. of Defense has issued a news release dismissing the report.