PROOF! (of spin)

Big Story: Neocons Leak Neocon Memo, then Report On It

Today, Fox News anchors are repeatedly mentioning the blockbuster story “proving” a long-time link between Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.

The leak was made to a truly unbiased source, the Weekly Standard. The neocon magazine titles the article on the “leaked” memo, “Case Closed.”

The memo is from another unbiased source: Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas J. Feith, one of the most hard-core neoconservatives at the Pentagon.

At one point, a Fox reporter referred to the Weekly Standard as having “close ties to the White House.” You would think that they might mention that Fox and the Weekly Standard are both owned by Rupert Murdoch. Current and retired intel officers have identified the work of Feith’s Office of Special Plans as a key component of the exaggerated and manipulated intelligence produced on Iraq. Feith himself has been accused of being behind previous leaks of “raw intelligence.”

I wonder who “leaked” this memo to the Weekly Standard?

UPDATE: The Dept. of Defense has issued a news release dismissing the report.

Forum on PATRIOT Acts — Tonight in Oakland, California

Our good friends at the Independent Institute are putting on a very important forum tonight in Oakland, California.

Terrorism expert James Bovard, Margaret Russell of the ACLU, and Georgetown University Professor of Law David Cole will explain the dangerous PATRIOT Acts.

Call 510-632-1366 for tickets ($10-15).

Iraqis Being Arrested for Making Anti-US Statements

US “Democracy” in Iraq:

Within the past month, I have seen more and more stories that mention Iraqis being arrested for making anti-US or pro-Saddam statements. Most of these news items have been buried in other stories or appear as captions on news photos.

Today’s UK Mirror has an article about US troops arresting and gagging an Iraqi man for “making anti-coalition statements.”

As US Looks to Dump Iraqi Council, US Guards Kill One of Its Leaders

Occupation Officials, angered and disappointed by their own hand-picked Iraqi Governing Council, let it be known that they are looking to dump the council.

Within hours of the release of this story, it was announced that US guards shot and killed the leader of the local Baghdad US-appointed Council, Muhammed Kaabi. American and Iraqi witnesses had differing versions of the shooting.

More stories are appearing about the US looking to dump the Council, but very few details have emerged so far about the shooting.