Two Veterans Confront Joe Biden About His Record of Supporting War

February 26 in Washington DC: Talk by Grant Smith on The Israel Lobby Enters State Government

Thursday, February 26

Middle East Books & More
1902 18th St. NW
Washington, DC – 6:00 pm-7:30 pm

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What happens when a major Israel lobbying organization actually becomes part of the government? It has already happened in Virginia! Author Grant F. Smith presents findings from his new book, The Israel Lobby Enters State Government: Rise of the Virginia Israel Advisory Board. Smith will explore:

  1. What is the Virginia Israel Advisory Board (VIAB) and where did it come from?
  2. Is it really an advisory board, or stealth, taxpayer-funded Israeli export promotion board?
  3. In what ways do VIAB board members participate in the supposed "job generating" investment projects they bring to Virginia?
  4. What is the track record of VIAB’s secret, code named projects such as "Jonah, " "Turbine," and "Biofuels?"
  5. What Israeli companies are actually behind the projects and what state funding have they received?
  6. Which code-named projects have been listed on the UNHCR list of entities profiting from the Israeli occupation?
  7. Is VIAB the harbinger of a near future of Israel and its lobby operating inside other state governments?

Join us for a lively presentation, Q&A and opportunity to purchase author signed paperback copies of the book exposing the expanding state corruption scandal that nobody is talking about!

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Maj. Danny Sjursen on Tragedy in East Baghdad (podcast) columnist Maj. Danny Sjursen (ret.) shares his experience as a young 1st Lieutenant in the Shia-majority East Baghdad in 2007 – a very dangerous time, with upwards of 100 U.S soldiers being killed each month. Danny reflects on the loss of soldiers under his command by a deadly improvised explosive device and the political conditions that led to it all.

He is interviewed at Bro History. Bro History delivers an unapologetic and humorous take on history, geopolitics, and international news. Every week you will receive multiple hours of foreign policy & history-themed content that is thought-provoking, politically incorrect and educational. Now on all major podcasting platforms.

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TODAY!, Many Cities Added: National Day of Action – U.S. Troops Out of Iraq!

On Saturday, January 4 CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace, United AntiWar Coalition (UNAC), ANSWER Coalition, World Beyond War, Popular Resistance and Voices for Creative Nonviolence are calling on people from around the United States to organize local demonstrations to demand: NO MORE U.S. TROOPS TO IRAQ OR THE MIDDLE EAST! U.S. OUT OF IRAQ NOW! and NO WAR/NO SANCTIONS ON IRAN!

In response to the massive protests in Iraq following the latest U.S. aerial assault that killed scores of Iraqis, Donald Trump has ordered 750 more U.S. troops to the Middle East and potentially 3,000 more. This is in addition to the 5,200 U.S. troops already stationed in Iraq. Every U.S. president over the last 28 years has ordered the bombing of Iraq. The decision by Donald Trump and the Pentagon to launch new air assaults against Iraqis in the past week ignited nationwide resistance by Iraqis who want to reclaim their full sovereignty and do not want Iraq to be used in a U.S. war on Iran.

More than a million Iraqis have died during the past 28 years as a consequence of U.S. occupation, bombings and sanctions. Tens of thousands of U.S. troops have either been killed or suffered life-changing wounds. The U.S. government has spent more than $3 trillion dollars in the on-going occupation and bombing of this oil-rich country. Instead of taking the United States out of this endless war, Trump is building up U.S. forces in the region and threatening a war with Iran.

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