Matt Duss and Ray McGovern Debate U.S. Policy on Russia, NATO, and More

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As the U.S. pours billions in military aid into Ukraine, we host a debate on the Biden administration’s response to the war and U.S. policy toward Russia amid increasing calls among progressives for a diplomatic end to the conflict. We speak to former Bernie Sanders foreign policy adviser Matt Duss, now a visiting scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, and Ray McGovern, a former CIA analyst who specialized in the Soviet Union. “Everyone understands that at some point there will need to be a negotiation to bring this war to a close, but I think the tension within the progressive community comes to when and how that diplomacy actually takes place,” says Duss. McGovern stressest that U.S. policymakers must understand Russia’s motivations, saying Russia sees the eastward expansion of NATO as threatening its core interests akin to how the United States viewed the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 1960s. “We need to go back and figure out how this all started in order to figure out how to end it,” says McGovern.

Fetterman and Oz on Foreign Policy, Both Are Terrible

I am not going to comment on what most people are talking about regarding the Pennsylvania Senate debate.

Both candidates are horrible in their brief answer to the question:
“What do you believe is the biggest foreign threat to the United States of America?”

Fetterman said “China is not our friend.” He then attacked Oz for making his products in China, and then continued “Which one of us is going to stand firm against China. I believe our biggest single issue is to address China and make sure that it is not our friend.”

Oz addressed the “threat of Iran” with total inaccuracy: “Take for example Iran, in order to get them to give us a little oil, so that we can deal with the catastrophe that Russia has caused, we have gone to them and tried to sign a deal that would allow them, once again, to have the nuclear power to blow up Israel, which they promised they would do.

A video of the entire debate seems impossible to find on YouTube, but here it is if you are interested.

Ukraine Partisans Smear Anyone Worried About Nuclear War

An excellent segment, must-watch!

Megyn Kelly interviewed David Sacks and David Friedberg, entrepreneurs and hosts of The All-In Podcast, to talk about Ukraine partisans in America smearing anyone worried about nuclear war as Russian stooges, attacks from Rep. Adam Kinzinger, the very real possibility of World War III, economic consequences of war between Russia and Ukraine, and more.