Bring Our Troops Home Now! (video)

Dan McKnight, of explains that we have to stop fighting endless wars. They are promoting bills before state legislatures around the country to stop deployments of national guard troops to these unconstitutional wars.

BringOurTroopsHome.US is dedicated to ending the war in Afghanistan, removing our military forces from the Middle East, and insisting the Constitution of the United States be faithfully observed.

More Tributes to Jon Basil Utley

If you haven’t read my tribute to my long-time great friend Jon Utley, please do. Jon was not only a close and dear friend, but he was a dedicated fighter for peace and one of the earliest supporters of

American Conservative editor Kelley Vlahos just published a wonderful article on Jon and his life and contributions, read it here.

Christopher Preble also published an excellent piece over at the Cato Institute.


Daniel McAdams at the Ron Paul Institute has a great piece up: Jon Basil Utley – A Hero For Our Times, with a beautiful picture of Jon from last year. It is a very personal account. Check it out.

Jon was a wonderful and sweet man and we all will miss him very much.

Farewell my friend.

Jon Basil Utley, RIP (A great freedom-fighter and a wonderful friend, I will miss him so much)

My good friend Jon Basil Utley died on Friday. Jon had been fighting lymphoma for a few years. I believe he was 87. He was one of the sweetest men I ever met. For the last several years, he served as Publisher of The American Conservative magazine and website. Last year, he wrote a brief history of trying to organize conservative opposition to US interventionism.

I met Jon in 1991 when he was organizing the Committee to Avert a Mideast Holocaust, against the first Gulf War. He was very supportive of my efforts in starting in 1995, and became our first major donor in 1999, and continued to support us generously over the years. He was so genuinely appalled by US wars and committed the latter part of his life to fighting them. He wrote occasionally for, his articles are available here. Jon was given a lifetime achievement award by The American Conservative last year.

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Scott Horton Interviews William Arkin on the Military’s Top Secret Coronavirus Plans

Scott interviews William Arkin about his recent Newsweek article discussing the the government’s various contingency plans—both public and secret—to keep a functioning, constitutional government alive during a national crisis. He is not so concerned about the introduction of martial law as usually conceived, which he considers unlikely, but worries about something called devolving succession, a process by which a group outside the usual, public line of succession could declare themselves a legitimate government. One problem with this system is that these figures are essentially unknown to the American public. Arkin believes that more transparency with respect to the government’s succession plans would increase faith among the American people that they are in good hands in emergencies.


William Arkin is a military intelligence analyst, activist, author, journalist, academic and consultant. His award-winning reporting has appeared on the front pages of The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Los Angeles Times. He is the author of American Coup: How a Terrified Government Is Destroying the Constitution. Follow him on Twitter @warkin.

Two Veterans Confront Joe Biden About His Record of Supporting War