A Personal Message From Eric Garris

Dear Readers,

I never thought the situation in Palestine could become this dire. It is clear that the goal of the Israeli government is total war against all Palestinians in Gaza. The Israelis told Gaza citizens to leave the north to avoid being bombed, and then they started bombing the south. Now they are planning for a year-long war.

Israel is deliberately targeting civilians. “The emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy,” Israel Defense Forces official Daniel Hagari said.

This week, the US House of Representatives voted to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism (not just anti-Israel). I am not sure how many members of Congress even understand what Zionism means. The Biden Administration has stated that it places no conditions on how Israel uses the massive military shipments being sent to Israel. Congress is about to send even more money for war in Gaza, while the majority of Americans now support a permanent ceasefire.

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Military and Foreign Policy Experts Open Letter on US Diplomatic Malpractice

From the Eisenhower Media Network:

Does America inspire the world by the power of its example or the example of its power? Far too often, and despite President Joe Biden’s words during his inaugural address, America’s overmilitarized power and diplomatic malpractice are its examples to the world.

We must change that. To make America truly essential and indispensable, we must not remain the world’s leading arms maker and weapons exporter. We must instead become the world’s greatest and most committed peacemaker and diplomat.

The problem is that America continues to make war, continues being “essential” only as the world’s leading merchant of death, and continues seeking dominance through military supremacy that ends, in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, and earlier in Vietnam, in mass death and colossal folly.

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Celebration of the Life of Daniel Ellsberg: A Memorial From Family and Friends

Daniel Ellsberg died on June 16, 2023 at the age of 92. He was a great hero and a great friend to me. He did more good with his life than anyone I have ever known.

On Sunday, October 22, 2023 his family and close friends put on a public memorial. It was a wonderful ceremony. You can watch it here.  (It is long, 3 hours, make sure you hear the most special last speaker).

I first met Daniel Ellsberg briefly at a rally in 1971. It was nothing more than a handshake, and I was already in awe of his bravery for what he had done by risking life in prison to tell the American people what they didn’t know about the history of the Vietnam War. I attended several rallies during the two years before and during his trial on myriad of charges including violation of the Espionage Act.

On May 11, 1973, I read the news that a judge had dismissed all charges against Dan because of the gross governmental misconduct and illegal evidence gathering against Dan, as well as the Watergate “plumbers” breaking into and stealing records from Dan’s psychiatrist. I cried for joy.

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Dave DeCamp on Russell Brand Show: Ukraine and China

Antiwar.com news editor Dave DeCamp appeared on the Russell Brand Show on Monday (October 9). His segment begins at approximately 41 minutes in and lasts for 45 minutes). It taped prior to the beginning of the Gaza crisis, so the main focus is on Ukraine and China. Very informative!