Sen. Rand Paul Condemns Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar

Sen. Rand Paul argues for stopping US arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar.

Shortly after, the Senate voted down bills to block these arm sales. The bills were expected to pass, but following the unattributed attack on two Oman oil tankers this morning, some senators switched sides to kill the bills. vs. FBI Appeal Hearing in the 9th Circuit (video)’s lawsuit against the FBI is going into its 7th year. Today, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard the appeal on the Privacy Act violations. The FBI failed to expunge the records of an investigation they found where’s activities were completely covered by the 1st Amendment.

The co-plantiffs were’s founders Justin (Dennis) Raimondo and Eric Garris.

ACLU attorney Vasudha Talla argued that the FBI had no reason to maintain the files when there was no criminality after the investigation concluded.

The case was filed in 2013, and had victories on two issues in the case: the court ordered the FBI to amend their files when co-founder Eric Garris was placed on a terror watch list in error; the FBI also agreed to give access to all the records of the investigation without redaction, and paid $300,000 to the ACLU lawyers.

Today’s hearing went quite well, with the judges clearly hostile to the arguments by the FBI’s attorney. Below is the video of the one-hour hearing. It is worth watching.

Stop War Today Project: Overview Film on Costs of War and Peacebuilding

24-minute overview film of StopWar.Today project. Released June 2, 2019.

Discusses costs of post-9/11 wars. Promotes peacebuilding rather than militarism. Promotes the work of Brown University’s Costs of War Project, with interviews of Prof. Linda Bilmes, Prof. Neta Crawford, Prof. Emeritus Andrew Bacevich, and Prof. Catherine Lutz. Promotes A Mighty Case Against War by Kathy Beckwith. See website: www.StopWar.Today. See also:

Video Emerges Showing Assange in Britain’s Belmarsh Prison

From Ruptly, Russia Today’s video channel:

Exclusive footage showing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London’s high security Belmarsh prison has been obtained by Ruptly. It was filmed on a device by a fellow inmate who describes himself as a supporter of the whistleblower.

The video shows Julian Assange having a conversation with another inmate. It also shows the whistleblower inside a cell, which contains a bed with a thin blue mattress, as well as other images of the prison’s interior. Ruptly could not independently verify whether the images were of Assange’s cell.

The footage appears to have been filmed before Assange was reportedly moved to the prison’s medical ward last week after his health deteriorated. WikiLeaks said that he lost weight dramatically and was incapable of even holding a conversation.

Although the timestamp on the video says ‘2017,’ Ruptly believes this discrepancy to be due to a faulty setting on the recording device and that the video was shot inside Belmarsh prison, where Assange arrived in April 2019.

Ruptly has not been able to verify if Assange is aware of the existence of the footage.

Assange has been serving a 50-week sentence for breaching bail in 2012. He is facing an extradition request from the US on charges of violating the US Espionage Act by publishing classified military and diplomatic documents in 2010.

David Bergland, RIP: 1984 Libertarian Party Candidate for President

I am sorry to announce that David Bergland has died at the age of 83. He had been battling prostate cancer.

Bergland was the 1984 presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. He was also the 1976 candidate for Vice-President.

I met David in 1973 and worked closely with him during my time in the Libertarian Party. He was a principled promoter of freedom and peace and was a leader in the anti-interventionist wing of the Libertarian Party during the 1970s and 1980s. He was the author of Libertarianism in One Lesson.

h/t Mark Hinkle