Burn Pits Are Killing Our Veterans: Video with Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Veterans are coming home from the War on Terror and suffering from the horrific effects of burn pits. Instead of receiving support from the VA—America’s veterans have found they need to fight a new battle at home with an unexpected enemy—bureaucracy.

Free the People sat down with Kelley Beaucar Vlahos of The American Conservative, who has written extensively on the effects of burn pits on America’s veterans, to get to the bottom of the story.

Scott Horton Week on the Tom Woods Show

Libertarian author and podcaster Tom Woods hosted Antiwar.com editorial director Scott Horton on his show all week this week as a fundraiser to support the writing of Scott’s upcoming book on the terror wars.

Listen to the interviews here:

Day One: Current War on Terrorism Overview

Day Two: Somalia

Day Three: Iraq War II

Day Four: Iraq War III and Syria

Day Five: Yemen

High School Yemen Action Club Rallies Against US Support for Saudi War on Yemen

I am overjoyed by this. I started my antiwar activities when I was in high school during the Vietnam War. It is so great to see these teenagers who have a better understanding than the average American adult of what we are doing to innocent Yemenis.

Here is Katheryn:

Here is Chloe: