Join a Virtual and International Online Rally for Yemen on Saturday, March 25

From Every 75 Seconds:

Saturday, March 25, 2023 at 12:00 PM EDT (US/Canada)
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EVERY 75 SECONDS a child dies from starvation in Yemen

Saturday, March 25 will mark the 8th anniversary of the beginning of the Saudi-led coalition’s bombing of Yemen. To mark the occasion, a coalition of US and international groups will hold an online rally to inspire and enhance education and activism to end the war in Yemen.

Two years ago, over 10,000 people joined a similar online rally. Please help us spread the word so we can top that this year!

As we continue to push for a complete end to US support for the Saudi-led war, the next weeks and months will be critical. Every day that the Saudi-led coalition refrains from resuming bombing, Yemeni lives are saved. But with a blockade in place severely limiting the ability of the Yemeni people to rebuild their lives and the country’s economy, we cannot let up.

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Scott Horton Interviews Seymour Hersh About the Nord Stream Sabotage editorial director’s latest podcast: Scott is joined by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh to discuss his recent story about the American operation to sabotage the Nord Stream pipelines last September. Scott and Hersh talk about the relevant history behind the operation as well as the strategic context around these pipelines between Germany and Russia. They also run through a number of Hersh’s other stories such as the fake assassination attempt on George H.W. Bush and the 2013 sarin attacks in Syria.

Watch the Speakers at the Rage Against the War Machine Rally

Several thousand people attended the Rage Against the War Machine rally in at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington this past Sunday. In addition, sister rallies were held in several cities.

You can now watch videos of all the great speakers at the Washington rally.

These speakers included:

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
Former Rep. Ron Paul
Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney
Former Rep. Dennis Kuchinich
Jimmy Dore
Scott Horton (editorial director,
Roger Waters
Col. Ann Wright (ret.)
Chris Hedges
Garland Nixon
David Swanson
Daniel McAdams
Jill Stein
Max Blumenthal
Dan McKnight
Kim Iversen
Dan Cohen
Tara Reade
Gerald Celente
Anna Parampil
David Swanson
Diane Sare
Jackson Hinkle
Tatiana Moroz
Jordan Page
Wyatt Reed
Craig Pasta Jardula Director Eric Garris Speech at San Francisco Rage Against the War Machine Rally Feb. 19

In my 69 years on earth, this is the scariest and most dangerous time I have ever seen. The actions of our leaders have brought us closer to nuclear war than any time in history.

This administration and most of our representatives have decided to endanger our lives and risk Armageddon. In less than a year, they have spent over $100 Billion to feed this war at the expense of everyone except the military-industrial complex.

A half-century ago, a broad-based antiwar movement helped stop the bloody war against the Vietnamese people. That movement was made up of a huge cross-section of Americans. This movement included people of all colors, religions, political parties, and ideologies. It was a movement of unity: anyone and everyone who opposed the war were welcomed regardless of their positions on other issues.

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