VIDEO: European Parliament Debates Assange Extradition

The European Parliament Tuesday held a fiery debate on Julian Assange’s fate. Some MEPs argued the matter had no place in their body, others said human rights & press freedom were fundamental European issues.

Watch the 27-minute debate on Assange here, captured from the plenary session by Cathy Vogan for Consortium News.

The Future of War Powers: The Importance of Bipartisan Cooperation (Videos of Presentation at Senate Office Building)

The Committee for Responsible Foreign Policy put on a panel presentation to US Senators, staffers, and others on April 2, 2019 at the Kennedy Caucus Room of the Russell Office Building. The speakers included Sen. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Sen. Tom Udall (D-MN) Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO), Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), W. James Antle III (editor, The American Conservative), Robert Borosage (contributing editor, The Nation), Daniel David (Defense Priorities), Jacob Heilbrunn (editor, The National Interest), Rachel Oswald (Congressional Quarterly), Christopher Preble (Cato Institute), Col. Lawrence Wilkerson (professor, College of William and Mary), Nathan Jerauld (Syracuse University). Below are videos of the presentations:

Realism Applied in Afghanistan and Other Theaters

Senate Panel: Should Congress End the War in Afghanistan?

House Panel: The Role of Congress in War Powers

Call the White House: Sign the Yemen War Powers Resolution, DON’T VETO

Today the House of Representatives passed SJRes7, to stop the US from continuing to support the Saudi war against Yemen. The bill now goes to President Trump’s desk. Trump has indicated he will veto this historic bill.

President Trump is known to change his mind. Let’s help change it: Invest a phone call for peace, call the White House and tell President Trump to sign SJRes7.

Call 202-456-1111: The comment line is staffed from 9am to 4pm Eastern time Monday through Friday. Be ready to talk.

Or fill out the comment form: But phone calls are more effective.

NATO and US Foreign Policy: Dangers Ahead (video)

Roots Action held a news conference today on “NATO and U.S. Foreign Policy: Dangers Ahead.”

Matthew Hoh: Former State Department official, diplomat in Afghanistan and U.S. Marines company commander in Iraq
Ann Wright: Retired U.S. Army Colonel and diplomat who served at the NATO subcommand Allied Forces Central Europe
Martin Fleck: Physicians for Social Responsibility