With dignity, respect and friendliness

Last night, CNN re-ran a recent interview of Ted Turner by Piers Morgan. Morgan’s secret to success is to never ask difficult or impolite questions but occasionally he surprises his audience and himself by a guest who spews forth frankness regardless of the host’s commitment to banality.

There might be 101 reasons why the very mention of Ted Turner makes one’s eyes roll but here are some excerpts from the interview. No context necessary. It’s impossible to misconstrue Turner on these points.

“I was against the wars before they started. I’ve studied history a lot and wars are not a good way to get things done and they’ve been a disaster for us. It cost us, you know, by Iraq, a trillion dollars a year, Afghanistan, a — not a trillion dollars a year, but a trillion dollars over that period. Afghanistan, a trillion. It’s just crazy.”
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Give Antiwar.com Your Car

Political consultant and Antiwar.com volunteer Nick Hankoff turned a crash into cash for Antiwar.com.

When I crashed my car a couple weeks ago, I learned just how tough Antiwar.com bumper stickers are. Unfortunately for me, the sticker did not absorb enough of the impact to save my vehicle. On the other hand, the sticker was a helpful reminder that Antiwar.com gladly accepts cars (even this one!) as a donation, and it’s tax deductible. Nobody involved in the accident was injured, but now as a donation, the car may be a part of injuring the War Party’s propaganda onslaught. You don’t have to total your vehicle to help out Antiwar.com, but if the situation arises where your ride is not as useful to you, please remember the peace movement will make the best of it.

Nick's RP mobile

For same day pick up for your used car, please call the Car Donation Center Toll-Free at 1-800-240-0160. Tell them Antiwar.com sent you.

…Fear Based on Fact?

While I work on pledge drive, I torment myself by playing CNNMSNBCFOX in the background. Today’s tortured viewing included a rerun of A Nuclear Iran: The Expert Intel.

It wasn’t as bad as one might expect –the calm measured Hillary Mann Leverett was given a reasonable about of airtime given the forum. Still, one doesn’t need to sit through a ponderous Christiane Amanpour interview to learn the facts of the matter.

Below, Antiwar Radio’s Scott Horton in a this now classic clip demolishing the case for war with Iran in under seven minutes.

Hollywood Brat Sean Stone Thinks Iranians are People Too

Hollywood’s mostly unearned pro peace reputation finally gets a boost.

Freedom Report’s Austin Petersen elicits surprisingly sensible and sober responses on U.S. foreign policy from film producer Sean Stone on his recent trip to Iran. Stone, the son of Platoon director Oliver Stone, made headlines for making similar statements to Bill O’Reilly last month.