Saturday Blog Tour

ArkhAngel rebuts “an email from SPC Joe Roche, who’s currently serving with the 16th Engineer Battalion, part of the 1st Armored Division. Yes, that’s the division whose tour was extended by three months. They’re located in the Baghdad area, and they’ve seen some of the heaviest fighting during the insurgency.” The rebuttal is well done, my only point of disagreement is ArkhAngel’s overly optimistic opinion that the war can still be won. I tend to agree more with the Freeway Blogger:


A good post on the subject of Muqtada Al Sadr’s popularity in Iraq is by Nikolai at Lenin’s Tomb.…..the bearded chubster is winning hearts and minds faster than a speeding bullet because, and only because, he has resisted both Saddam and the Americans.

Brian Hunter takes off on a Kevin Drum clanker in Rumsfeld, Military Budgets, Kevin Drum and Baseball.

Max Sawicky is running an exciting contest: “Submit your entries here for the most vicious thing posted by someone on the Instapundit blogroll.” While you’re at Max’s place, read his post on the FReepers’ “Enemies List” which includes Michael Berg, father of recent Al Qeada victim, Nicolas Berg.

The Angry Arab on Saudi hypocrisy:And this Al-Jubayr was telling the American audience today about the civilized methods of interrogation in Saudi Arabia, where beheading of lovers still takes place, and where women are still stoned, and where people who enjoy their drugs are executed, and where the prisons of Prince Nayif are run like medieval dungeons with routine torture, and urination over the heads of inmates. And the propagandists of the House of Saudi are now allowed to preach tolerance and humane treatment on US TV?

The Libertarian Jackass tries to explain to warfloggers why breaking things does not create wealth. He evens drags in Bastiat, though I doubt his intended audience will read a French economist when they won’t even eat French fries.

The Medium Lobster on Bulldozers of Peace and Giblets does horrorblogging.

The Decadent West explains why Al Qaeda’s lack of a bureaucracy makes them more efficient than the West. “You know what makes Al Qaeda so Ford tough? Their total lack of bureaucracy.

STILL Better Than Saddam!


Al Hurra, the Pentagon funded US propaganda channel targeted at Arabs will broadcast photos and video of Saddam-era atrocities!60MinII.US.IraqiTortured.11

These should make all Americans feel better about their torture chambers, and the Arabs should realize once and for all that they have no claim to human rights. They should realize that if it weren’t for the Americans coming to free them, their tortures would be these heavy-duty Saddam tortures, not that frat hazing the Americans do.

Finally, someone gets it

Here’s Tucker Carlson, a conservative TV pundit who recently began questioning the whole Empire thing:
“I was thinking this morning: ‘Diversity is the strength of our country.’ Oh yeah? How’s that? Why don’t you explain that to me? I don’t see that. I mean, is diversity the strength of the Balkans? No.”
Took them long enough…

Putting it Together

UPI reports:

    U.S. and coalition forces will leave Iraq if asked to do so by an interim Iraqi government, a State Department official told the House Thursday.

while a coalition sponsored poll reports:

    Four out of five Iraqis report holding a negative view of the U.S. occupation authority and of coalition forces, according to a new poll conducted for the occupation authority. […] The findings appeared consistent with a poll taken about the same time by USA Today, CNN and Gallup, which found that 57 percent of Iraqis wanted foreign troops to leave immediately.

Thus, if the interim Iraqi government is truly representative, coalition troops should be leaving right about….NOW.

Ding Dong the Witch….is…

I’m trying to work up an appropriate expression of…um. Gloating. Schadenfreude. Sympathy? For this news:

Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper [has] suspended the weekly column of Barbara Amiel-Black after its parent, Hollinger International, filed a lawsuit accusing her and her husband Conrad Black of looting the company.

OK, I’m not coming up with anything. Just read this and you won’t miss her anyway.

Thanks for the tip, Kevin Michael Grace at The Ambler!